Bloodshot Gamblers

'Pain & Other Simple Pleasures'

(Demon Deluxe records)

MARK: 86/100


From the city of Tucson, recently become popular after the mall shoot-out, hails this awesome duo delivering a lethal dose of Dark modern alternative rock.
Like the artwork and the photos suggest, the Rock music they deal with is strongly connected to vast desert areas, guns, poker, saloons, outlaws, solitude feelings of people scraping along, and the sounds confirm the set Bloodshot Gamblers mean to build.
I could easily describe them as the missing link between ZZ Top and Puddle Of Mudd, but I'd feel guilty if I didn't stress out the superb refrains of "My Broken Record", "Dust in the Corner", "Desperate Spider Web", and "Spinning My Wheels", all of them potential hits and all time killers at the same time; moreover, worthy of mention are the sweaty fat guitars, the excellent sound engineering, and most of all the top-notch songwriting level they've achieved; this is due to their previous experience in Kicking Harold, for which they released 2 albums ("Kill You" and "Gasoline").
There's also room for Classic rock in "Sympathy", Westcoast Pop/Rock mixed with Methods Of Mayhem-influences in "Before It Is Too Late", but the ones that will really make you move are the tight and lazy riffs of "Run away Ghost", the waddling ones of "The Surface of Hell", the damned and haunted riffs and keyboards lines off "Start again".
As to "Touch and A Smile", we have to say it's a stunning ballad, yet the lyrics are even better than the music, not only because they seem to be describing a situation familiar to the undersigned, but also because every adult must have felt that depressed and unfit for life as the protagonist at least once in their lives.
"Wounded Once again" deserves a separate signalling owing to the marvellous hooks, vocals and the fact it's perfect as a soundtrack for a horror or noir flick; even if this didn't become reality, it's undoubted this composition is bound to receive collective acclamation live; if we lived in a perfect world, this would be the key song that would drive Metallica to offer the Arizonans the chance of opening for them, but we know things are never so simple...
The closing track "A Brand New Day" shows no flaws once again, notwithstanding it remains avulsed from the rest, being on the Pop/Punk side; it's not a filler, but has no dark elements at all, so I guess it was added to show a further facade of the band's personality and musical background.
On a personal note, the two-piece have released 13 versatile tunes making useless a large number of same-styled records of the past and yet to come; why get a second choice when you can have the best?

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - January 20th, 2011

Line-up on this record:
Tim David Kelly - g., v., d.
Brian Anderson - b.

Tucson, AZ - USA

Official site:

Pain & Other Simple Pleasures (CD - 2010)