'Other Worlds Than These'

(Monomentum Collective)

MARK: 73/100


With a cover artwork in their digipack showing a donkey surviving in heavy smog by a gas mask, object for which Bombardier Muffy must have an adoration, as it recurs in every cover of their works, here comes the recently-released 5-track EP of quite heterogeneous Psychedelic Rock, Stoner Metal, Groovy Rock and Blues.

Actually, the opener "Last Moments" also includes a few Space Rock elements alà Hawkwind, Camel and Blue Cheer, displaying a guitar tune worthy the CD purchase alone; the vocal parts before the tighter riff are set to stick to the brain in an all but indelible way.
The Who-pillaging low-fi "Something Wrong" turns out even more 70s as to sounds and structure ending with a Prog Rock soloing chip, whereas everything changes with "Stay Put", where echoes of Black Sabbath, Queens Of The Stone Age, Kyuss, Dead Weather and even Sir Lord Baltimore concur to make this composition a hypnotic one.
Paying tribute to British Alternative Rock, "Numbed by You", is also accompanied by a video, and is followed by the long closing track "(Too Many) Whispers"; these nine minutes contain alternations of dozing Bluesy parts and others enriched by a groovy riff and brief, yet outstanding ferocious vocals. In this fantastic song there is also space for a fine axe solo, expanded Noise guitars in the central cut that strike the listener deeply, fade away, then come back after a long pause to reinforce the song until the deign conclusion.

Although I would have preferred more elaborated or as an alternative punchier sounds inside some occasional minimalistic song portions as well as more personality concerning the songwriting, "Other Worlds Than These" is not a masterpiece, still a quality work devoid of fillers that grows listen by listen and is bound to satisfy both the Desert Rock fanatic and the Metal fan whose discography covers several subgenres in equal parts.


Line-up on this record:
David Wijnberg - g., v.
Pelle Simon - b., v.
Cas Zeegers - d.

Eindhoven - NL

Official site:


-Magnifying Glass (CD - 2014)
-Demo 2014 (2014)
-Other Worlds Than These (EP on CD - 2016)