(Xtreem Music records)

MARK: 76/100


Traditional Death Metal machine Aposento (not to be confused with the Puerto Rican Power Metalheads) debuts with an album after the 2012 reunion with 3/5 of the original line-up and 24 years after it was established; not a typical story but we're glad to hear that Xtreem Music has offered them a chance denied before.
The self-titled record talks sons of chaos, slow death, greed, mutilations, aliens, a sacrilege, inquisition, a condemned soul, and an infernal valley, all of them in Spanish; the artwork, the sounds and the blastbeats plunge us into the early 90s, and the result is classic, well-performed Death Metal.

The five lethal merchants open fire with "Aliens, Seres del Mas Alla", immediately showing groovy old US Death Metal riffs and patterns, utilizing different time signatures and a monophonic riff after a staccato passage; the song is in the same vein as Monstrosity and the likes, the bass winds its way like a powerful snake through our throats, whereas the guitar solo surrounded by a run of pinch harmonics reminds of Deicide's. The vocals, like in the other tracks, are guttural all along the composition, while in "Hijos del Caos" there are also hissing wicked vocals alà Order From Chaos/Angelcorpse besides the Cannibal Corpse- and Avulsed-shaped ones; this song is heavily influenced by the early Morbid Angel in the main riff and the guitar solos and this first part of the album is decidedly a positive start.
"Muerte Lenta" displays palm-muted riffs, crushing and catchy at the same time mid-tempos; the guitar and drum work are the top of the album and the icy on the cake is represented by a Devourment-styled slowing where the drums sound like tank shots, followed by a Gorelust structure and finally a vintage Thrash acceleration repeated in the closure. One of the highlights, made even more precious by three piercing brief guitar solos mixed in the backdrop.
More lively and smoother, "La Valla" is proud to blend German and US Death Metal riffs and another short perforating axe solos. The end of the song is probably the best part, being so epic and intense during its climax.
One of the songs with more diverse vocals is "Mutiladora Genital", where the main singing is reinforced by demonic backing vocal layers; this track has a framework and solos that owe the almighty Malevolent Creation a lot.
Another pearl is constituted by "Avaricia": mid-tempo drilling riff, pinch harmonics, monophonic riff, unstoppable speedings of the rhythm; I know it seems nothing new in comparison with the previous descriptions, but when you listen to that you'll realize it's like an amazing meeting between Kataklysm and Deaden, with Terrorizer and Suffocation joining the massacre later.
Irresistible from the early seconds, "Sacrilegio Consumado" is based on Cannibal Corpse blastbeats, passages dear to Deicide, Vital Remains, etc.; an abundance of pinch harmonics among several elements borrowed from Deeds Of Flesh complete the picture.
"Inquisidor de Un Falso Profeta" shows Thrash tendencies - and a minority of Death Metal characteristics - along with the classical deep growls and is therefore guitar-wise a bit lighter than the remaining material. Let's say we can perceive the influence of bands such as Nuclear Assault even if the vocals are never Thrash.
Accompanied by a video depicting a tormented madman (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kUFLBrnFPzw), "Alma Condenada" is majestic, contains a nice break with guitars squealing the way we all love it, and is rich in riffs and one more Morbid Angelesque solo; vital to the song are blastbeats made popular by Cannibal Corpse and Deicide, and contribute to making it the most elaborate of the 9 tracks.

Add a professional, balanced recording with all the instruments distinguishable easily, and you will understand that the Spanish label made the right decision in offering the five-piece a record deal, which we hope isn't limited to one record only.
If you need your music fix so as to be heavy and scathing, these dudes welcome you to their sonic shock therapy session.

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - February 4th, 2015

Line-up on this record:
Manu - b.
Diego - d. (ex-Fossor)
Manolo - g.
Pispas - g. (ex-Fossor)

Nacho - v.

Logroño, La Rioja - Spain

Official sites:


-Bloody Ritual (demo - 1992)
-Eternal Agony (demo - 1993)
-Welcome to Darkness (EP - 1997)
-Retorno A La Muerte (EP - 2012)
-"Blessed and Forsaken", Rebirth of the Grotesque - A Tribute to Vomitory (compilation 2014)
-Aposento (CD - 2014)