(X-treme Rising)


MARK: 85/100


Flash Mag's reviewer Maurice Butler is back with his band after 6 years of silence, in which are now Death SS' Oleg Smirnoff and ex-Labyrinth's Frank Andiver along with trustworthy Mass Quake on bass and samples.

Although Maurice states the style played by Anger is a brand-new one (the so-called disco/death), I partially agree with, since we meet songs like the obsessive "Finger in Your Ass" and the Obituary-like-riffed "Fuck off", indeed 2 good songs, unfortunately sounding similar to what shown by the latest Electrocution some years ago. Very pleasant are the straight "Change", whose lyrics are a little confused, but enriched by sinuous samples, and "Blackside", the best arranged song of the 12, and including well chosen whispered vocals; that's one of the episodes in which Anger go beyond everything done before by other bands, achieving a perfect fusion and balance between disco music and death metal and pushing the limits of experimentation where nobody or very few in death metal have arrived before.

Some reminiscence of Nailbomb's riffing and vocals can be found in the bee-introduced "Inside", even if we have much more here, that are unusual groovy keyboards, just before the minimal "Lady Violence", featuring disco inserts, but too repetitive; then we have my fave track, "Petit Paradise"; again interesting samples for a composition suitable both for a metal show and an electro club.

After the groans in the title track, putting Anger close to the primemovers and unreachable masters Pungent Stench, we can relax our ears with "United States of Satan". Each of these 12 songs is easy and based on strophes and refrains repeated several times as if they were street anthems, and the most brutal track, "Walking Down", where you'll have the privilege to hear Swedish death guitar sounds soon afterwards followed by rap bases for the first time, before the closer "Out of Control", presenting some Celtic Frost's riffing along with some "Chaos A.D." elements, and a loop consisting of a challenge or a request ('Vi aspettiamo', that is 'We're waiting for you'.)

Since this CD is the first full-length, it can be accepted some extenuating circumstance like the low too dirty recording, executed at the King Studios and Zenith Recordings, and the mixing, often leaving some vocals too plain and not satisfactory, as if they should be 'reinforced' by an overdubbing. The artwork has been treated with special attention and is quite generous to the buyers, a reason more not to burn the CD and buy an original copy. Yeah, I know the guys have been working hard and especially Maurice in the last 3 years, I've noticed Oleg's smart ideas, but some plain pronunciation mistakes and a broken English might pass unobserved by most of the uneducated Italian listeners, though they'll be noticed abroad. However this album is not far to be a masterpiece, because the songs are really good and pleasant to be listened to many times; probably a remastering could be a good idea...



-In Hate, Violence and Pain" (demo, 1992)
-Malediction (demo, 1996)
-No Compromise (MCD, 1996)
-Chaos (2002)