'Book one'

(Trostlos records)

MARK: 80/100


There are some bands which are quickly criticized as they mix too many genres without even been given a listen to their songs, and that is a mistake a professionist reviewer should never make.

However, Canuck Munich-based Antique are one of them, and they've achieved a great goal, that is linking new styles like never before: classical/symphonic music, Death, Doom and Dark wave.

As a matter of fact opener "Take this Sullen Timber" can be described as a mix between the funeral doom alà Vinterriket along with dark, death, sinister and suffering vocals and almost martial percussions, while "A Meadow to Die in" starts with Savatage/Meat Loaf-like voices spaced by Black vocals (also in the big opera "No Tears for the Devil Inside") and soft keyboard lines.

"Essaying Paradise" and "Elysium Cascades" are interludes to other songs that help you understand how it REALLY is possible to unite classical subtlety and metallic force into the same blend.
Maybe more fluidity in the songs could be required for the comeback, but they already have to be considered the few effectively playing so new a genre, and excuse me if it's little!
With Antique when it seems that the composition doesn't scratch, you're always stunned by sudden malicious elements, vocal-wise especially ("What Temptation" is a sort of song sounding like a more refined version of MZ412, while "One Last Thought" is not so far from Skepticism and Saviour Machine).
This music is made to summon demons from forests, the past or draw negative, depressive, melancholic energies from parks, cemetaries, similar places and even the closets of your houses.

For the most open-minded metal, dark or classical freaks...


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