BoB Evans

'See the light'

(Self released)

MARK: 80/100


It's the first time I'm reviewing Bob Evans and also the first CD I ever listened to songs by him, so I can't compare them with older material. However, the 12 songs here included probably come from a long songwriting period and I must presume this is Bob Evans' debut, owing to the utilization of a drum machine. He plays all the remaining instruments and also sings, but as you can see from the CD front cover, he's mostly a guitarist, dealing with melodic pop-rock and suchlike styles.

The British songster feels sure about the goodness of all his songs, so that he ain't afraid of playing one of the few cards in his sleeve, that is the title track, one of the most rock songs of the batch, with a real good solo, where he displays his warm and elegant voice along with memorable refrains. Completely different shores are the ones approached in "You're Just Not There", in which Hawaiian guitars with a slide rock us gently letting our minds wave thoughtlessly like every ballad does.
The atmospheres are strongly Beat(lesian) in "Is There Anyone out There?" , while "I See Love" is another ballad with a central keyboards solo.
The curiously titled "Nimrod 'The Hunter' " is an instrumental that will make you feel like driving across the East coast. Excellent and stunning for an Englishman to sound so bloody Yankee!
From the tender and relaxing "Love Is Where You Find iI", through the dynamic and pleasantly lively "You Really Love Me", we get to "On a Knife Edge", between the best Santana in the first part and Chris Isaak in the second one.
I deadly appreciated the hopping pop of "We Live the Life of Others", gifted with likeable vocal hooks, whereas the melancholic "Journey Back Home" seemed to me a bit boring.
"Love Love Love" is a pretty example of the way to compose an effective song with easy vocals and guitar lines, but the top of the CD is in my opinion "Goodnight Blues", a blues-rock potential hit full of feeling.

Mr. Evans proved to be a versatile artist, yet I guess the drum machine isn't suitable for a sanguine style like his. I can only wish him to find a band and re-record these songs, then the result really would be top-notch! Meanwhile, you can already enjoy these songs without paying too much attention to the false sounds of the programming. All those who love easy-going US-flavoured songs which are connected to the past, even the 60's, and want to hear light, traditional inspired guitars, can come forward and directly order the CD without dread to mistake the investment.


Rob Evans, 3 Niven Close, Maidenbower, Crawley, Sussex, RH107ZH - UK