'Battle of the Ancients'

(HeadXplode records)

MARK: 78/100


A violent comeback from this relatively young band. One that will curb-stomp your ears and then ask you to say ‘thank you’ afterwards. Better wear a crash helmet, and learn to be appreciative. I, for one, am indeed.
Three years after the release of "Diabolical Kingdom", the Reno quartet is infesting the globe with 40 minutes of sonic onslaught dealing with the Annunaki, evil, destruction and battles. With the exception of the intro "The Beginning" and an acoustic arpeggio at the beginning of the title track, the guitars trill and devastate, teamed with a real heavy drum bludgeoning and a Cannibal Corpse schooled blastbeat. Like in all the other following tracks, this one too delivers fast guitar solos, being slower ones a minority on this record.
Key is the hyperfast drummer's role, as well as the vocals sometimes wicked Black rants and others mighty demonic emissions so as to live up to the band's monicker, but it would be a crime not to mention the guitar breaks, occasionally even traditional Heavy metal or Sodom-like, such as at the end of "Destroyer of Worlds" both; and let's not forget the ones included in "Centaurian", a pretty dynamic song.
Absent are groovy parts and rare are the refrains, just a pair in "The Conqueror" and "The Final Battle"; everything sounds plain 90s here and urges to slamdancing, especially "The 12th Planet", whereas just for the record my favourite amongst the ten offered tracks is "Sons of Anu", due to the vocals filled with hatred and rage ruling the structure and the tireless and disruptive drumwork.
As well shown in the Black/Thrash structured "Nibirus Wrath", the guitars play exactly the same notes with the same tuning and only when it's time for an axe solo one can hear that they are two.
After the Angelcorpse and God Dethroned "The Return?", "The Final Battle" closes the Nevada four-piece sophomore release with a riff apt to make us feel in a fight, a superbly performed blastbeat and a refrain inserted into the only mid tempo of the album.
The production is good, tho the sound of the splash cymbal should've been improved, the guitar solos achieve a fairly good level, yet not to tear one's hair; a few of them too could be bettered.
As for the musical recipe proposed by Blasphemous Creation, don't expect any new element, any innovations within the Death/Black/Thrash scene, as these aren't the Nevada horde's intentions for sure; their intent is presenting the listener with an assault reminding us the good records of the scene of twenty years ago we haven't listened to for a while; all this without nostalgy or hidden second aims.
Ten tracks of sheer attitude and pissed off mentality have never sounded so good from my speakers.


Line-up on this record:
Isaac Wilson - guitars, lead v.
Travis Edwards - d.
TJ Laughlin - b.
Joe Amos - g.

Reno, Nv - USA
E-mail: blasphemouscreation@msn.com
Official sites:


-Rest in Pieces (EP - 2006)
-Black Winter (EP - 2007)
-Fire (Compilation - 2008)
-Shadows of Evil (Demo - 2008)
-Diabolical Kingdom (CD - 2009)
-Battle of the Ancients (CD - 2012)