Bestial Mockery
'Evoke the Desecrator'

(Osmose prod.)


MARK: 93/100


When music and bombardment tally with each other, it means you get Black metal with shitloads of rotten Thrash, fucked Crust and heavy Death influences, namely a new Bestial Mockery release.
Yes, Oz's deranged, Lucifer-worshipping mental cases master Motorsåg and Warslaughter recorded 9 new tracks and mixed at Fullmoon Studio for only 29 minutes of aural violence full of raw and dirty sounds, a total underground production!
"Chainsaw Demons Return" (with an obscure intro) and "Flash from a Razor" own all of the a.m. and their trademark: several roarings of a true chainsaw: Leatherface would clap'em!
Top-notch mid-tempos riffs in "Marching for Hell", just marvellous all of the ones in "Goats Feast" (the best of the whole CD), and why not remember the pogo-spurring final break and lyrics in "Necromantic Ritual Desecration (of a Sacrosanct Angel)"?
Bestial Mockery give a huge example how to play 80's Thrash/Death, played with the effectiveness and simplicity typical of the Swedes in the crazy, hammering and coarse-sung (Fuck! Yeah) "Soulburn" and even more in the bizarre and perverted "Necroslut", a masterpiece for all the world's stages, trust me! The old Peter Jackson fans would nominate it for a soundtrack.
Finally, the closing is entrusted with the determined and maliciously brutal Thrash title-track.
A CD slyly recorded to be enjoyed mostly when played at full volume. I'd add with lots of booze, other drugs, friends and wish for fun and nothing more.
This white trash has surprisingly conquered a permanent position in my CD player. If you're into Sadistik Exekution, Destroyer 666 and Kill the same's gonna happen to you!

Last but not least, you can find an excellent cover by the same artist who painted for Emperor, Lord Belial, etc.
, so a copy of the 500-copy-limited picture LP is strongly recommended!


Demo- disco-graphy:

-Christcrushing Hammerchainsaw" (demo, 1997)
-Chainsaw Demons Return (demo, 1998)
-War - The Final Solution (demo, 2000)
-Nuclear Goat (Split EP with Suicidal Winds, 2000)
-Chainsaw Execution (LP, 2001 - Sombre Records, with rare, demo, live and new tracks)
-A Sign of Satanic Victory (EP, 2002 - Warlord Records)
-Christcrushing Hammerchainsaw (LP/CD, 2002 - Metal Blood Music)
-Evoke the Desecrator (LP/CD, 2003 - Osmose prod.)