Audio video modification and tweaking service:

to tweak or not to tweak? To mod or not to mod?




There's no system or machine which cannot be improved by a tweak or modification, no matter how sophisticated they are.
If a machine can enjoy them, it doesn't mean it's not a decently-built one.

We perform modifications and tweaks all around the world; do you need your cheap or high end stereo, guitar
or bass sounds to be improved, your TV image to be sharper and more 3D and at the same time improve its audio? Do you want to raise the bar to your rehearsal room? Are you sleepless about optimizing your recording studio?
We got the right tweaks and mods customized for your equipments; some are known, others are just our invention after years of mistakes, attempts and betterment discoveries on our machines. And we never stop experimenting!
Contact us for a budget esteem and let us know your location. Get one or more local friends in need of the same and so the flight/staying costs will be divided amongst more people. Let us find your machines open before we arrive and our job will be even faster. Sending us pictures in advance and supplying us with a list and description of your systems is the ideal.
There's nothing which cannot be made sound or look better: aesthetics is the limit to some, money is to most people, but we always advise on how to find the best compromise and keep costs low. Still, you have to understand that the costs we require are less than the ones you would have if you decided to upgrade your current system with a more expensive one.

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