7th Nemesis/Punishment
'Chronicles of a Sickness'
Split CD

(Skull Fucked prod.)

MARK: 80/100 and 70/100


2 bands I'd never heard of before debut on a split CD positively.
Very personal brutal deathrash is what the former have to offer, like a mix of early Kreator and Natron, even if their last track, "Blood Drops in Heaven", is a little different cos it starts with an Arabian melody played by the guitars and sung by whispered, then angelic male vocals; slowly it becomes tighter and tighter to finally burst. I'm only sorry about the recording, a little choking high frequencies and making the guitars sound too saturated, but the French are definitely death masters and you can hear it from the playing of every instrument and the care for details paid by the vocalist. The higher mark is therefore due to the their professionism but they need to be more various. By the way, great logo!

Much more guttural sound the Austrian guys, for example in "Godsick" and "Bullet Time"; Punishment are rife with slowdowns and vocal 'diggings' along with very low-tuned guitars ("Graveyard Earth"), while "The Enemies Behind" shows some vocal and guitaristic death/core traces probably left from drummer Lugi's previous band, Vienna's Crusade.
The best track is in my opinion "The Die Is Cast", thanks to the effective and straightforward way it was written and the good riffs contained in it, of which some even black metal! On the other hand, the closer "Come with me" is a sort of death'n'roll. Again it's a shame that it's been recorded so fast and that some songs end so roughly, even if the sounds are luckily balanced here.

For fans of death metal who will never afford to miss a release and for those who wanna have a confirmation about the healthy condition of death metal in Europe nowadays.



7th Nemesis
150 Av. Pierre Brossolette
94170 Le Perreux sur Marne - F
E-mail: 7thnemesis@wanadoo.fr

Andreas ÷csi
Baumergasse 14/14, 1210 Wien - A
E-mail: info@punishment.at