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Rob Halford:
God Metal and JUDAS PRIEST’s singer and legend Rob Halford will release his first Hollywood-made movie "War Of Words - The Film".

Italy’s rising force in deathcore, STIGMA, has completed the recording process for their upcoming debut album, "When Midnight Strikes!", which is due out in spring 2008 through Pivotal Rockordings. The album was recorded at Db Studios with producer Ettore Rigotti (DISARMONIA MUNDI) and was mixed and mastered by Alessandro Vanara (DISARMONIA MUNDI, SLOWMOTION APOCALYPSE). Cover artwork, which was completed by Davide Nadalin, who has previously worked with NILE, THESHOLD, and THE DUSKFALL, can be seen here ( Vocalist Vlad comments: “We're thrilled about the final result! We knew Ettore [Rigotti] is an outstanding producer, but we never thought we could reach this level at only the first album! We've recorded everything at its best, using only killer stuff and added all the melodies, solos, atmospheres, insane breakdowns and horrific parts we dreamed about during the songwriting! When Midnight Strikes! is truly an amazing debut, and we really can't wait to offer you the chance to listen to it!" "When Midnight Strikes!" features guest appearances from Tim Zlinsky (THE CLASSIC STRUGGLE), Alberto Zannier (SLOWMOTION APOCALYPSE), Ivan Odorico (SLOWMOTION APOCALYPSE), and Mike Lunacy (DARK LUNACY). Due to his departure from HATESPHERE, Jacob Bredahl was unable to participate in the recordings. A video for the first single, “I Am Dracula,” was filmed by WhereCloudsPart and features a cameo appearance from Belgian break dancer Metal Girl. A teaser for the video of “I Am Dracula” can be found on the band’s official YouTube Page ( Stigma has also recently announced sponsorships Bulk Music, Shure (through SISME), and Hughes-And-Kettner, in addition to their deals with Black Flys Eyewear, Deepline Tattoo, Manne Guitars, and Ed Stone Rockwear (Lamb of God, Machine Head, Bullet For My Valentine). Tracklisting for “When Midnight Strikes!” is as follows: 1. Walpurghis Night 2. I Am Dracula 3. Silver Bullets And Burning Crosses 4. To Be Really Dead… That Must Be Glorious 5. Flesh Ritual 6. Beneath The Crown Of Eternal Light 7. Blood, Your Precious Blood! 8. A Call For Vengeance 9. Walking The Fields Of Apocalypse 10. Sons Of Midnight 11. Epitaph Of Pain (Re-Mixed Bonus Track) 12. Mirthless Soul (Re-Mixed Japanese Bonus Track)


Original Devourment vocalist Wayne Knupp passed away earlier today due to multiple organ failure that was caused by years of alcohol abuse. His girlfriend Jessica Gant has released the following statement to "Unfortunately the rumours you all heard are true and our dear friend Wayne Knupp has passed away today [September 15] at 2:15 p.m. due to multiple organ failure that was caused by years of alcohol abuse. Wayne spent 2 ½ weeks in the hospital with a lot of people fighting for him. His family and friends played a big role in supporting him during this difficult time. "As you all know, Wayne was a major supporter and contributor to the death metal scene for most of his life. He remained loyal to his fans and always stayed brutal till the end. Just yesterday he was throwing up the horns! He never turned anybody away and would give the shirt off his back to help if he could. "Just to let you all know, he did pass away very peacefully with his close family and friends around his bedside. I held his hand as he took his last breath, and the last thing he heard was that we were all there and he wasn't alone. "For those of you that could not be there the last couple weeks, do not feel any remorse because he knew you all were thinking of him and that is what kept him fighting 'till the very end. "For any of you, who have thought about starting a fund or having a benefit, please contact me before anything takes place. It is his family's request that nothing take place without their consent. I will keep you all posted about a memorial service for Wayne that will be held up by Chicago in the near future."

Witold 'Vitek" Kieltyka passed away on November 2nd at a hospital in Belarus/Russia. The band was on tour when their bus crashed a truck carrying wood, injuring Vitek and Covan (vocalist) seriously. Covan's condition was improving, but Vitek's condition was not...


releases Artwork For Debut Album Italian deathcore act STIGMA has revealed the artwork ( ) for their debut album, "When Midnight Strikes!" Recorded at Db Studios with producer Ettore Rigotti (DISARMONIA MUNDI), the album is slated to be due out in spring 2008 through Pivotal Rockordings. STIGMA has been mentioned in RockSound Magazine as the "Watch Out!"band of the month. "When Midnight Strikes" will feature guest appearances from Tim Zlinsky (THE CLASSIC STRUGGLE), Jacob Bredahl (ex HATESPHERE), Alberto Zannier (SLOWMOTION APOCALYPSE), Ivan Odorico (SLOWMOTION APOCALYPSE), and Mike Lunacy (DARK LUNACY). A video for the first single, "I Am Dracula",was filmed by WhereCloudsPart and features a cameo appearance from Belgian break dancer Metal Girl. The trailer can be viewed on the band's myspace page at (

Paul Raven
(on the right with Ministry's Al Jourgensen)

Bass player with Killing Joke has died unexpectedly in Geneva in the early hours of Saturday October 20th 2007. Paul had been recording with Ted Parsons and Marco Neves in Geneva for the band Treponem pal. After a days recording Paul retired to bed and did not wake up. Although Killing Joke was his life passion playing on hits such as Love Like Blood and Kings and Queens, Paul was also a prolific musician in other areas. At various times in his life he played and wrote with Ministry, Godflesh, Prong, Pigface, Murder Inc, Amen and many others. Killing Joke have been covered by everyone from Metallica, Foo Fighters, Fear factory, Helmet to Nouvelle Vague and LCD Soundsystem. Paul a native of Wolverhampton started his musical journey with local punk legends The Neon Hearts and then Kitsch which he formed with Tyla later of Dogs D'Amour. Jaz Coleman - Geordie Walker, front man and Guitarist of Killing Joke said earlier today: ''We are all deeply stricken with grief at the unannounced departure of possibly the funniest man on planet Earth and a brother to us all. Paul Vincent Raven unimaginable sadness is felt by all'' Dan Raven Paul's Brother added: ''We are in deep shock and we miss him a great deal. We love him'' A funeral will be held in the next couple of weeks for further information on where to send floral tributes etc go to and You will be missed by us all gooner, thank you for the time you spent with us - Matt Luxon

Russian Black/Death metal band has recently released a new CD titled "Mephisto Oppressor" via Ukrainian label PaS.


Sigma Draconis:
have started to rehearse and write material in sight of their third full-length.


In almost 1 month we well headline Czech best grind bands for the Death by 1000 Cuts Fest. It's an absolute honour for us and I'm sure this fest will grind every coming in soul.
I N H U M A T E [soul grinding music since 1990] c/o Fred ANTON 19 rue des paturages 67310 ZEINHEIM FRANCE
22/09/07 Death by 1000 Cuts Fest (Brno / Czech Rep) INHUMATE + INGROWING + JIG-AI + more
03/11/07 Bloodfest (Wien / Austria) INHUMATE + DISAVOWED + PARENTAL ADVERSORY + more
01/12/07 Nuit en Enfer (Saint Sulpice / France) INHUMATE + THE SEVEN GATES + OFFENDING + more


We're daaamn proud to announce we signed with the outstanding US label PIVOTAL ROCKORDINGS L.L.C! These guys totally blown every other offer we got and let us feel like a part of their hard working family since day one, so expect our first album to be released and promoted worldwide by one of the best names in the actual metal community! At this point we want to thank everyone at Pivotal Rockordings, our new killer label mates Blinded Colony and Zonaria and some evil hornz up goes also to everyone who has been with us since the beginning! Please check our label's website here and My Space page here! As some of you already know, back in the first days of April we shoot the video for "I Am Dracula", which will be the first single taken from our first album, with the mighty director Enrico Caputo, who previously worked with many killer acts as Sick Of It All, Boysetsfire and Sadist. The video will be ready for the fall, but to celebrate our signing we got an outstanding and exclusive trailer you can check out directly on our My Space page! So lets check it out and let us know what do you think! On the "live" side there are a bunch of great news too! First of all, we want to introduce you our lovely friend MATTEO DIANO (who some of you knew as our first bass player during the high school years :), who is going to bring our live sound to the next level becoming our Sound FoH and lady's killer! You can know more about him or just say wazz up clicking on his pic in our My Space page! Another great goal is that now on our live shows in Italy will be handled by our good bros Andrea & Alberto and our sister Alex at MACHADA BOOKING! We're very excited to start this new partnership and we feel like we have choosed the right ones to help us spreading our music all over our beloved country! The agency for our European booking will be announced soon, so keep an eye on that! At last, here you have a list of our upcoming live events: JULY 21st - DAY OF THE DEAD @ Marcon Festival, Marcon (VE) with Converge. Marduk, Bring Me The Horizon, Rise And Fall & Animosity. SHOW TIME: 17:30-18!!! AUGUST 14th - II BLOODSHED SUMMER FEST @ New Barrumba, Avigliana Laghi (TO) with The Black Dahlia Murder, The Ocean, Abel Is Dying & Kernel Zero AUGUST 17th - SALENTO SUMMER FESTIVAL, Porto Cesareo (LE) with Soulfly, Extrema & Schizo We're now proudly endorsers of BLACK FLYS USA, who choosed us as testimonials for Italy and gave us killer sunglasses and apparell, and the almighty ED STONE ROCK WEAR from UK, who welcomed us in his leeeegion of killer endorsers as Shadows Fall, Caliban, Chimaira, Emperor, Trivium, Terror and our good bros in Blinded Colony! New tshirts, d!esigned by Aaron Crawford (Suicide Silence, Abigail Williams, All Shall Perish...) and stickers are available on our My Space page, so buy them :), there's also a "killer pack" available with one brand new killer shirt + one sticker + our old and beloved "Epitaph Of Pain" EP at 15 euros (20 USD) + shipping! Our good friend Daniel McBride, in order to celebrate our signing, unleashed a brand NEW MY SPACE LAYOUT for our page, so go to and check it out! Last, but not less important, we reached 20000 friends on our My Space! Thanks to each and every one of you kids and ladies!


Here are some news from the INHUMATE headquarter !
1- LINE UP Our line up problems are solved now. Damien is our new guitar player since the beginning of the year and things going on pretty good with him !
2- CONCERTS Fot this summer we will just play at one fest only, but it's the BEST fest of that world, we mean the OBSCENE EXTREME FEST ( - hope to meet you there for ultimate stage trance sickness, we'll peform on Saturday ! Later we'll also play at : Brno - Czech Rep (22/09/07) with INGROWING + JIG-AI & more Traun - Austria (03/11/07) with DICKLESS TRACY + MUCUPURULENT + CRUSADE & more more date will be added, check our sites to be informed.
3- DISCOGRAPHY * Our At war with... INHUMATE DVD is unleashed for 4 months now. Feed back were really amazing ! Just check the following links to read some reviews of it (language is precised) : - thrashocore (Fr) - vs (Fr) - trepan distro (Fr) - noise web (Fr) - planet metal (Fr) - les acteurs de l'ombre (Fr) - la horde noire (Fr) - metal federation (Fr) - destination rock (Fr) - transit (Fr) - les accros du metal (Fr) - kaosguards (Fr) - french metal (Fr) - burning misery (Eng) - born in blood (Eng) - nocturnal horde (Eng) - metal storm (Eng) - my last chapter (Eng) - metal revolution (Eng) - no bullshit (Eng) - metal news (De) - klasma (De) - campaign for musical destruction (De) - metal observer (De) - obliveon (De) - psychozine (Pol) - born to die (Pol) - latvian metal zine (Rus) - tuberculosis (Cz) - rock circus (Sp) - eternal terror (Nor) * Our 5th album The Fifth Season should be finally released during the year 2008 !
4- INTERVIEWS Here are also some cool interviews we answered since the DVD's out (language is precised) : - kaosguards (Fr) - metal activiste (Fr) - metal federation (Fr) - syringe (Eng) - metal revolution (Eng) - klasma (Ger) - metal music (Rus) 4- PROMOTION * Remember INHUMATE is a self produced, independant and totally dedicated to the underground ethic band since 1990 ! So feel free to help us in spreading the disease forwarding this mail to all your address book, publishing the news and visiting our fucking shows ! * The Grind Your Soul website is finally open (in French only for the moment, English version will come later). Check how INHUMATE is managed since 1995 & sign the book. 5- RELATED LINX (sign the fukking grindbook !) (leave a fukking comment !) (sign the fukking grindbook !) (forum)


Marco Corbelli:
the one-man founder and owner of label Slaughter Productions and band Atrax Morgue (also in Morte and other projects) died suicidal top of the month after previous attempts. We respect his choice and wish him to awaken in a better, more satisfactory place.


TKO records
: the KRUM BUMS are blazing across the US of A once again in support of their latest album "As The Tide Turns" (TKO Records) along with the TOSSERS & STREET DOGS. Band Website: Label Website: Releases: CD (TKO-171) KRUM BUMS-"As The Tide Turns" CDEP (TKO-159) COMPLETE CONTROL/KRUM BUMS-"Death Can Wait" Sporting a T-shirt-ready cover reminiscent of MDC's Multi-Death Corporations, the Krum Bums' first domestic album is 33 minutes of ear-splitting, lightning-fast hardcore filtered through the British steel lens of Iron Maiden and Motörhead.-Austin Chronicle ...blend anthemic choruses with a hyperactive four/four foundation while a throat-tearing vocal attack gives what Spinal Tap’s Nigel Tufnel would call, “that extra push over the cliff.”-Exclaim! KRUM BUMS 06/26 New Orleans, LA @ House Of Blues 06/27 Orlando, FL @ The Social 06/28 Jacksonville, FL @ Jack Rabbits 06/29 Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade 06/30 Charlotte, NC @ Tremont Music Hall 07/02 Baltimore, MD @ The Ottobar 07/03 Philadelphia, PA @ North Star 07/05 Boston, MA @ The Axis 07/07 New York, NY @ Knitting Factory 07/08 Buffalo, NY @ The Icon 07/09 Cleveland Heights, OH @ The Grog Shop 07/11 Detroit, MI @ Magic Stick 07/12 Chicago, IL @ Subterranean 07/13 Minneapolis, MN @ Triple Rock 07/15 St. Louis, MO @ Creepy Crawl 07/16 Oklahoma City, OK @ The Conservatory 07/21 Long Beach, CA @ The Vault 07/29 Albuquerque, NM @ Launchpad 07/30 Tempe, AZ @ The Sets 07/31 Santa Ana, CA @ The Galaxy 08/02 West Hollywood, CA @ Troubadour 08/03 San Francisco, CA @ Slims 08/04 Portland, OR @ Satyricon 08/05 Seattle, WA @ El Corazon 08/07 Salt Lake City, UT @ Club Sound 08/08 Denver, CO @ Marquis Theatre 08/09 Kansas City, MO @ Record Bar 08/10 Dallas, TX @ Red Blood Club

Josh Barnes TKO Records 8941 Atlanta Ave #505 Huntington Beach, CA 92646 AOL IM: Barnesey74 Ph# 619-294-3627 Fax# 714-540-0804 Cell# 619-804-9523

New Releases: ANTISEEN-"Boys From Brutalsville" CD/DVD Reissue (Out July 10th!) CHELSEA-"Sod The War" 7" POISON IDEA/KILL YOUR IDOLS-"Split" 7" Picture Disc KRUM BUMS-"As The Tide Turns" CD LOWER CLASS BRATS-"Loud And Out Of Tune" CD/DVD CHELSEA-"Faster, Cheaper & Better Looking" CD HATEPINKS-"Tete Malade/Sick In The Head" 10"/CDEP the BOILS-"The Orange & The Black: Hockey Anthems" CDEP


1. MARDUK + DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS Eastern European tour MARDUK + Devilish Impressions 04.04.07 - Minsk (Belarus) "Arena" 05.04.07 - Kiev (Ukraine) "DK Svjatoshin" 08.04.07 - St-Petersburg (Russia) "Orlandina" 10.04.07 - Krasnodar (Russia) "Orbita" 11.04.07 - Rostov-on-Don (Russia) "Podzemka" 12.04.07 - Moscow (Russia) "Relax" 13.04.07 - Rjazan (Russia) "Planetary"
2. BEHEMOTH - BARBAROSSA 3 Eastern European Tour In may polish black/death commandos from BEHEMOTH are going to conquer Eastern European market with the most biggest and massive tour played by international band ever!!! This time band will appear on 16-17 concerts around Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. Dates will be announced soon!
3. RASTA got 3 national music awards!!! On 20th of February, when band was in Ukrainian tour, manager of RASTA Vadim Khomich was invited to award called "MYSTERY OF SOUND 2006" where latest album of RASTA called "THE AGE OF MOVEMENT" got award "bestseller rock and metal album of 2006". Names of winners of these awards subjective critics and not define not casual interrogation of an audience, and quite concrete parameter - quantity of the sold compact discs and audiocassettes. On February, 25th in capital of Belarus Minsk the main event in a life of show business of the country took place. It's called "ROCK-CORONACIJA 2006". The given event is analogue of American Grammy and is summarizing of year in the musical market of the country. This year the hero of event became modern synth metal artist of THE FLAMING ARTS management called RASTA, having taken at once two awards - "the best group of the country playing heavy music" and the main award "the best artist of the country 2006 "!!! "To tell the truth, we have been assured that we will get award "the best group of the country playing heavy music" and I'm not surprised because of that absolutely. But we did not expect in any way, that the best musical critics of the country among whom owners of the largest labels, producers and the most influential musical journalists will name us "THE BEST NATIONAL MUSIC ARTIST OF 2006 ", - the manager of group Vadim Khomich speaks, - " all the borders which have settled by years for the first time have been broken! In fact during more than 10 years of existence of the given award, always artists, playing pop or pop/rock music got award "the best artist of year ". For us it is greater unexpectedness and we are proud that the group playing metal, could be the best in the country!" 3 national awards - that's really a cool result for any artist!
4. Russian MORTEM on tour with CANNIBAL CORPSE and DISAVOWED Another band from THE FLAMING ARTS MANAGEMENT will appear in Europe in march. This time it will be oldest Russian brutal death metal act called MORTEM, who will play as support to CANNIBAL CORPSE and DISAVOWED. Don't miss these concerts: CANNIBAL CORPSE + MORTEM + DISAVOWED 16-03 Finland Nostori Helsinki 17-03 Finland Pakkahuone Tampere 18-03 off 19-03 Sweden Koren Gothenborg 20-03 Denmark The Rock Kobenhavn 21-03 Germany Musik Zentrum Hannover 22-03 Germany F Haus Jena 23-03 Holland Effenaar Eindhoven 24-03 Belgium Biebob Vosselaar
For further info:


Mad Lion records:
Out now DARK DISCIPLE "Kill Everything - Worship Nothing" Cd Second album of these Death Metal Heads from Florida. Crushing unholy death metal for all Cannibal Corpse & Dying Fetus fans!!! Band contact: or
Soon on Mad Lion Records: REACTOR "Updaterror" Digi Cd/Cd Second album of that Ukrainian Horde! Melodious cyber death metal totally recommended to all SAMAEL & CREMATORY fans!!!
Band contact:
BESTIAR "Inferno Invert" Digi Cd/Cd Classical old school death metal musically influenced by BENEDICTION, GRAVE, DEICIDE & strongly inspirated by MORBID ANGEL's philosophy!!! Band contact: or
Label contact:
Distributor contact:

January 2007

After 4 full length albums, we have just unleashed our 1st DVD : At war with... INHUMATE. For orders, wholesales or trades contact Yannick at See you for war... somewhere on a fucking stage ! Fred

The Furies:
Vancouver’s first punk band, The Furies will play their first show in 30 years! All ages show 3 PM-6 PM Over 19 show 8 PM-2 AM Canada’s most influential punk band D.O.A. is teaming up with The Furies, Vancouver’s legendary first punk band for two shows at Richard’s on Richards, 1036 Richards St. Vancouver, BC. The event has been dubbed Punk Rock Confidential and features a blistering cast. The amazing D.O.A. will headline the festivities. They are led by Canada’s godfather of punk, Joe Shithead Keithley, with the help of the legendary Randy Rampage on bass and The Great Baldini on drums. The Furies started putting on shows at the old Japanese Hall in the summer of ’77. These mind blowing gigs shocked the public as the posters boldly announced “Punk Rock”. Now, The Furies, led by the incredible Chris Arnett along with the help of original bassist Jonathan Werner, are back. These shows will be their first in 30 years. Rebel Spell will also play. They’re a great new band from Vancouver. Further support will come from First Reign, a good hard drivin’ outfit from Abbotsford. Tickets are $15.00 in advance and $18.00 at the door. Tickets available at Red Cat, Noize To Go, Zulu, Highlife, Scratch,Bone Rattle and JEM Gallery. Tickets at JEM Gallery have no surcharge and they take phone orders as well 604 879 5366, email;