Straight from Hell

(self released.)


MARK: 93/100


I've lost the counting of their albums, but the first thing I wanna say and repute important is that now they seem to have achieved a quite developed and personal style, even if some influences still come out at times, like during "The Black Thrash", which is near some Swedish metal masters; actually, a little problem indeed.

Then you're impressed by their plucky 6-string solos, even tho everything's memorable here, riffs, each drum line, vokillz..., and especially the manifold time changes, well chosen and well structured.

"Aftermath of Sorrow" is an all-mincing composition, in which a FAN-fucking-TASTIC sound wall's raised behind a few aggressive vocal scores, while "Worlds Divide" was written to make rectums bleed and definitely make the venues where they play come crashing down!

Then, all of a sudden, you relax your hearing by an instrumental song built on a not boring arpeggio at all, "Autum's Twilight", yet the following "The Philosopher"'s Death's cover version delivers us new fierceness again. The very fast-paced and rolling "Maniacal Menace (straight to hell)" and the closer "Final Farewell" (the latter also including the only melodic enough vocal lines of the whole CD) are battle hymns endowed with efficient refrains, and they go on in the same way as the previous songs.

The recording is PERFECT, clear and incredibly powerful at the same time; the only complain you'll have is gonna be that there are no another tracks unluckily (the CD lasts only 28 minutes).




Chris Helme