(Cephalic records)

MARK: 79/100


I have to admit it, at the first approach this CD didn't taste nice, and the lack of the lyrics and the incomplete artwork weren't making me go towards a positive direction, BUT after 3 listens I started to understand what good was lying in the plies of the 9 compositions.

I can therefore only talk about the music, which was recorded 6 years ago, but only in 2005 the Czech gang was able to find a convincing label to release it.
"Zodiac" opens the fire with remarkable Death/Thrashcore, full of raw, drunk vocals and other clean declaiming ones, while "Lack of Interest", is funny and strange aggressive Metal with slightly delayed vocals.
"A Lost Game in Advance" kicks ass and hell will break loose live with it: groovy riffs, effective refrain and as rude as possible vocals on an old school Hardcore tissue tainted with Nyctophobic and Groinchurn shades, and even better the heavy, tight, lively and crustily screamed title track, after all the best track of the present ones.
An almost perfect song is "Before You (Inner Felings)": this one's very tough and rich of ups and downs, but unfortunately there's a wrong mixing of some cymbals, that makes them sound distant and cuts impact away from the song.
As the title suggests, "U.F.O.E.T." is an interesting piece and not only for the robotic vocals on an Earth Crisis-like pattern; the clean vocals are mixed too low, however it's just a tiny fault.
Meagre and in your face, "I..." melts the vehemence of Punk with the heaviness of Metal, or if you prefer, Motorhead and Goddess of Desire, whereas "Facing the Ground" unpretentiously applies to the live situations, anticipating the quite cool "Desperation", twisted, full of psycho vocals, extremely dynamic thanks to well-chosen time changes and memorable because of an unpitiful acceleration and an Eastern finalé.

This debut presents a tangible effort of manufacturing a different kind of extreme music, and signals a band to keep an eye on. Let's wait for the Czechs' next move, possibly with a better and more powerful recording.


Line-up on this record:
S.B.J. - v.
Pavel Chytil - b.
Fejda Dobrovolny - g.
Jirka 'Pobo' Poborsky - d.

Band Contacts:
Pavel Chytil, Rakouske domy 526, 41723 Kostany - CZ
Official site:

-Labyrint (demo)
-Hopeless (demo)
-Satisfied (CD - 2005)