'Furor Poetics'

(No Angels productions)

MARK: 74/100

Unknown in the West, Vladislav Buben is a Belarussian artist involved in several projects and bands, with a numerous discography at his shoulders.
The 8 tracks composing thsi release float in the waters of an Ambient Noise rich with disturbing sounds, stimulating vibrations and underground layers fading in and out. Cutting Industrial noises which mesmerize, make you feel at unease, increase the palpitations or cause your blood to freeze. There's a great deal of samples and programming, but also keys like in the marvellous "Fato major prudentia", one of the most disquieting and autopsy-inspiring ones, and therefore one of the highlights.
Voracious predators, merciless and slimy, poltergeists,demons, aliens, psychokinesis, radio interferences; this is what the tracks remind of mostly, but secret lobotomies and other unauthorized surgery as well, like in "Hamum vorate". All of the compositions are instrumental, for the most part beatless music, yet there are "Bene vodis!" and "Nec plus ultra" which include a few Electro beats, too danceable in my opinion and consequently to be avoided in the future.
It's quite curious to realize that 2 of the best tracks are "In optima forma" and "In ore", decidedly in line with what proposed by Mindplague (from Italy).
Finally, as to the cover and the track titles, all in Latin, I have to suppose that language was chosen to deliver aulicity to the album and at at the same time be consistent with the classical faces of the artwork, referring to the statues and busts of the ancient Greece.
Buben is a label nomad as he is continuously changing label for every release; no-one can argue yet, this release is destined to give the Polish indie more popularity
in this field. Dark souls and depressed pitch-black goths and noisters should find more than a reason to evaluate this album interesting.


Line-up on this record:
Vladislav Buben , keys, samples, programming

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