'Bazooka El Pony'

(Self released)

MARK: 82/100


Two years after the first self-released 4-track CD we have to witness the come back of one of the more expressive bands from Denmark on the footprints of the unparalleled Clawfinger, with a CD once again contained in a very unusual package made out of extremely soft azure hairs.

First off, the opener "Tuned Tonight" loudly claims that the influences Faith No More and Mr. Bungle have almost completely disappeared; in fact this song mostly includes aggressive vocals and a few light-hearted ones in the vein of Ugly Kid Joe; what matters is that the 4-piece is interested in making clear that a thick layer of modern Rock/Metal in ya face is delivered to us, and when we think that the initial acoustic arpeggio in "Half Delight" will make our eardrums rest, we get belied by a sudden heavy break with furious and raw sounds; the lunatic vocals are alternated with recitating ones, while the top-notch chorus is replaced by effected vocals in the background. The arpeggio comes back but this time it's sustained by the drums before the last chorus and a dirty and hammering drumming set to close. A potential single and definitely a live smasher.
My favourite track is UNDOUBTELY "The Rock 'n' Fucking Roll Disaster": awesome refrain, efficient remaining vocals, stirring break and following Deftonesian guitars. What the hell do you demand more?
Another crushing highlight of the CD where singer Harme shows all of his power and versatility is "At the Bulldog Moon"; if you like Hundred Reasons, Funeral for a Friend, Silverchair, Inme and similar bands on the border between Emocore and Nu-metal, you already know what to expect; a remarkable drum work at the end of the composition gives that something more to render it special.
Finally, the title track features riffs alà Darrell, so BARCK aren't too far from certain material from Damageplan and the "Power Metal" Pantera.

Actually these 5 tracks need more than a listen to be assimilated, partly because the recording is dirty and also because we're in front of a conspicuously personal work after all. the Danes still haven't expressed all of their potentialities, and I suggest an improval of the arranging and visual of the song building, so as to let their tracks be perceived as wholes rather than different patches stuck together; which doesn't happen too often luckily, just here and there but it's enough to unsmooth the groove.
Anyway, I loved their sanguine and scorching EP and their straightforward attitude; their stuff is destined to inflame every stage they'll tread on, so it's simply a matter of experience and budget which separates them from recording an album that will be remembered after a long while and appreciated by critics and fans in perfect unison.


Current line-up:
Hække - bass
Tåben - drums
80 -guitars
Harme - vocals, tv

Trigevej 3
8382 Hinnerup - DK

Official site:


- 4-track promo (CD - 2003)
- Bazooka El Pony (CD - 2005)