'Good Morning America'

(Shattered World Records)

MARK: 89/100

A troubled existence endangered the 4-piece's self-released comeback, which might be described as skull-bashing, ball-shredding Texas Hardcore fusing the precision of Metal with the nihilism of Punk!
While the ten-song debut contained drummer Ben Burton's work, who incidentally had once auditioned for Slayer, the new record, less Hardcore and more Metal, employs Felix Griffin's, formerly skinbeater of D.R.I., met in downtown Austin during a Punk show.
Beside the quality of the seven new tracks, the Texans - not to be confused with the homonymous from Oklahoma nor Japan - release excellent rants that add a plus to their resume; their arch enemy to aim their blows at is the global corporate elite. All of the six lyrics were penned by vocalist Bobby Fuentes himself and they unapologize at all attacking, deriding or stressing out a few actual issues: information warfare, the unfair current system leading us to the new world order where most of us are forced to survive squeezed of all our energies and free time at work to enrich a profiteer (which is in fact the most widespread form of prostitution and mind, that is said by me who am quite far from being defined a Marxist); the list goes on: politicians' agenda, written only for their interests, full of lies they will never mantain; uncaring of the slaves (the common people, the mass, whatever you call it), they look for alliances and leave us the vote power; yeah, right, if it really made a difference they would make it illegal I have always claimed. Another tough act of denounce is the induced state of cerebral sleep thru the TV and videogames, making US children new slaves deluded to become new robots or soldiers believing in the American dream. Try and fight the system and you will be covered in blood after the cops' severe blows even if you're unarmed. Isn't it a case the police always arrive after shit happens and not before, as they are so busy hanging tickets here and there or getting even more obese engorging donuts in their cars or their warm comfy offices?

Coming to the music aspect, the first face punch is given by the instrumental "Intro", immediately followed by "Infowars", combining Nuclear Assault and Slayer. "Portrait of Efficiency", the longest composition, contains adrenalized riffs and a climax exploding with a pretty much Metalcore refrain, and also two brain-drilling axe solos. Similarly to the title track, playing mid and up tempos as well, the former is yet more irresistible.
"Legislate" reaches exaggerated speed, in the balance between S.O.D./M.O.D. and D.R.I., nevertheless it's a piece which is able to make the listener's perceive a breathy and smooth atmosphere thanks to winning riffs. In case you live in a flat, play this song fucking loud and make your hated neighbor nerves fall apart until he is forced to move, it works out!
"Code of Silence" is ruled by incendiary, riot-emboldening thrashy riffing, but it is built on a few HC accelerations on the trail of Sick of It All and D.O.A., too; shame the closure of the solo leaves something to be desired. Another thing to emphasize is that this is a bit different than the other songs, since it is plainly close to Tankard vocalwise and guitarwise, still I don't believe they even know them, so it must be a coincidence.
Finally, "Uncommon Heroes", displays marvellous drumwork, bouncing between D.R.I., Gang Green and Slayer, and not only for the awesome solo in the vein of Kerry King's.

Wholly aware that they have not made up a new style, Blunt Force Trauma serenely and proudly present seven ultra-recommended outta control bursting shelss splinters that you just can't take out of your CD player.
Next move and our hope at the same time has to be a full-length at the same steady level of this one, even tho it should take another six years.

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - 2nd October 2007

Line-up on this record:
Bobby Fuentes, v.
Felix Griffin, d.
Slaytoven, g.
Paxton, b.

3001 South Lamar Ste. D-109#421 Austin, TX 78640 - USA
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-Bluntforce Trauma (CD - 2000)
-Good Morning America (Mini-CD - 2005)