'Unholy Baal Zebuth'

(Wolfram Productions)

MARK: 80/100


From the Russian underworld Black metal emerges the 5-piece dedicating all itself to Satan (music, logo, monicker, lyrics, attitude and image).
This is the first album from Baal Zebuth I've heard and the approach has been easy; it's not difficult to make acquaintance with this material, but at the same time these songs seem written to last in the long run, which is an additional arresting aspect to notice. Also, this is actually their first album, but it's been reprinted with a bonus track. The bad news is that they've actually split-up this year, so we have to cross our fingers and hope they'll get back on their steps sooner or later.
The way they've decided to open the album is the one guaranteeing maximum impact: "The Cold of the Funeral Moon" is a 1'40" chip, fast and direct, preluding what we have to expect from the remaining tracks.
"Deceived by Eternity" is among the most involving ones during its blastbeats and its magical keyboards fugues.
The initial riff of "The Castle of Horror" lacerates asses as hell and this composition has the merit of undoubtely boasting the best lyrics of the album.
From "Power of Thy Hammer", which also contains a few Death metal vocals, to the delicious atmospheric break in "Goat to Azazel", we get to "Night on A Bare Mountain", the core of "Unholy Baal Zebuth"; that's because it's the most complete and striking song; you'll find demonic vocals in all of the composition, as well as during the introductory part; the finalè turns to a really diabolic mid tempo, only interrupted by the last blastbeat and some keys interventions.
While "Satan's Hellfire" reminds me of Immortal vocals in the lead, and the back up vocals are even more wicked, what stands out in "Diabolical Emptiness" is the amazing interlacement between bass, drums and keyboards in the beginning; the destructive break makes it my favourite track together with another break including Death metal riffs and inspired guitar solos. A special arrangement that will have you sit to focus your attention on the song and forget the rest around you till the end.
Finally, the closer "Nocturnal Carpathia" incorporates a couple of riffs on the trail of Mortician, making it more enticing.
Very good artwork, lyrics and image complete the product, so if you usually drive and have sex to the music of Dodheimsgard, Dark Funeral, early Enslaved, Infernal 666, "Pentagram" from Gorgoroth, added with Enthroned-like vocals and Dimmu Borgiresque keyboards in the background, this record's for you. The only negative side is the too digitalized guitar processors that make the guitars sound negatively cold and mosquito-like.
Apart from that, this album makes me wanna furiously fuck a harem of women over my rotting enemies' corpses in the flaming remnants of a bombed out Muslim church. Bring on the carnage, motherfuckers!!!

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - 20th October 2011

Current line-up:
Sauron - v.
Sadist - g., k., back v. (also in Misanthropic Art, SS-18, ChristInvertion, ex-Lash)
Amon - b.
Kalmar - g. (also in SS-18)
Tormentor - d.
(also in Deathmoor, Lindisfarne, SS-18, Thou Shalt Fall, ex-Lash)

Stavropol - Russia
Official site: http://www.myspace.com/stavropolnekrodivizion

Unholy Baal Zebuth  (CD - 2004)  
-We Are Satanas (CD - 2006) 
-Two Spears of Hatred and Coldness ( Split CD - 2009)
        - Necromysticism - Into The Chasm Of Hell  (CD - 2011)     
-Unholy Baal Zebuth (CD - 2011 - reprint of their 1st album with one bonus track)

Also participated in the compilations "Stavropol Insanity vol. 1" (songs: "The cold of the funeral moon", "Deceived by eternity", "Goat to Azazel") and "Stavropol Insanity vol. 2" ("Night on a bare mountain") released by Macabre Productions.