Blood beyond the sand
(Split CD)



MARK for all of them: 85/100


Excellent debut for Romagna's label, which can present 5 tracks each for Baratro and Entity, that are the most popular and oldest bands, and 3, actually quite long, for Undead.

Baratro play a sort of death metal anchored to the old school and they feel proud about it, though they don't disdeign occasional modern raids like in "Dirty Crosses in Jubileum".
Dealing with a not too aggressive death are on the other hand Entity. The recording itself is fucking 80's and curiously quite different from the one of the other 2 bands who recorded and mixed at Alfonsine's Fear Studios. Entity are definitely the most dynamic and groovy among the 3, even if constantlly substained by a rocky and chronometrical drumming.
The last 5-piece seems to be a welcome mix of Swedish death and Slayer elements with some pogo techno-thrash riffs alà Megadeth/Testament (good but unluckily few and reserved almost exclusively for "Agony"; nice is also the marriage among guitars, brutal vocals and thrash choruses in "END". Altogether very involving in the first 2 tracks, Undead's short chorus won't easily be forgotten.

Hoping that the newborn record company breeds further products of the same level, I can but just suggest, especially the youngest, the most recent proposals here includedof the Italian death metal promising scene.