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1) Cds with 20 videoclips each of the most extreme & underground bands
(mostly rare, uncensored and not easily findable elsewhere)!

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The cost depends on the quantity of your CDs and their state of handling so far.

Our music/video CDs cost 10 Euros each + postage. No registration required, pay safely by bank transfer or by sending hidden money in an envelope.

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2) Cds with snuff, extreme, crazy, perverted, funny or unbelievable clips and movies. We have them all.
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3)Compilation Cds


Still available the limited Rotten Metal bands compilation CD for just 10 Euros/US/Austr. $. Feat. brutal death-grind-thrash acts such as Morlock (Germany), Lacerated (Italy), Mortem (Russia), Septuagint (Holland), Stigma (Italy), The Clouds (Hungary), etc. for a total running time of 73'03"! Rot slowly or die rapidly...

4) Cds of metal, rock, punk, alt, electro bands

To order and ask for prices:

5) Guide zines


These are Rock Metal Bands worldwide database guide zine prices:

Festival guide: 55 Euros (postage included)

Internet radios & TVs guide: 20 Euros (postage included)

Label, mailorder,
distributor guide: 90 Euros (postage included)

Music instruments guide: 30 Euros (postage included)

Recording, mixing and mastering studios: 25 Euros (postage included)

Venues and legendary clubs for live non-standard performances: 10 Euros (postage included)

Fanzine, magazine and webzine guide: 80 Euros (postage included)

Complete general guide with all of the 5 above mentioned guides included: only 230 Euros (postage inc.)