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November 2006

Pulmonary Fibrosis:
PASCAL BERTHON, runner of the METAL FURY Radioshow and vocalist of PULMONARY FIBROSIS, decided to kill himself the 9th July at 6:30 P.M. He was one of the last Die hard metallers I knew, a real maniac, voracious tape trader and proud Death metal supporter who wasn't afraid of his opinions! We won't forget him... R.I.P. BERTHON!

August 2006

the Amenta:
the Aussies are searching for a new frontman. If you wanna change your life:

Jesse Pintado
(died 27 August 2006) was an American guitar player. He started in the band Terrorizer where he recorded the grindcore masterpiece "World Downfall". After that he joined Napalm Death just in time for the recording of their "Harmony Corruption" album. In 2004 he was relieved of the Napalm Death duty and revived the Terrorizer project. In the meantime, he had also played with Napalm Death bass-player Shane Embury in Lock up. He lived in Ridderkerk in the Netherlands. With Terrorizer he released in 2006 the album "Darker Days Ahead". He died from complications of a diabetic coma.

Dear friends of terrifying nekronoise Time has come to write something about the condition our band is in. There hasn't been much news recently - so few, that some people began to think that Nekropolis has finally found it's last resting place in the dephts of Hades. This is not the case! We're still alive, but we're rolling a lot slower than before. During the last few years, our former hobby-band grew bigger and bigger. To control this project, a whole lot of things must run smooth and every member of the band must be able do give 100% of his energy to the band. Both wasn't the case recently. First: when Thies was leaving, we had some hard times finding a new drummer. With Merlin from "Eluveitie" we would have found the missing man, but there is the other problem: Not all the bandmembers are able to give as much energy and time to Nekropolis as before. Beni is writing his master-thesis in biology at the university of Bern and will have his final exams at the end of this year. Lugi has passed his final exams in history but will stay at university four more years to get a doctoral degree - which means a lot of work to do. Reto is slowly becoming a live-bassist in demand, playing in various bands. Also Marc got his old guitar out of his cupboard and is now torturing the strings with "The Rash". All this has one consequence: we can't go the pace of the last few years. We have been sitting together many hours discussing about the future. Let Nekropolis die was no taboo, but we all agree that Nekropolis MUST live, simply not as big as until now. So: What are we going to do? At the time we are finishing the DVD of our concert at the "Freezing Metal Nights" in Spiez this year. Then we have written a bunch of songs that we are currently recording at the Nekro-Records-Studios in Hondrich. When and how we will publish these songs isn't decided yet, first goal is a good pre-production. If possible, we will hit the stage once again, but at the time studio comes first. That's how the future looks like. Hopefully we have provided some clarification about the current situation and can count on you bloody nekrofreaks out there as ever before! With lash and barrage fire The Nekrocrew.
P.S.: This February, we have made a lot of "The Perversion of Humanity" T-shirts and longsleeves - thinking to be on tour again. Now we are sitting on four boxes of mearchandise without the opportunity to sell it on concerts... L BUT: there's something good about that for you: we are selling this stuff at cost price. Nekroshirts go for CHf 13.-/10 Euro and longsleeves for CHf 17.-/12,5 Euro (dispatch incl.). Visit the Nekro-Shop, have a look and order.

July 2006

Lords of Chaos:
movie company ZU33 is working on a flick based on events occurred within the Norwegian Black metal scene in the early 90's. The production will start in Europe this autumn and the script was written by Hans Fjellestad (also director), Ryan Page and Adam Parfrey. Emperor' and Zyklon's Samoth, who was in jail for 16 months because of his involvement in the burns of a few Norwegian Christian churches: "I'm a bit skeptical, I don't actually feel excited about it but I hope it will come out well. I'm sick and tired of all those morbidly looking for every documentary, book or article about the earlier Black metal scene; of course the crime side fascinates lots of people, yet I believe many take this story too seriously. At those times I was all into that, but by now 15 years have passed, so I see things differently from those who approach this stuff first. What's sure is that it was something unique!"

Ted Nugent:
57 y.o. legendary US axeman has announced his entry into politics together with the radical cons and is trying to become Michigan's governor by 2010. In 204 he was the protagonist of a show at Fallujah, Iraq. "These Islamic jihadists wanna snuff out us all" he said and - addressing ridiculously-voiced Cat Stevens, who was converted to Moslimism many years ago: "The next time I see you I'll shoot you up!". In his ranch depot Nugent keeps at least 350 fireguns so as to symbolically uphold NRA.

June 2006

Gene Simmons
has opened a bikini car wash. His new activity will turn to the Gene Simmons naked car wash at night and in a closed environment.

Eric Adams
and the adventurer-zoologist Chester Moore appear on the Magic Circle Music DVD entitled "Wild life and wild times". Both lovers of nature and outdoor life, they have been searching esotic animals like the emus, the American bison, the royal salmon, the elk and the wild boar, also investigating snakes' habitat. The corresponding soundtrack has been cured by Adams himself. More updates at:

We are in the song writing process for our next CD. 5 songs are ready (Skin To Skin, Unreal Pleasure, Seduction, Craving and Pulsating Lust). We hope to have the new CD ready at the end of the year. With this next CD, you can expect the heaviest and most brutal album of ABRASIVE. - Our bass player Alex will do a german written zine called SEMEN DEMON ZINE. The zine will feature a lot of interviews with bands like LIVIDITY, TEARS OF DECAY, VOMIT REMNANTS, INFECTED MALIGNITY, … The first issue will be out in a few weeks. For information contact Alex at - The ABRASIVE cover shirts are still available. The shirts are 2 sided and two colour printed. Available sizes are L, XL and XXL and also longsleeve shirts in the sizes XL and L. Check out our site for more details. You can order the shirts for 15 Euro/17 US$ (Europe) / 18 Euro/20 US$ (World) and the longsleeve shirts for 20 Euro/22 US$ (Europe) / 23 Euro/25 US$ (World) at my address below. All prices incl. p & p. - Our CD “Devotion” is selling good you can get your copy now for 12 Euro / 14 US $ (Europe) or 13 Euro / 15 US $ (World) at: ABRASIVE, c/o Ralf Köhler, Neue Str. 54, 70186 Stuttgart, Germany. Or contact us through For promo and wholesales contact our label at, or email

May 2006

Axel Rudi Pell:
married Christina in Bochum on May, 5th before 130 guests for a ceremony set in an ancient castle.

Motley Crue:
two new books about Nikki's crew out: "Motley Crue down under: on tour with the carnival of sins" and "What Motley Crue means to me: Crueheads share their stories".More info at:

2006 Germany World Football Championship:
Masterplan's Uli Kusch and Roland Grapow, Dionysus' Ronny Milianowicz, Hammerfall's Joacim Cans and Oscar Dronjak recorded the song "Glorious" for the event in Sweden last April. The other guests were singer Mikeyla, Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear), Tobias Sammet (Edguy), Timo Kotipelto (Stratovarius), Nils Kvale (Pagan's Mind), Victor Broden (Leann Rimes), Mike Chlasciak (Painmuseum, Halford) and Hempo Hilden (John Norum, Glenn Hughes, Dokken).

Fremantle Home Entertainment is about to release the double DVd "Heavy Metal - Louder than Life: the definitive metal documentary",containing interviews, live shows, and rare archives material accompanied by a soundtrack of over 70 tracks. Prepared by movie director Dick Carruthers (Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith) and producer Jim Parsons (MTV Headbanger's Ball), the opera is dedicated to Darrell Dimebag Abbott, Pantera's guitarist killed on stage on Dec. 18, 2004. It deals with subjects like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Metallica, Pantera, Twisted Sister, the best all-time albums, journalists, producers, Satanism, metal fans, metal attitude and all in-between. Enormous is the list of guests (Rob Halford, Geezer Butler, Klaus Meine, James Hetfield, John Sykes, Paul DiAnno, Phil Lewis, Scott Ian, Stephen Pearcy and hundreds more!)

the concept album "Operation Mindcrime" is to become a movie. Geoff Tate has engaged scriptwriter Mark Shepherd to turn it to a real flick and is dealing with some Hollywood studios. If the thing has success, a sequel will be realized as well.

Bruce and Bob Kulick have just realized a clinic DVD, "Forever (30 years of Kiss classics!)", 150 minutes where they teach rhythmics and solos of their most popular songs. Orders at:

April 2006
DE VERMIIS MYSTERIIS - NB009 Split Album (CD) featuring BLODULV, THE TRUE ENDLESS, MALIGNANCE, SIGMA DRACONIS; all tracks were not previously published. Split album (CD) fra BLODULV, THE TRUE ENDLESS, MALIGNANCE, SIGMA DRACONIS; tutte le tracce sono inedite.
ARMATA DI CARONA "MOTHER" - NB007 With Armata di Carona Fearbringer leads the listener to an obscure and visionary atmosphere, freezing and morbid black metal begotten by one of the masters of Italian black metal before undertaking more epic sounds.

popular mascotte Vic Rattlehead has a new design thanks to, a site hosting the largest number of artists in the world, which launched a contest where Dave Mustaine himself chose the winner among over 2,500 proposals: it turned out to be Polish Michal Loranc who won glory and an LTD Axxion guitar, the one that Mustaine signed for ESP.

George Lynch:
KnuckleBonz company has just released a limited edition figure of Dokken and Lynch Mob's guitarist for Guitar Hero Sculpture, a series dedicated to the 80s most influential Metal axemen. Every little statue is hand-painted and numbered. Only 3,000 copies will be sold. Soon also the ones of Angus, Malcolm Young and Zakk Wylde. More info can be found at:

March 2006

won a Swedish Grammy as 'Best Hard Rock band', beating Hammerfall, Hardcore Superstar, Meshuggah, Opeth and others thanks to their homonymous CD released in 2005 by Nuclear Blast. Evergrey instead were defeated by Abba after getting a nomination in the category of 'Best music DVD'. The ceremony was held at the Cirkus in Stockholm last 7 February.

Vince Neil
never stops enjoying himslef and themselves! The new DVD "Girls, girls, girls" features 12 cute hot girls disputing 3 competitions (striptease, interview and lap dance) to win a $25,000 prize! Along with the American singer you'll find Playboy's playmates Tiffany Granath and Julie McCullough, the billionaire George Maloof (owner of the Palms hotel) and other celebrities in the Sin City, all looking for the world's sexiest stripteaser. You'll see these cuties are not only beautiful but also show they can eminently lap dance involving people of bith sexes from the audience, yet the apex of the show are their answers, shocking and among the most outrageous ever heard!

Bon Scott:
the city of Kirriemuir will honour this legend of Rock by placing a plate on Cumberland Close's ground on 6 May, where he was born on 9 July 1946. Last year Scott was remembered on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of his death, occurred in London in 1980, with some local events, among which a memorabilia exhibition at the Glens Museum entry and a tribute band's concert at Kirriemuir's Town Hall.

February 2006

Alice Cooper
has written a new song, "Mankind", as a soundtrack for the flick "Bloodrayne".

the song "Hearts on Fire" has been chosen as hymn for Swedish Curling team.

Horus Music:
Mantra's guitarist Gianluca Galli's label is looking for guitar virtuosoes for a compilation-CD. If interested, send a pro recorded instrumental track to: Horus music, P.O. Box 98, 53100 Siena - Italy or write to:

Nocturnal Brights prod.:
DE VERMIIS MYSTERIIS - NB009 Split Album (CD) featuring BLODULV, THE TRUE ENDLESS, MALIGNANCE, SIGMA DRACONIS all tracks are unpublished. Split Album (CD) fra BLODULV, THE TRUE ENDLESS, MALIGNANCE, SIGMA DRACONIS tutte le tracce sono inedite. ARMATA DI CARONA "MOTHER" - NB007 With Armata di Carona Fearbringer leads the listener to an obscure and visionary atmosphere, freezing and morbid black metal begotten by one of the masters of Italian black metal before undertaking more epic sounds. Con Armata di Carona Fearbringer accompagna l'ascoltatore in una atmosfera oscura e visionaria, glaciale e morboso black metal partorito da uno dei maestri del black metal italiano prima di intraprendere sonorità più epiche.

January 2006

Randy Rhoads:
US publishing Co. Roxx productions released on 6 December 2005 (date of birth of the legendary axe hero) a limited bio (300 copies!!!) written by David A Bene, helped by the contributions of 80s historical names such as Kevin Dubrow, Kelly Garni and Bob Daisley.

Iron Maiden Italian fan club:
issue n. 10 of 2005 of Eddie's, Italian fanzine dedicated to the British masters contains a report about the last tour, one on Blaze Bayley, news and curiosities. The membership fee for 2006 amounts to   23 for Italians and 29 for foreigners. More info at:

Hell-o guyz and girlz!! Back with some news from Stigma’s headquarter! It has been a long time since our last update, basically we worked hard on the songs for our first full length album (out in late 2006). We played also a couple of festivals and some gigs around Italy to keep our engines hot and ready to rumble! We had great times with our friends In Slowmotion Apocalypse, Sentence, Gaia’s Vestige, Bleeding Eyes and got the chance to share the stage with Fear My Thoughts and XDeadlockX. · We’re right now estimating several options about who and where will produce our first album and choosing the special guests will appear on it, so stay tuned! · As many of you have noticed, guys from Eyed Suicide and Nerve Design are currently working on the new version of our official website! It will probably be online later in February and expect something very dark and bloody, we love it! We have another good one for you all, cause also Fredrik Kreem from Kreem Design (In Flames, Trivium, Hammerfall) will cooperate with the guys and realize a brand new logo for the band! · Morgan and Flavio our now endorsed by the Italian company Manne Guitars. They have already used their own models during the first gigs of 2006 and they are very proud of them, be sure you’ll see very soon some pics of that outstanding pieces of art! · Here we are with the upcoming and confirmed gigs! We’re currently working for some gigs in Austria and Germany during spring and for a couple of moshpit massacres in Verona and Udine early in March, we’ll let you know them as soon as their will be confirmed! Thursday 19th January 2006 – STIGMA + Screaming Eyes @ Heartland Hall, La Morra (CN) Friday 10th February 2006 – STIGMA + Septycal Gorge @ Maltese Pub, Cassinasco (AT) Saturday 18th February 2006 – SLAIVER + Stigma @ Ratatoj, Saluzzo (CN) · “Epitaph Of Pain” has been a great success! We received more than 50 reviews from all around the globe with the outstanding average rate of 8\10! · Please visit the Eyed Suicide website if you want to buy our new merchandise! We have girlies, t-shirts (only M size left) and hoodies (S & M size)! The guys realized a fabulous artwork inspired by Dante’s Alighieri “Divina Commedia”, go and check it now! If you prefer the official merch and your copy of our latest ep “Epitaph Of Pain” is also available from the band, write us now!