Black Temple

'Black Temple'

(Self-released single CD)

Black Temple

MARK: 67/100

Thanks to the recording at the popular Helsinki Underground studios the first single by this 3-piece from Finland sounds quite close to Lordi, from the vocals to the rest, with a few additional references to Alice Cooper and Deathstars.
The two songs also contain some Pop influence, as well as more wicked vocals occasionally. You can listen to them quite smoothly, as they are decidedly hook-based and the mid-tempos dominate most of the track structure.
For sure the album will give us more clues about the direction they wanna take owing to a new line-up including a rhythm guitarist. So far we can see the solo project by Thai leader
Tang is a foot in the door of the Industrial/Gothic/Melodic metal field. Nothing new, but appreciable effort, although the lyrics and the axe soloing need to be improved.


Line-up on this record:
Tang - lead vocals, guitars
- drums (also in Final Dawn (SF) )
Vesa Mattila - bass guitar (also in Bodies, Codeon, Final Dawn (SF), Saatanan Marionetit)
Alexi Parviainen - backing vocals

Fredrinkikatu 41 B 20 Helsinki 00120 - SF

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-Black Temple (single CD - 2008)