Arkhon Infaustus
Filth Catalyst

(Osmose prod.)


MARK: 89/100


A big improvement under every aspect can be found out comparing this new work to the already good bestial "Hell Injection" of May 2001 is the new album composed by 8 tracks (or 9 if you buy the limited vinyl format). This time we have for example a better production showing an evil-rooted blend of black and death vocals laid on each other.

The opener "Words of Flesh" also has some whispered malicious vocals together with the classical growls. The sound is very live thanks to the work executed by David Decobert (official live sound engineer of bands such as Nile, Marduk, Immortal, etc.). Keep attention to "Ravaging the Nine Pillars", where Arkhon Infaustus even sound like Suffocation soaked by wicked black throat assaults.

In "Procession of the Black Synod" we deal with a martial paced track with some final dissonances making the whole more various, while "Hell Conquerors" is an excellent concentrate of death and extreme metal enriched by lots of compositive dynamism; this is a signal that the band has left in the background the black elements so strongly present in the past, taking it to the center of the stage only in "The Fifth Inquisitor" and "Nox Microcosmica" (the latter including some wonderful airy guitarwork), before the closer "Narcotic Angel's Terminal Apostasic Sin", almost all based on a fast double bass foundations, differently from the previous songs.

I find "Hell Conquerors" really enticing by its passages, and the same speech is valid for "The Fifth Inquisitor", whose riffs make it sound like an old death metal song, that knows when it's best to accelerate, slow down and when it's the right moment to restart the assault after the 6-string solo; it still makes a strange pleasant effect to listen to the old school rules along with Sinister/Houwitser-like riffs and a few grindcore seconds.

"Filth Catalyst" is a beyond-the-average album, yet it has to be said that it needs 2/3 listenings so as to be fully assimilated well. A bravo! to the 4-piece trying to play more and more personal and interesting, and I'm sure next time they'll release an even more mature and precise record. Arkhon Infaustus rapidly march on the right way, that is to renew oneself without raping one's nature.