Acid Brains


(Red Cat records)

MARK: 88/100


When I read many partially negative reviews about this album I expected my fears to be confirmed; how far was I from reality!
What most critics didn't get is that the Tuscanian act couldn't care less about creating new styles or musical solutions, what matters to them is to create a bunch of amazing easy catchy songs varying the recipe from song to song. Mission accomplished. Long life to the old pack from Lucca.
There're lots of components in the four-piece's fourth full-length, modern or twenty years old, and the sounds have been kept live from beginning to end; thus you meet the tight Punk rock of "All They Want to Go", and after that "Go Back Home", where the Grunge heavily in debt to Nirvana meets the Pop rock of the Weezer. Acid Brains can be toadies to the public without losing their dignity. Real smart dudes, trust me.
"Collapsed" is a violent Punk rock chip that grants no time to breathe and rest, whereas things are pretty different with "Strong", starting with a suffering melodic tune, followed by a fast Metal/Punk structures, showing oppression and heaviness galore; these parts are alternated with semi-controlled bursting parts owing so much to No Means No.
A Pop rock with slightly Punk hints in the guitars and the vocals here and there, "Enjoy", comes before the last song in English, "Try Again", a short, straight melodic Punk Rock song with occasional Grunge vocal interventions.
"Io ero morto" opens the series of the Italian songs, and also its way of sounding is very Italian, in that its simple vocal and guitar arrangements belong to the tradition of several Italian Rock bands appeared on the scene in the last score of years.
The palm of 'most complete composition" goes to the eighth track, "Fremo", a stunning pattern displaying all the facades of Lucca's combo: No Means No again + old Punk/Hardcore rock alà Kina + Italian Alternative rock. They're trying to conquer the local and the international audience, and that's why it's a pity to them that this song is in Italian and can't be understood by the majority of foreigners.
The closing track is another unforgettable tune: "Dimentico (I Forget)". A lively bass and drum, along with hypnotizing vocal lines and refrain allow the four musicians to get a higher score.
So everything's smooth in "Maybe"? No, the 9-track isn't devoid of faults, among which poor English and a couple of moments where there was a feeling from the listener's side of lacking something; in other words I missed more elements to make the song richer, less repetitive, at least some nuances or accents to maintain the attention and the involvement high.
In conclusion, Acid Brains are such a good band I have hard time putting words to paper. If you were to look for a template for a dark Pop/Punk rock power quartet with Grunge and Metal influences, this bunch are it.

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - December 30, 2012

Line-up on this record:
Stefano Giambastiani - guitars, lead v.
Alfredo Bechelli - g.
Stefano Marchi - d.
Antonio Amatulli - b.

Lucca - I
Official site:

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