Rise of the Antichrist

( Osmose Prod. )


MARK: 85/100


The Hellcult is on the prowl again, blessed with evil and stronger than ever. Old time black-thrashers Bewitched are at their 6th release on Osmose and they've justly gained the yearned name of 'Devil's all time fave band', by releasing more and more satanic records one after another. "Rise of the Antichrist "steps back toward the sound of "Diabolical Possession " and "Pentagram Prayer ", and it's got all the qualities blasphemous metallers look for in an album, starting from the opener "Worship the Fire", reminding Celtic Frost a lot, while very thrash-oriented are "Victim of the Cult "( a mix between C.Frost and Exodus ) and "Sacrificed in Flames ", while very fast and raw are "Under Satan's Spell " and "The Ripper's Return "; just to give you an idea they're both close to Norwegian Infernö, but the latter also shows Maidenesque axe tunes, whereas the apex is touched by "Bewitched by Evil ", early Slayer-like. All in "Rise of the Antichrist " brings us back of 15-20 years but also makes us walk on a solid bridge to the present times, which is an all but easy thing to do well.

Needless to say this all-star band including members of Naglfar, Setherial, Ancient Wisdom, Havayoth and Bleeding has recorded all with a top production, from which thrash Bay Area guitars ( does "Kill'em All " tell you anything? ) distinguish themselves for the pleasure of many, before letting place for the final track, "Prayer of Desecration ". The ultimate enemies of all servants of the light are here to rape and maim; you'd better deal with them in awe!