'Born of Scars'


MARK: 87/100


To explain to you what this record is like, the best beginning is writing it's one of those that grow inside listen by listen, not because it's complicated, nor because there are subtle nuances appearing later, but due to the fact it's not excessively catchy and you need at least 3 listens to assimilate and appreciate the whole elements contained in each song.
As far as I know this is the debut of the 4-piece and it was released in 2009, but no other demo or official release should've come out meanwhile.
Born Of Scars start their career playing a sort of Modern metal with mainly clean classy female vocals and the sounds are awesome, altho it's a self-recorded mini-CD.
The opener "Face" starts the attack showing the singer's complete vocal range, a battery of assorted delicacies (superb guitar solo, lively bass lines, up tempos and change of rhythms) really making the difference with a banal song
More restraint appears in "Break of Me", swaying between tight and soft patterns, well reinforced by overdubbed vocals and precise drumming.
Similarly "The Rain" contains some keyboards layers and an Indie US rock flavor that makes this composition for radio and TV airplays.
Probably the first part of the album was written to address it to fans of Paramore and a bit heavier bands, yet the situation radically changes with "Fall again", composed by crushing riffs, choking kickdrums and the best arrangements and vocals (here male back-up vocals start to be present, too). Amazing songwriting, no shit!
"No Regrets" is a dynamic dark track living its finest moments thanks to the match between angry male vocals and heartfelt female ones; there're also cool Doom riffs, while the second guitar echoes higher. Another aspect worthy of mention is the lyrics, inciting not to give up one's hope and fighting to make one's dreams reality one day or another ("The battle's everyday, it's who we are versus what they say, don't let your dreams turn to rust for pieces of paper that say in God we trust...So go ahead lie in security's embrace but don't ever expect a taste of what you see in your night's dreaming mind for those things you must fight all the time...") That's the way you do it, guys!
After the theatrical "Gone with Innocence" we get to the closure with "Vultures", and I get spine thrills, so it means the tight drums and refined guitar plot alternated with the twisted refrain have hit the nail on the head!
The two main sides of the NY's outfit perfectly complete each other in this mini-album and the mysterious naturalistic artwork is the icy on the cake.
All the styles and the music comparisons cited in this review can only give a hint of the band's expressionism, so you must listen to its songs to have a deep and clear idea what they compose. The quartet is one of those acts repellent to any classification; every time you think you have them in your grip, then there's something else coming out and the song slips away to another direction. They can do this in a smooth enticing way and this is what matters in the end, so have no fear and approach the first side if you're a rocker and the second if you're a metalhead, but don't forget to listen to the rest when you'll be more familiar with "Born of Scars".

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - January 20th, 2011

Line-up on this record:
Renee Davis - v.
Pietro Sirianni - g., v., keyboards
Nicolas Geluso - b., v.
Steve Papa - d.

E. Meadow, NY - USA

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-Born of Scars (MCD - 2010)