MARK: 75/100


Wicked is the fittest word to define this Aussie black/death 3-piece onslaught.

8 long sections lay out the 2nd effort in the long run ( the 1st album, "Damnations Prophecy", was worldwide released by Necropolis rec. ), maintaining the primal heaviness and raw fury, but also proudly displaying a significant songwriting progression.

The 3-prong attack of Andrew Undertaker, Chris Volcano, and Damon Bloodstorm ( ex Bestial Warlust, and at his last recording with Abominator ) abounds with unrelenting guitars ( though a little low mixed sometimes ), raging blast beats, and a dual vocal assault, all served with a blackened harsh, though unluckily occasionally flat production, which is a sort of small crime, cos this record might've been definitely remarkable. And to me incisiveness means absence of boredom. To be listened to carefully before opening one's wallet. Cool artwork by the trustworthy Joe Petagno.