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After many requests we finally got in touch and received the answers. But the black cloud was still following us, so we also had to fight against PC crashes, data recovery and more technical crap. It was not easy but in the end we are proudly able to publish the intie with today's hottest underground sleazy Metal/Punk/hard Rock band from Hollywood - yes Hollywood, not the Valley, nor Pasadena!

(Answers by skinbeater Sean Davidson)

-HELL-o Sean! First of all, sincere congratulations on your latest record. I'd like a view about my review about it. Did you have tracks that were not ready for "After the Mourning" that were perfectioned or did you just deal with brand-new songs that were maybe a bit changed even when you entered the recording studio in Jan/Feb 2008?
Thanks, we are really excited and proud of this record. All the songs for "Breakin Bread with the Devil" are new, nothing was left over from "After the Mourning"; things always change a bit in the studio, but we went in really well prepared because we didn't want to waste any time in the studio, so we were able to track really fast.
-Was it easier to produce "Breaking Bread with the Devil" because it was the second time you entered a studio or because this time you were produced by Chris Johnson and Anthony Valli?
Working with Chris again and working with Anthony was great, both are amazing at what they do. They brought some really great ideas to the table, and really gave the record a great sound and feel. I wouldn't say this album was easier to produce, since "After the Mourning" was really well accepted we had to make a better record, we had to have a better sound as well as better songs. We all felt some pressure in that sense.
-Probably tens of folks already asked yout this question, but I was curious to know how you came out with this cool monicker.
Tthe name is because we ARE the bad boys of rock that used to fill the rock scene but is now filled with a bunch of ass kissing politically correct posers....we got a bad reputation and are very proud of it cos we don’t kiss anyone’s ass and we aren’t takin bullshit from anyone. All our lyrics are true life experiences NOT a bunch of filler words that mean nothing cos they sound cool.....its about life, death, birth, addiction, love, loss...real life stuff.

-Why did the ex-members leave the band and what did you gain in terms of style, songwriting and involvement with the new entries?
It's not easy being on the road and putting in the amount of time needed to be in this band. Some of the guys just could not handle the commitment. A lot of people say this is what they want to do and "oh I live rock n roll" blah blah blah, but when push comes to shove they can't handle it. We have also used several touring players that were never full members. Everything happens for a reason, and the line up we have now has the best chemistry I have seen in this band. Carmine is the primary song writer and the album was written before the current line up was in place, so we haven't really written anything new yet, but we are always jamming new ideas, and when it is time to write for the next record I think everyone will really bring some cool ideas to the table.
-I read in your bio that awhile ago you signed a deal with Wright records, which didn¹t keep up to the promises. This means that your latest album will never see a reprint under a label?
We simply weren't happy with the results we were getting from Wright Records, we were not about to put out something that we were not proud of, we knew we had to put out something better than our
first record, we were not going to settle for anything less. Eventually we realized we weren't going to get what we had to have from them, so we had to leave and do it ourselves, we got Chris and Anthony involved and that's when this record came alive and we finally got something that really showed what this band can do. We have no connections to Wright and since we own our record we can have anyone we want reprint it.
-You have been able to create a modern album of sleazy/Punk Metal. In California you are getting excellent live responses, but we know that Hollywood is the only place in the world almost unchanged if compared to 20 years ago. Now that even the CBGB recently left its historical headquarters,what is the reaction of the East Coast crowd and the rest of the USA?
Kids want some real Rock n roll, and Rock is on it's way back in a big way Although, the clubs on the strip are still there, the vibe is different. It's not the same vibe as it was in the 80's, but the whole hair metal shit is trying to come back sometimes at our shows I think I am in a time warp, you see all this kids in spandex and big hair and just think, shit, please don't let this look come back.
We have gotten some great response in NY, so the East coast wants some real rock as well it's not just a West coast thing, people want to go to a show and have a good time, that is universal.


-You have any clue about the average number of people per night attending your gigs and what was the biggest crowd you played before?
As an unsigned band, being on the road playing new towns that we have never been to before we have had some great numbers on the road. I don't really care how many people are there, if it's just the bartender or thousands of people it doesn't change how we play. I think our biggest shows have probably been at the Key Club. The place was sold out and there were a lot of people got stuck outside and couldn't even get in.
-Did you ever have to accept a compromise when opening act, for example, worse lights and sounds, or have all the bigger bands been fair to you?
Being an opening band is a fight, usually you get less lights, less room on stage, and the sound is usually not as good as the headliner. The bands have all been cool, it's just kind of the way it is, we have no problem paying our dues. Those things don't effect our energy on stage we still come out every night ready to win over every mother fucker out there, we take no prisoners!!!

-Tell me something more about the video of the title track. Did you have the basic idea behind it or was it an intuition of the director?
Helena came to us with some ideas and concepts and we told her some basic elements we wanted, you know the simple things: fast cars, hot naked girls, a guy in a rabbit suit, and some cool
performance shots.
She put it all together and I think she did a great job. She has a great eye and really loves Rock music, she understood the look and feel we wanted and we ended up with a great video.
-Please list the 3 most rock 'n¹ roll/sleazy moments on/off tour in Blacklist Union.
Everyday is fucking rock in roll and sleazy for us. We get to meet awesome and crazy people every night. For instance, the last gig at the Viper Room was amazing. We had Duff McKagan personally request us for direct support for loaded and then MTV contacted us and we played the launch for Rock Band 2, the videogame with Sebastian Bach and Alice Cooper.

-What do you guys think about today’s mainstream music?
Mainstream music in the United States is pathetic right now....and all these so called big Rock bands have lost sight of cameraderie ,.....record co's don’t give a fuck about talent...It's like they manufacture bands in a factory...It's SAD.

-Thanks for your time. Don't you drop the eyeliner please, and close this chat how you want!
The eyeliner never comes off, don't worry...Go See a Blacklist union Show and Buy a CD! We appreciate it. And Just Keep Supporting This Great music in 2008 rock an roll is Not dead Its actually making one hell of a comeback and for that we THANK YOU , THE FANS because its all about The FANS ANYWAY!

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - September 2nd , 2008

Current line-up:
Nicky Shad and Carmine D'amico, g.
Tony West, v.
Sean Davidson, d.
Jason-X, b.

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Fly PR
2658 Griffith Park Blvd., # 816
Los Angeles, CA 90039 - USA
(323) 667-1344

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After the Mourning (CD - 2005)
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