'Baal Perazim'

(A-Bomb Records)

MARK: 78/100


This is the mysteriously-titled debut album from the Floridian 4-piece, a record that looms spewed from the 80s both stylistically and sound-wise; take the Iron Maiden of the first album, Raven, some US metal act and the vocals of Rob Halford and you'll have a pretty close idea what Atomic Playground is about.
The lyrics and the artwork deal with threats of nuclear warfare, devastation, apocalypse and show the pacific side the band stand for.
There's one song seeming to lack momentum ("World without Charge"), all the drums are unfortunately triggered, and another flaw resides in the bass which is real in the background; even if I guess this was intentional during the raw recording and the mixing, the result is that this record needs longer time to be assimilated; yet, the ace in the sleeve is definitely in the great refrains ("Alienated" and "In for the Kill" in particular), and two further aspects to remind are that several songs use the old trick of fading out at the end and that there's at least one guitar solo in every song; all the tracks are minimally written, with the exception of "A.D. 2012" and "Ghostdance", which I believe everyone will agree on are a cut above owing to their marked dynamism, altho it's a pity the former has such cold drum sounds.
From the catchy "Terrors Reign", let's also mention "Touched by An Anvil", which pays a heavy debt to Iron Maiden's debut album, still gaining positive criticism thanks to a glacial break.
If you're looking for one of those Classic metal full lengths devoid of intros and keyboards, using a Metalzone as the only guitar effect and savoring of traditional sounds and arrangements going back to the roots of this wonderful genre, then "Baal Perazim" is the right choice for you!

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - January 20th, 2011

Line-up on this record:
Buddy Zappa - v.
Jerre Hill - g.
Sly - b.
Jerome Jowais - d.

Orange City, FL - USA

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-Baal Perazim (CD - 2010)