'Casket Prospects'


MARK: 76/100


The Black Moriah is a five-piece reveling in funeral, devilish or doomy lyrics talking death sentences, despair, defilement and godlessness.

The Black metal undertakers
appropriately start their debut with the intro "After the Shovel", warming listeners over for the first real song, "Watch My Tower Burn"; raw Black metal with fast and mid-paced riffs, screams and low vocals, amazing winding bass lines, a horror Doom break with slightly distorted guitars preceding the final blast beat.
A sort of fast Black metal tainted with groovy drums and a Heavy metal axe solo is the title track; think of Motorhead playing Black metal with the same pattern all along and you will get the picture. Things change radically with the glacial masterpiece "These Thirsty Gallows (Never Run Dry)", where Black and Doom hold the spotlight with a Black and Roll twist, backed by Black metal rasps during the whole song. A traditional composition capable of keeping the attention high despite the several structural modifications followed without a pause by "Servant of the Devourer", a tight and rapid song with another typical HM break; this time the result isn't that good: the solos are barely decent and the general feel is boring and weak.
After the lugubrious intermezzo of "Beneath Mt. Moriah" comes "Exile of Avalon", established on an unusual main riff and drum pattern, interrupted by cruel and icy Black metal elements; an interesting track delighting us with a tasty guitar solo.
In "Southern Tombstone" we meet atmospherical Black metal containing kick drums pounding mercilessly till a an abrupt break reminds me of the best Darkthrone and Immortal, but it's just for a short while before the perverted main riff takes the lead again before the excellent Death metal riff and the slamming bass strokes at the end.
How a metalhead may remain indifferent to the epic Black metal of "Chained" is a mystery; this song is worth the buying of the record thanks to the primary riff and the Viking vocals; there're so many riffs and hooks; brutal and groovy, the damned vibes of this song already make it a classic that I'm sure all fans of the band will request at every show.
"Here's to Your Endtime" gathers Black, Thrash and Death, and more precisely early Darkthrone, Slayer and Unleashed; Kathulos' guest solo isn't memorable but luckily the ogrish vocals and the final clean ones along with the heavily-percussed bass lines are!

Thanks to a powerful and balanced this self-financed album is able to deliver its full potential and reveal all of its ingredients, including the few negative ones. Not an immediate album, "Casket Prospects" requires a bit more concentration than an average Black metal record, but it's worth the time invested in the listening if you're into this genre.

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - September 20th, 2013

Line-up on this record:
The Mad Arab - d., additional v. (also in Bleed The Son)
Zawicizuz - lead, all rhythm and acoustic g., keyboards, backing v. (ex-Infernal Oak, ex-Absu, ex-Rape Pillage and Burn, ex-Bleed the Son)
Evintis - v. (ex-Ghastrah Proxiima, ex-Verkömmen, ex-Lunarian Sea)
Alkahest - lead g.
Maledon - b., backing v..

Ft. Worth, Dallas, TX - USA

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-Casket Prospects (promo-CD - 2012)
-Casket Prospects (CD - 2012)