(Ketzer Rec./Beverina prod.)


MARK: 82/100


Russian music tradition has been made popular by Rakoth for the 1st time, and now with this record we have another fine example of that. Already from "Years of Prophecy" one can taste the melodic folk black metal, rich in melancholic guitars, that Alkonost have loved to play since Sep. 95.

Endowed with an effective chorus is "Sun Shine Our Land", suitable on a single, while "Song of the Smiths (Sledgehammer)" and "Holiday of Fathers" have been stuffed with saturated sounds, alternated to melodic guitars; the latter lasts almost 10 minutes on the total 54' 50".

A Baroque arpeggio characterizes the initial structure of the sad "War Is Closed by Us", a song dealing with the honour in battle, certainly the best of the 9, enriched by great vocals and keyboards, decadent, and featuring an intermezzo of a drum machine. Interesting sound the melodic guitar breaks Alkonost have threaded into the structure of the song.

After the instrumental "Rain of Former Days" we find 3 compositions composing the demo "Spirit Tending to Revolt", showing a slight evolution from the 1st 6 tracks composing the album "Songs of the Eternal Oak", written 3 years before, and as if it weren't enough 2 CD-rom clips are included too. As a matter of fact the new compositions are embellished by this time joyful keyboards, and in 2 of them, female vocals, inviting first, then rocking; moreover, the sounds are here sharper and less thick.

What the band wants us to understand is that you can write very pleasant songs even through simple arrangements, a not particular originality, nor extraordinary skills; it's the team work that counts, the spirit of group. Advice: English to improve, more variety within the songs.
Alkonost? The Dostoevskijs of melancholy Slavonic Pagan metal.



--Shadows of Timeless (rehearsal tape-97)
-Shadows of Glory (demo-97)
-Songs of the Eternal Oak (CD-2000)
-Spirit Tending to Revolt (demo-2001)
-Nevedomye Zemli (Unknown Lands) (Russian language demo-2001)
-Alkonost (CDRom-2002)


Elk, g., backing v.
Alex Nightbird, b., v.
Almira, keyboards, back-v.
VL, d., back-v. (98-2001)
Anton, d. (now)
Alena, v., backing v.