(Self released)


MARK: 79/100


The first thing I noticed when I listened to them for the first time is that their singer must have had Mike Patton's vocal chords transplanted on him! As if it weren't enough their music owes the latest Faith No More and Mr. Bungle very much, but it works, especially when listening to the last song of this 4-track mini-CD, "I Don't Fuckin' Miss You, Bitch!", including several kinds of cool vocals (crazy, aggressive, melodic and even a neigh in conclusion); this song and the band's picture make you realize BARCK don't take themselves seriously (and irony is a quality lacking to a lot of people, some would think about Manowar for instance). Only "DeeDs" sounds a bit more modern punk rock. The sounds are powerful and well recorded, so I'm curious to listen to their debut. If you're into those bands and want more, then you've found worthy pupils.


Trigevej 3
8382 Hinnerup - DK