'Slow Death'

(Self released)

MARK: 70/100


A year after the participation in the "Metalvox Compilation Vol. 2", the fully analogically recorded debut CD of the 4 guys from the state of Sao Paulo is out at last; yes, even if we're in 2005, the band decided to enjoy a less cold sound that never clips and allows a pleasant listening at all sonic pressures; of course this involves no possibility of corrections you would have with Pro Tools or similar digital programs, and therefore you have to be really precise while recording or your mistakes will not be erasable.
Also music-wise the band is deeply connected with the sound of the magic Thrash metal '83-'93 decade and those who're over 30 like me can't but rejoice at the sole announcement of 9 tracks dealing with this genre.

Nevertheless, the act is still a heavy debtor to the early Sepultura as for some riffs or time changes (for example in the doomy Thrash metal of "Against the Storm"), but the four young musicians sound more thrashy than their fellow countrymen. One of Bloody's better crafted song is the groovy "Seeking for Blood", while the following "Inquisition" even fishes up an early Megadeth riff in the opening.
Blood is a very recurrent topic in their lyrics together with the brainwashing perpetrated by politics, religions and other media owners, and the animated and catchy "Justice with Blood" makes no exception; indeed, it has the best lyrics as much as the opener, yet it also has to be remembered because of the excellent twisted central passage.
The St. Madness-rooted "Eat Your Brain" contains a bright axe solo and proves that just in the refrains, riffs and guitar solos resides the 4-piece's strength, as shown in the involving title track as well, although the band led by Fabio Bloody steals a riff from Obituary's "Cause of Death" and an acceleration from Sepultura's songbook. A piece that's gonna work out well during live shows is "Endless Game"; this composition, between Fight and Extrema, gets enriched by 3 solos by Frank Gosdzik, the legendary Teutonic guitar player who formed Mystic in Brazil, where he lives now, after playing with Kreator and Sodom in the past years.
The early stuff from Metallica and Megadeth is mixed with Bloody's style in the irresistible "God of Disgrace", in which vocalist Paulo results particularly incisive and aims at higher tunes.
The more violent track, "Real Vision", is entrusted with the closure of the CD, embellished by a solo from the second guest Ciero, album producer and also guitarist of the traditional band Broken Heads.

A quite pleasant dive into the past golden season of Thrash, but I suggest the band work on a more personal style, taking "Justice with Blood" as a pattern. "Slow Death" is undoubtely a positive first work, one of those who grow listen by listen. Let's cross our fingers and wait and see what they'll present us in future...

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - 20th December 2005

Current line-up:
Fabio Bloody - g.
Luis Coser - d.
Paulo Tuckumantel - v.
André Tabaja - b.

Rua José Cavalcante 263, Vila Real, Hortolāndia/SP - Brazil - CEP: 13183-040
Official site:

-Eat Your Brain (demo - 2002)
-Extreme Underground (Compilation - 2003)
-Metal Vox Vol II (Compilation - 2004)
-Slow Death (CD - October 2005)