'Live Murders'

(Self produced)


MARK: 88/100


This can be considered the debut-CD for the French 5-piece, as it includes 5 new songs and 6 re-recorded ones, already appeared in their MCD "Golden Jail" This band seems to be trying to sound as personal, weird and catchy as possible, and they've got it! I know it may sound strange, but if you don't listen to them, you'll just expect a death/grind band as they define themselves. Yet, through a track by track listen, you'll find how many stylistic peculariaties you may find.

"Times" has some grind vocals, furious and fast drumming, but soon some death vocals are added before a final thrash/HM break supported by aggressive - nevertheless not death - vocals. The same aggressive vocals are in the very thrashy "I Don't Like it", including a Heavy Metal bridge a thrash guitar solo; grind vocals and double ones from axeman Antoine Lallart in the blast parts, while "Pain Ecstasy" is an excellent paragon of sprightly grind-thrash. In the title track the thrash break, the brutal death finale and smart lyrics about the killing society's current condition need to be mentioned, so as to reinforce the cover's impact. And then comes the time for "In the Desert Infinite", gifted with a great initial riff, and a grind-thrash solo and refrain, very classy stuff; moreover the drum work is always powerful and various here. Trust me if I tell you this is absolutely the best of the 11 tracks.
Landing like a locusts' attack arrives "Killer Gods", with some hard rock bass lines, mid tempo destructive onslaught and screeching guitars preparing for the brutal conclusion.
"Golden Jail" proves to be dynamic and groovy and reminds me of the latest Napalm Death's riffing, while the short "Murderer" contains a deriding riff separating the grind assault.
"Under Your Eyes" is on the same line of the rest of the album, still stands out thanks to a top-notch melodic break gutturally sustained vocal-wise; cool solo and a merry (yes, you read well, joyful!) repeated riff make it a memorable and odd composition. Were that not enough, you get a stone rain with "Hatred", embellished by the alternation of the 2 singers, and with "Ich Will Hinaus", both tightly grinding from beginning to end, with the latter displaying a final crescendo that takes no prisoners at all.

The songwriting is fresh and the mixing hides the kickdrums a little; I'd've preferred a sharper guitar sound, anyway this is a matter of personal taste; the only plain mistake is in the lyrics, full of small mistakes that won't be recognized live; I am a perfectionist and many won't pay attention to them live or even at home, cuz many
don't read lyrics and say: "Whatever!" I think their lyrics are not the most original ones, but I like the fact they've chosen them, since those are still current topics to be treated nowadays unfortunately.

"Live Murders" is an eminent album that will not hit your mind at once but only after some listens, as it usually happens with new or bizarre things, but when you like it, you'll find yourselves listening to it continuously. Have Atrocious Devoured created a new style, 'funny grind'?


26 rue Dupleix 44100 Nantes - France
Tel: (+33) 0240690516
E-mail: atrocious.dev@infonie.fr