(Semen Demon prod.)


MARK: 88/100


Active since 99 as a trio born from the ashes of Targost and Hilarion, they added a 2nd guitarist, Björn in May 2001, which permitted them to record other 3 songs in December 2001. Now these 3 songs have been reprinted together with 4 of the promo "Desire" of April 2001 on this CD, 2nd official release for the German label. As a matter of fact the style hasn't changed that much, Abrasive remain faithful mongers of an old school Death metal, enriched by double vocals (screams and grunts), sadomaso artwork - very cool is the cover, 3 points more for the nice choice - and lyrics about sexual desire.

"Domination" contains some elements dear to the eraly Dying Fetus, while the following "Cum with Me" features the best riff, even though pays a duty to the lessons of the masters Deeds of Flesh (so does "Taste Me"). The most complete representation of Abrasive's style is in "On My Knees", in which a good short melodic structure is inserted before an effective use of high and low voices. The guitar sounds could've been better with a bigger budget, though.

Among the songs extracted from the promo, "Late Night" is the one standing out, thanks to its pure death metal 6-string job, but I can but mention the several girls' moans spread here and there amongst the 4 tracks. These generous cuties really feel dirty inside just like me, and you know this is the fastest way to make me, the former Boobmaniacs' lyric writer happy, like at the old times. And this is also how you can make frigid girls or women die with envy! Finally, "Everlasting Pain" is the most rolling song, rather suitable to make the audience move live.

With little originality more these 4 German guys will have them noticed all around the world, I'm sure of this. Have we found the European Lividity?


Ralf Köhler
Neue Str. 54, 70186 Stuttgart - Germany


Ralf Köhler, v./g.
Björn Dähn, g.
Alex Ringwald, b./screams
Alexander Mäckle, d.