Axis of Advance
The List

(Osmose Prod.)


MARK: 78/100


I've promoted this 3rd full length from the Canadian trio, first on Osmose with some reserves. This little more than half an hour of aggressive black/death metal not easily definable is based on thrash/death and almost black vocals, sometimes demon-like effected, and simple, but effective sharp guitars.

There are rather often slowdowns making the record attractive, sometimes a little symphonic ("Annihilation"), but mostly dark and doom ("The Torture").

"Sacrifice" is a pure black metal song, which beging slowly and soon becomes very dynamic, while the masterpiece "Massacrion" contains the best drum solo of the album and also features a splendid alternation between tight black parts and monumental doomy parts.

A composition like "Namination" is fit for a horror/gore or war film, whereas "Supremincer" reminds me a bit of Destroyer 666; if "Retallahttack" is nothing but pure apocalypse, the closing "Shifter" is the devastating final sledge-hammer blow, as fast and heavy as possible!

Owing to a dirty and ultraraw production realized at Peter Neuber's Mega Wimp Studio, this becomes a not easy CD to appreciate; you need 2 or 3 listenings before assimilating the tracks completely, but when you make them yours in your mind they really kick you in the ass.
That's why I fear "The List" won't be understood by many people, so if A.o.A. can read this review, I suggest'em to have these as new goals for the next record: improve your skill and songwriting, and use a higher budget!

The songs are actually sort of original just through the particular blend of genres and sounds utilised, so we have to acknowledge that the 3-piece have undertaken not to give us the same warmed soup again.
P.S. The 500 copies on vynil contain an unmissable Deathstrike's cover!


07.98 The destruction of Wör and Vermin's previous band, Sacramentary Abolishment
09.98 The formation of Axis of Advance; the recruitment of J Read as session drummer
04.99 The recording and subsequent release of 'Landline' mCD (Catharsis Records)
06.99 The recording of 'Tactics Forth' - a song for a 4 Way split 7"
11.00 The recording of 'Strike' CD/LP
01.01 The release of 'Awaiting the Glorious Damnation of Mankind' Split 7" (Demonion Prod.)
11.01 The release of 'Strike' CD/LP (Death To Mankind Records)
06.02 The recording of 'The List' CD/LP
08.02 The recording of 'Elemental' (Thergothon Cover) for a local compilation
09.02 The release of 'Project Infinity Vol.2' compilation (containing 'Elemental')
10.02 The release of 'The List' CD/LP (Osmose Productions)