'Noctemeron Descent'

(Osmose prod.)


MARK: 95/100


After a couple of line up changes, Abominator are back as a 4-piece at long last! After a sinister intro you'll be wiped away by a blow of intense death/black metal ("Dimensions of a Mammon Enshroud"), followed by a truly wonderful punishing riff opening "Cascading Carnage"; this is the top of the album as it also includes very guttural vocals, and primarily utilizes death metal vocals, riffs and solos, but indeed there're 2 different moments in which a true black scale riff comes out as well.

Speed reigns supreme in "Necrosexual Thrust", making Abominator deign ensigns of a genre made popular by the defunct Angelcorpse, who would enjoy the wicked riffing carved in this song, while "Intoxicated with Satanic Hate" is one of the most black-metal songs of the whole CD. Another two compositions deserving to be mentioned are the title track, rife with fast-as-inferno drumming, restless unmerciful guitar slaying, to tell the truth quite shredded and several kinds of vocals and "Hymn to Baphomet", in which the drumming is supported by early-Deicide echoes in the riffing, while Black overcomes Death for the last time in "The Ultimate Ordinance of Obliteration".

However, these songs can cope with the incredibly massive ones in "Subversives for Lucifer", and confirm Chris Volcano and Andrew Undertaker's creature as one of Australia's heaviest and most determined bands.



-Prelude to World Funeral (Split Cd with Mornaland - Path to Enlightenment records, 1997)
-Damnation's Prophecy (Necropolis records, CD/LP 1999)
-Subversives for Lucifer (Osmose prod., CD/LP 2001)
-Nuctemeron Descent (Osmose prod., CD/LP 2003)