'Let There Be Light'

(Belladonna records)

MARK: 76/100


Not to be confused with the homonynous metal band from the US, nor with the Swedish Hard rockers, this Italian 5-piece has been lately constituted.
I don't have other songs to make comparisons, but this only track reveals the Romans are dealing with a sort of Indie noir rock based on seducing female vocals, sudden guitar bursts and special attraction to pompous energetic refrains. "Let There Be Light" features guest piano lines by none other but Michael Nyman and a promo clip has also been posted online here; legend has it the legendary composer and film maker was invited to a London show of the Roman band and decided to give his contribution to this composition, which means he wrote the piano parts.
One song isn't enough for a review (unless it lasts over 15 minutes) to me, but the result seems to be positive on the artistic side; I didn't fall in love with that at the first listen because of the production: the sounds are so pumped that I had to turn down the volume pot; this seems to be trendy nowadays in order to make it louder in the FM station war, yet it has the side effect of killing dynamics, so you need a couple of listens to fully appreciate the whole track's instrument roles (the opposite result to the initial intention!). Besides this minor flaw, this one song had the positive effect of enlightening my interest in Belladonna's old musical production.

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - January 20th, 2011

Line-up on this record:
Luana Caraffa/Tam/Alice/Dani Macchi/Alex

Rome - Italy

Official site:

-Metaphysical Attraction (CD - 2006)
-The Noir Album (CD - 2009)
-Let There Be Light (CD single - 2010)