Arkhon Infaustus
'Perdition Insanabilis'

(Osmose productions)


MARK: 86/100


After a split EP with Canadian Revenge, the extreme act spawns its 6th official release (already the third on Osmose productions), recorded at Berno Studio in Sweden (Vomitory, Amon Amarth, Defleshed, Deranged, Driller Killer, Impiety and many more). The controversial lyrics and artwork weren't censored on the previous "Filth Catalyst", which established on a quite brutal level but wasn't as perverse and insane as "Hell Injection", banned in different countries. However, French channel Arte featured them as a proof of their plain cult reputation. Now the 4-piece has found inspiration through isolation in Sweden and has created an intense manifesto based on spiritual deconstrction, made with hysterical cries and disgust probably under psychotropic influences.

"Genesis of Loss" is a Doom intro made with suffering cries and acute guitars, the best appetizer at all for "M33 Constellation", based on a few furious attacks with separated Death and Black vocals; the slowdown is wicked, glacial and one can immediately realize the drumming is very good and precise, far more than before.
"Abortion of the Kathavatthu" unveils with a pure Death metal riff and is mostly a Death song if compared to the previous one, where both the components were present at 50%; however, there's still place for a couple of Black metal riffs a là Enthroned, wiped out by sudden Death peaks and a slow Doom/Death passage before the final hyperacid acceleration. Unfortunately the axe solo is surprisingly scarce but I move to "Six Seals Salvation" and quickly forget this tiny fault. This song is opened by sinister industrial samples on which an interesting dissertation about religion and corpses is placed upon. Marvellous drumwork and megafast guitar plots bring us back to the style of "Hell Injection", but that album didn't have such crushing and mercyless mid tempos! Excellent interlacing of the 2 guitars and the awesome drumming; here Arkhon show how unforeseeable and at the same time effective their songwriting has turned to; this is high quality Battle-Death-Black metal in the vein of Impiety, Revenge, Myrkskog, a.s.o. with unstoppable tune breaks and supreme skill by all of the members; undoubtely my personal highlight.
Threatening and repeated sounds borrowed from "Carrion for Worm" Nuclear Death create a lugubrious and intentionally insistent instrumental dirge ("Saturn Motion Theology") till the heavy rhythmic assault - quite Death metal actually even if the atmospheres are pitch-black - and it really feels like being surrounded by Dante's demons or the Hellraiser saga Cenobytes.
Immediate is the onslaught of "Oratio Descendere", in which Death and Black vocals are overdubbed or alternated and where a fulminating structure change makes us understand that the tour dates with Mortician influenced them a little. The following fast part with a Krisiun-wise percussionism is replaced by a tight Black metal riff and then a Black-Death mid-tempo; this kind of hybrid keeps on unpitiful and gloomy throughout uncountable rhythm patterns; this way a track remains attractive all the length and also after several listens; the guitar solo is simple but obsessive and fits the God Dethroned environment well.
"Profanis Codex LXVI" begins with a mono riff to later proceed slow as to the guitars but very rapid as for the drum beats; the gurgling vocals match ruddy Death-Thrash riffing and a sick arpeggio, engaging around the end of the last speed-up; listen to this song and enjoy a brand-new soundtrack of evil, perversity and immorality, by stopped riffs and photonic speeds.
Differently, "Whirlwind Journey" is a mid-tempo, soon turning to an nth siege of extreme metal perpetrated to us by the tremedous nephews of Angelcorpse, Order from Chaos and Dark Funeral; the syncopated final is something unique, and together with possessed vocals first and robotic ones later, makes this a masterpiece at all!
To conclude, a short instrumental track between Nuclear Death again and Hellhammer "Absurd Omega Revelation"
, and now all hope really is lost.

Let's bow our heads in awe and walk the road to perdition the new lords of terror have shown us. The age of a new enslavement has just begun...