Abortus - Process of elimination
(Code666 Rec.)


MARK: 100/100



To make it short, my fellow-creatures, I could simply say we're in front of a real masterpiece, one of those where one cannot find any flaws. But it's time to get rid of my laziness and respect my audience, by giving further details about this Aussie 4-member outfit's ten songs: first you are immediately run over by awesome Bay Area thrash and death groovy riffing, embellished by shitloads of different fiery vocals, and evil refrains, perfectly arranged and therefore easily memory-impressed. Moreover, I repute that the Skolnick-oriented (!!!) guitar-solos are very interesting, and the 2 axemen do make the difference, they are Abortus' foundation; just verify the title-track's arpeggio before that irresistible distorted part, deign to be compared to the mighty early 80's Metallica, or thrilling "Worm", in which there're plain examples of the skinbeater's good taste. I'm fucksure that in the following "Dollar Sign Smile" are a few riffs Cannibal Corpse would appreciate very much, but more widely speaking it's fundamental to stress out the high amount of guitar twists, variations, superb arrangements making these 35 minutes a pure concentrate of sonic ecstasy. Nothing is static here, just listen to the short track "God Vision"'s cybervocals, and then skip to "Sadist-fy", dynamic and with a vaguely early-Maidenesque beginning (but the English guys won't ask for the royalties, cos there's no plagiarism, it's just a way to give a faint idea of what expects the people who haven't the record yet).
It's time to render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's, honor to the courage and fantasy contained in this CD, and a standing-ovation for this extarordinary smart indie of Romagna. Metal yes, but the Australian way!