(Helvete records, later re-released by DMG)


MARK: 90/100



The more time passes, the more I become selective and therefore it's rarer that a band can be able to surprise me. This Italian/English band based in the almighty London has done it! Yes, they've made a great job, particularly regarding the very refined production, the involving guitar and drum work, the way their proposal has been assembled. I mean, it's not original but it's an important step onwards to the limits that an extreme genre like Black metal ends up with imposing a world of bands; well, Abgott haven't fallen into this trap!

What we're dealing with is the follow-up of the self-titled debut CD, and it's opened by a satanic intro in the vein of Goblin, rich of keyboards, though the rest of the songs isn't. The lyrics of the songs and their titles are in Italian or old English, and some titles contain Italian and English words on the reverse, like "oruscolledovreS Azaraq's Fizala Tales", a fast and skillful song with evil vokills sustained by necessary backup vocals, making it sound very Immortal.

After a hallucinated interlude is "lanrutcoN Nyarlathotep", again reminding me of Immortal with fierce backing screams, there's place for an acceleration peculiar to Cradle of Filth, and then they become close to Enthroned. Space vocals and then satanic ones characterize the nth interlude preceding "The Eye Yog-sothoth", using again the formula Immortal and most wicked backup vocals but also inserting excellent death riffs in the middle. The following interlude is near MZ412 and comes before the more braked "From Thy Beyond Shub-Niggurath", which contains a few twisted riffs as well. This is the song that best represents the transposition of the Necronomicon into music as stated in the Italian combo's intentions. A deafening whistle with some keyboard lines in the background is the introduction to "areN anuL aL ottoS ailgattaB Hastur": pure evil Black metal with progressive elements, that is that it's loyal to the tradition but also adds interventions and structures untypical for this style, and then closes with some Classical Metal crossbred with Black, on the trail of the latest Mayhem and Satyricon.

More than 7 minutes of madness compound the free low-fi Black with keyboards of "Nominato Essere Deve Non Colui HtohtazA", while the closure is entrusted to a short track ("Thy Evocation Cthulhu") of extreme electronic music/Black metal akin to Aborym recovering some invocations for an unholy ritual already used before.

Usually I find some faults in Italian bands, this is one of those exceptions that should be exported if they were still in Italy (but of course I'm happy for their relocation in the UK and I wholly agree with their choice that's rewarded them as everyone can note).


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