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Poison (USA):
Bruce Johannesson, aka C.C. Deville, 43, has been sentenced to an 80-day-period in jail owing to drunkenness driving, a $ 1,000 fine and the seizure of his driving licence for a year. On August 24, the US rocker damaged a few cars in the parking near his girl's house, who got endangered and hurt because of his driving. On October 23, a burglar stole C.C.'s guitars and amps from his house collection while he was out for a treatment against his alcohol addiction. We wish him to rise up from this sad situation that money and success haven't been able to prevent him for.

Uli Jon Roth:
he lives in the UK and 8 years ago he paid £ 250,000 to buy the Tan y Bwlch Manor estate near Aberystwyth, which is twice worth today; after being dumped by EMI, he was declared bankrupt by the County court with his whole name: Ulrich Hans Joachim Anton Josef Roth. We'll see how it ends...

Brian Johnson appears in a cameo of the flick shot in L.A. "Goal", where he plays himself in the role of a Newcastle fan; his only line as follows: "Who the hell is that?", referring to the young football player, protagonist Santiago Munez. The scene goes on and in the bar the footballist's father intervenes like this: "He is my son!" More info at: .

"Moment of Glory", already out in 2000, comes out again in a double CD with a DVD better witnessing the performance with the Berliner Philarmoniker; the second show was held at the Expo 2000 in hamburg, in front of a crowd including surprised old women with furs, families with children and rockers. X-mas is near and such a soft product like that might convince your olds that metalheads don't always make noise!


ZZ Top:
guitarist Billy F. Gibbons' book "Rock and Roll Gearhead" is about to come out; it deals with almost 200 pages containing memories, curiosities, pics about his car and guitar collections. He wrote the opera along with L.A. journalist and producer Tom Vickers after a 6-month-period of labour. Mostly it concerns episodes about ZZ Top's career, but also appearances toegther with monsters of the calibre of Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Chuck Berry.

Ozzy Osbourne:
thanks to the biography written by his wife, "Sharon Osbourne extreme: my autobiography", some funny anecdotes about his past life are coming out. During the popularity of the '70s, Black Sabbath's leader called the record company managers 'Nazis' after they invited him to dinner. Ozzy got naked besides his socks and shoes, he imitated Hitler and started walking goose-step. But the best is yet to come, my friends! Ozzy took the boss's wine glass, he put his balls into that and smacked it onto the table. He then sat on the big boss, he encircled him with his legs and said: "Kiss me, motherfucker!". Finally he kissed him with a French kiss.
Another time Ozzy was drunk, Sharon threw a scotch bottle at him hitting his neck; he replied by turning at her and hitting her against the wall so as to break two incisives of his wife.

Dimebag Darrell:
Knucklenonz Inc. has created a little statue of the wretched guitarist in a limited edition of 3,333 exemplars.

singer and bassist Evan Seinfeld has married pornstar Tera Patrick, who he's also started to work with. We don't know which movies he will appear in, but it seems to be a smart idea to compensate the artistic and commercial decline of his band.

Doro Pesch:
after re-recording the song "She's Like Thunder" with German boxe championess Regina Halmich with the new title "We Are Like Thunder", the blond singer has finished shooting her first movie "Anuk - The Path of the Warrior", directed by Luke Gasser and soon available on DVD format too.


The "Incipit Satan" drummer, Erlend Erichsen, has just published via Damm Forlag a fiction book titled "Nasjonalsatanisten" dealing with his experoences during the zenith of Black Metal. For Norwegian-speakers:

Eyes of Hate:
singer Al died a couple weeks ago. They found him dead in a hotel room. The rest of the band is unsure what the future holds for them musically. The whole very sad story can be found on Bart...


James Dean:
on his 50th anniversary drawing people to his homeland village from even Malaysia, Turkey or Bosnia, Markus Ganzherrlich wishes to remember an immortal man, an anti-hero icon who changed the youth for being proud of expressing himself in front of anyone and therefore becoming known as the 1st system rebel. He kickstarted a new lifestyle, image, talking and superior mentality, that were to endlessly influence Elvis, Kurt Cobain and several other musicians (and actors like Brad Pitt, Mickey Rourke, or Donald Sutherland) to this day. No fucking compromise!

Sigma Draconis:
drummer soon to be on trial for manslaughter.

Cees, who has been singing in Septuagint since the founding of the band has, after 14 years, decided to quit Septuagint. This was a very hard decision for him, we can tell you, which he tought over for months. The reason for leaving the band and putting the mic aside is he feels he cannot put his 100% effort into music anymore, and he does not want to let this become a hold back for the band. We, Pepijn, Mike, Andrew and Berry fully respect his decision, and without any hard feelings wish him all the best for the future, and of course we will still keep in touch and have fun and drink some beers together, for old time, and friends sake. So, this also means Septuagint is in search of a new vocalist. So if you are a enthousiastic frontman who believes is up to this task, and is able to rehearse every saturday afternoon near Nijmegen, please mail us, and we'll get in touch with you!

'd like to express deepest sympathy to Greg & his wife. He lost his home this week in Chatsworth's Fire. If you'd like to make a donation: Warmest thanx to all. Mark, Roc, Mark T., Erik, & Ed.

After the desaster with the stolen tourbus and the equipment, we stood up, bought new stuff and are trying to go on tour again. It isn't as long as the last one, but tour is tour!
* 1. Concerts We are always pleased, when we get booked. So, who wants to book us, please do it with an email to We only need money for the petrol, a cellar to sleep, food and beer! Here the coming shows: Perversion Over Europe Tour 2005 II Together with Seasons In Black und Misanthropic Armagedon both from GermanyDeutschland 17.09.05 Bad Sulza, Neues Heizhaus HEATSTORM Festival (D) only Nekropolis 22.09.05 Regensburg (D) - alte Mälzerei 23.09.05 Mariánské Lázn?, (CZ) only Nekropolis with Appocryphal Death, Unborn, Kamikaze Fireflies und Inner Hate 24.09.05 Prag, (CZ) only Nekropolis with Appocryphal Death 25.09.05 Graz, (A) - 30.09.05 Lauta (D) - Metalschmiede 01.10.05 Dresten (D) - Scullcrusher-Festival ------- 29.10.2005: Nekropolis @ Factory Club in Thun together with Strybadrag & Creeping Vengeance Entry: 10 to 20 CHF --------- 29.12.2005: Nekropolis @ Schopf in Frutigen Entry: 10 bis 20 CHF ------- 06.01.2006: Show @ Bunker Spiez Together with: Sycronomica - fantastic synphonic Blackmetal from Munich Equilibrium - Paganmetal from Munich / not long time ago they played at the Wacken openair and already they'll be in Spiez Entry: CHF 10.-- --- 07.01.2006: Werk 21 / Zürich Due to the fun with this to bands, we play again together, but this time in Zuric. The Death-Thrashmetaller Commander Crew will join this metal party! ---- 17.03.2006 - 18.03.2006: Freezing Metal Nights After the Piss Off Sucker Nights 2005 we had to change the name for the fucking residences in Spiez. The new name is "Freezing Metal Nights" 2006. It is a two day festival with bands from Switzerland, Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic. Place: Lötschbergsaal Spiez Entry: ??? Bands: Final Breath, Seasons In Black, Agoraphobia, Obscura, Nekropolis...will be updated, when new confirmations are here
2. Merch The following articles are available at the shop on - CD "The Perversion Of Humanity" CHF 27.-- / Eur 15.-- (inkl. Versand) - CD "Demo'01 CHF 10.-- / Eur 7.-- (inkl. shipment) - CD "Demo'00" CHF 10.-- / Eur 7.-- (inkl. shipment) - Lighters only available at concerts or together with an other order CHF 1.-- Eur 0,70 - Stickers only available at concerts or together with an other order CHF 1.-- Eur 0,70 - The old Pull-Overs and T-Shirts should be reavailable up from October - What you like more??
3. Label In May this year we could sign a deal with Metal Axe Records from Bochum(Germany). More infos
4. Nekrorecords Do you have a band and you like to record a demo, full-lenthg album or only one song without destroying your financial situation? Contact Beni or Marc and fix a date for inform you or already to record something!
5. Several things - In Lauta and Dresten we will perform with our replacement drumer Mäthu. - Thies did his job as good at the show with DJ Bobo, that he is bokked for other events. "Fuck of DJ Bobo" you think? Well, we agre, but this man reached something. And in this case, it is a honour for Thies!
6. Special for our friends in Switzerland Release of Agoraphobia\'s new cd \"Sick\" Our good friends Agoraphobia, who you liked so much at the last Piss Off Sucker Nights, did release their new cd \"Sick\". Due to safe porto costs we take orders for this cd till the middle of October (of course Switzerland only). Send an email to Take an ear at I only want to say: This guys are grovving, taht you lose your hat! From A to Z a felicitous work threshed in with a lot of variety, power and inteligence!!! That's it for the moment. e are testing a new newsletter system. So if you don't want to be updated, send an email with "fuck off Nekropolis news" and you'll be deletted. And then, please rot down! Kind regards Marcel Roesch Promotion & Management

David Elias:
Here's something brand new that has that old barebones feel about it... recorded to DSD at Slipperworld Studios in La Honda by Charlie (visit him at Listen here:

drummer Krzystof "Doc" Raczkowski died due to alcoholic problems at 35. He debuted with the band on "The Ultimate Incantation" in 1992.

R.I.P. Denis 'Piggy' D'Amour 1959 - 2005 Denis was an amazing musician and a very nice and humble man. I started listening to metal around the same time their album "War and Pain" came out, so I grew up listening to Voivod and I still look up to them to this day. Denis gave us a musical legacy that we will cherish forever.

Unfinished thought:
Hello Everyone! We've got a LOT to update you on, so let's get right to it! :: New UT Music - Exits [EP] Coming November 2005! It's time once again for new Unfinished Thought music! On this new release you will find: -New Songs -Cover Songs -Remixes -Available Exclusively at -Album Download Option [at a reduced cost!] Keep up to date with the latest news on the Exits [EP] release and view concept artwork here: :: Illuminata Video Update The Illuminata Video is 99.5% complete! A special release is about to begin, but that's all we can say for now :) Brand NEW SCREEN SHOTS are available here: :: UT at the Midpoint Music Festival 2005 We are excited to announce that we have been invited for a showcase performance at the 2005 Midpoint Music Festival in Cincinnati! Details: Club Dream 215 Jail Alley Cincinnati, OH 45201 [Sat] September 24th 2005 9:00pm This performance will be webcast as well as recorded for future release... In addition, UT's Nate Nelson will be performing a special acoustic set during the Festival which will feature a solo acoustic version of "Coming Back"! :: American Red Cross Hurricane Relief To help with the recent natural disaster on the US Gulf Coast, all profits from sales of UT's Based On Actual Events CD purchased via will go to The American Red Cross. :: Introducing The First Unfinished Thought Ringtone! Finally - your phone can ring in style :) Download The Illuminata Ringtone Here: :: UT Store CD Sale Rages On! Unfinished Thought CDs are once again only $9.95 at the UT Store! Visit the UT Store for CDs, DVDs, Shirts, Stickers and the new Illuminata Logo Patches and Laminates! Thank you for your continued support of Unfinished Thought! We look forward to a busy and exciting autumn. Our favorite time of year of course... Unfinished Thought UT Official Site: UT Street Team: UT Message Board: Visit Unfinished Thought on MySpace [Illuminata Now Playing!]:


Grind your Soul
's unmissable show: october 15th, 2005 la Laiterie / petite salle (Strasbourg / FRANCE) door opening 8 pm / 15 € tickets available @ infos : /

Back from the muddy experience of Wacken Open Air! We had the honour to represent Italy in the most important metal festival in the world and we’re quite satisfied about our show. Many thanks goes to the mighty Dhilorz from Ancient, Pepe from Hatesphere (nice shirt, uh?!), Jörg Michael from W:O:A & Stratovarius for his kindness, Anthony from Us Metal, Future, the guys from The Murder Inn, our friend from Heavy, Zac from, Claudio Cubito from Metal Maniac (thank you so much man!) and last but not least the entire crew which support us in this incredible experience (Matte, Faby, Martina, Walter, Muco & Broc). Be sure to check a song from our live show in the forthcoming dvd release of W:O:A 2005! · Here we have two new gigs for all you crazy metalheads! Expecially the first one will feature two amazing bands, so don’t miss the massacre! Saturday 3rd September 2005 – Mainline + Stigma + SLOWMOTION APOCALYPSE – Manhattan Club, Torino. Monday 5th September 2005 – The Losers + Perlite Squibb + Screaming Eyes + STIGMA – Nuvolari, Cuneo · The promotion of our new EP is going KILLER! New reviews will be available soon on our official website!


will play at Wacken! Dopo la bellissima esperienza del Metal Camp Festival di Tolmin e in attesa di importanti sviluppi in chiave discografica, gli Stigma possono finalmente ufficializzare che parteciperanno all’edizione 2005 del festival metal più importante al mondo: il Wacken Open Air! La band, unica portabandiera in terra tedesca, si esibirà sabato 6 Agosto dalle 12 alle 12:30 sul WET stage! Visitate il sito ufficiale e partecipate in massa al concerto! In Mosh We Trust

Combat records:
Koch records and Entertainment Services have exhumed legendary US label known for launching acts such as Venom, Exodus, Possessed, Megadeth, Nuclear Assault, Death, Dark Angel and tens of others. The first release of the new course is scheduled for September 2005 and will be the new CD from metalcorers At All Cost.

Metal Church 1:
First singer David Wayne passed out at 47 due to the aftermaths of a car accident dated back to some months ago.
Metal Church 2:
Kurt Vanderhoof, formerly also in Vanderhoof, has set up a new combo, Presto Ballet, whose debut is temporarily titled "Peace among the Ruins".

Guitarist Infernus (real name Roger Tiegs) has been sentenced to a 3-year-imprisonment by a Norwegian court which charged him for rape. The event occurred on April 27, 2002, when he and a friend forced a 29-y.o. girl from a nightclub to a flat, beat and sexually abused her.
Last February another member of Gorgoroth, Gaahl, was sentenced for several accusations to a year and a half, later reduced to 14 months after paying the victim for a high sum.


Here just some updatings before new studio session . (from Alexander. " Plastilinovy)

Win 1000 fuckin' Euros as a reward: On 28th April we started on our first East Europa tour. Last sunday between 3 and 6 pm our tour bus has been stolen in Brno (cz) at the lake straight by the side of a busy street, 50 meter away from a police officer! Everything is told to the police now and our things are being searched also by them and by Interpool! We guess that the thiefs want to sell our stuff. I and the whole band am so fucking angry, I absolutly don't want that this sons of a bitch are able to sell one only damned item of us! Most of the things are usual sold things, but we hope that they sell it soon and maybe some of you find something suspect in a shop, in the internet or someone has suddenly a guitar, a bass or something else what you never expected that he could buy it! Then please inform asap the police, send an email to me or an sms to +41 79 279 66 30. Stuff: 4 Ibanez 7-string guitars (one of them was special colored, see attached jpg-file) 1 Ibanez 5-string bass black 1 Bass Status Empathy 1 Korg Trinity Pro Workstation silver 1 Perl Masters drum set black (normally it isn't black) 1 Dell Inspiron 8600 and more. See the attached file Also there were 150 Nekropolis digipac-CDs and 100 thin promo-CDs, as well as Nekropolis pull-overs and shirts. Nobody except in Switzerland, has such cloths from us. Bus: Ford Transit 100 for 12 persons. The last seats were took out. Behind the last seats was a fince, so we could fill the space with our equipment. dark gray with darkened windows in the back On both sides was written Nekropolis in Greek in orange color(see picture attached) On the backside it was written But we think that the written things are already took away. The light on the right frontside is a little bit destroyed and repaired by adhesive. The numbershield was be-311733 with the cross of Switzerland Please spread this message around the world. For the person who gives us the final tipp to find this motherfuckers will get 1000 Euros from us! We hope that every musician everywhere will help us. This tour was a dream for a unknown band and it was 4 months of work to organize this tour by our own. No the dream is destroyed! I anathematise this criminals! Thanx for helping me! Marcel Roesch


Stigma live at Metalcamp with Slayer, Therion and many more: come molti di voi sapranno il 24 giugno suoneremo al Metal Camp in Slovenia, uno degli happening musicali più importanti a livello europeo. Nell’arco dei 3 giorni del festival (24, 25 e 26 Giugno) più di 70 gruppi, accuratamente selezionati a livello mondiale, si esibiranno sui due palchi dell’area concerti. Noi ci esibiremo sul secondo palco, il Beach Stage, nella stessa giornata di bands come Slayer e Therion! . In conseguenza ad uno spiacevole episodio che ha precluso la partecipazione ad un altro gruppo italiano, gli organizzatori hanno imposto a tutte le bands del Beach Stage la vendita di 50 biglietti per partecipare al festival. In origine noi non avevamo alcun tipo di imposizione per partecipare, ma in seguito a quanto accaduto ci troviamo obbligati a dover seguire le direttive dello staff. Sono perfettamente consapevole che 50 biglietti sono molti ma voglio in ogni caso cercare di raggiungere il traguardo dato che in palio per noi c’è la possibilità di suonare poco prima degli Slayer, un nome che non necessita di alcun tipo di presentazione. Noi siamo in possesso dello stesso tipo di biglietti acquistabili in prevendita e li vendiamo al medesimo prezzo di prevendite, partners e organizzatori. Una giornata a scelta tra le tre costa 39 euro (inclusa area camping), mentre l’intero weekend 69 euro (inclusa area camping). Il festival si svolge a Tolmin (dista pochi km dal confine italiano) in Slovenia e sul sito del Metal Camp potrete trovare qualsiasi tipo di informazione inerente ai servizi e al modo di raggiungere la location. E’ inutile sottolineare quanto per noi sia un’occasione irripetibile, migliaia di gruppi hanno inviato il loro materiale per partecipare al festival e sono stati scartati. Siamo perfettamente consapevoli del costo e della distanza, abbiamo però tutto il tempo per organizzarci eventualmente in comitiva per il trasporto e passare tutti insieme tre giorni fantastici. Vi allego la lista dei gruppi presenti e vi invito a contattarmi da subito per prenotare il vostro biglietto. Fate girare questa mail il più possibile e grazie del supporto! Stefano


Festival in Moscow:

Septuagint: Hello Metalheads! It’s been long since the last update, but here is what is new: There are a lot of new pictures online, from the shows we have done in the last couple of months. So check them out at our live picture page! Also, sad news for our Belgian friends, especially around Leuven: the SOJO is closed! So our show we would do there has been cancelled. But don’t worry! We also have good news! Together with our friends of Keltgar we have sought, and found a new place to play at the same date! You can read all about it on our news page. And of course you can look at our concertpage to see where we wil play soon! Then a very often asked question: what about the new album?!? We know, it is taking long, but we are still working on it! We have done some pre-recordings now, and are very pleased with the result so far! So please have patience, it will come! When there’s more news to tell, we’ll let you know! In the meantime, keep on visiting our site, or join our forum! And keep those heads banging! Greetings and cheerzzz! SEPTUAGINT


news at

the French act is a shifted and eclectic band, performing a grim, unforeseeable, declining and immersive music. the band takes a malicious pleasure to disconcert the listener, using provocative topics, advanced classical arrangements, and cinematic atmospheres, with a squeaking humour... The vocal register, in french and english, follows this tendency, alternating in a theatrical way between death, black, gothic, punk or french variety... an ironical and serious reflexion on the metal genre itself. their shocking new album is scheduled for autumn 2005 on code666. website:

Sigma Draconis:
will play at Bologna's Estragon on 26 March with Negura Bunget (first Italian date!)
The Poles have just recorded their first material "A Path Without Destination".

Soul Grinding festival:
the fifth edition (19th February 2005 : Strasbourg / FRANCE) will have the following bands playing : REINFECTION (POL) -ultra brutal death metal- RECUEIL MORBIDE (B) - brutal death - HYBRID VISCERY (B) - grind core - SUFFERAGE (D) - death metal - ABRASIVE (D) - brutal death - STUMPFUCKING (CH) -grind core - ABSURDITY (F) - death metal - PULMONARY FIBROSIS (F) - grind core - VACARME (F) - death metal - Attached with this mail you'll find the banner and flyer of the fest, feel free to spread them or/and to link us to your site. Support the underground or die ! Fred
I N H U M A T E [band since 1990 - line up since 1994] c/o Fred ANTON 19 rue des paturages 67310 ZEINHEIM FRANCE 27/11/04 (Bruyeres - France) INHUMATE + RECUEIL MORBIDE + KRONOS + guests 15/01/05 (Praha - Czech Rep) INHUMATE + guests 22/01/05 (Padova - Italy) INHUMATE + GRIMNESS + INSANE ASSHOLE

January 2005

statement: The stuff for the first full length DEFORMED album called "Project Torture 004" has been recorded during the first weeks of last year's summer and is ready to release since September 2004. This date was supposed to be a release date of our album. Unfortunately the release date is still delayed by the label and we have to say that we don't know what is going on with this album now. Sad to say but this is true. The problems with Cirkus have started in the end of September, last year. During the last four months when we asked him many times about the album, the guy didn't answer e-mails and phonecalls and if he answered (what happened only a few times!), there were only shitty and not serious answers. It seems he doesn't know the meaning of words such as deal, band, label or promotion. He behaves like he didn't even know what the ideas of underground releasing are. We have to mention that he ignores both us and the people who ask him about this album. He answers in totally disrespectful way and he's not honest! We don't know when our work will see the daylight, because the label doesn't give even a piece of information about the album! There are some other labels interested in it but in spite of the oral agreement and the fact of not possesing the actual rights to release the album, Cirkus Prod is not interested in cooperation with other companies, driven by unknown, senseless and illogical reasons. We really don't know what will happen in the case of our album but it seems that cooperation with Cirkus Prod is not and will not be working as it was expected and agreed to. We don't understand the actions of this guy and what he is planning to do. DEFORMED officially parts ways with this label. For us this is definitely a closed chapter. We want to apologize all distribution companies/labels, bands, friends and all the people we are in contact with. Unfortunately we can't do anything and as we mentioned earlier, we don't know what will happen with our CD. We hope you understand this situation. - In other news, all the time we are working on the new material which is going to be released on split cd with some killer band - more info coming soon. The recording session is planning for June and release date for September. - In the end of the March we will start touring in Czech Republic and Slovakia together with ABSTRACT and ADULTERY. The dates are following: Dawn Of Spring tour II 2005 (with ADULTERY, ABSTRACT) 25.III.2005. Hradec Kralove - El Diablo (CZE) 26.III.2005. Techonin - KD (CZE) 27.III.2005. Praha - t.b.a. (CZE) 8.IV.2005. Strakonice - RC Kremelka (CZE) 9.IV.2005. Plzen - Divadlo pod Lampou (CZE) 10.IV.2005. Ceske Budejovice - MoDo (CZE) 15.IV.2005. Prerov - RC Suplik (CZE) 16.IV.2005. Olomouc - AMC (CZE) 29.IV.2005. Bratislava - Babylon (SVK) 30.IV.2005. Presov - Ester Rock Klub (SVK) 1.V.2005. Banska Bystrica - Tartaros (SVK) See you on the shows!!! - In December 2004 we recorded a track called "Boneyard" for tribute album to IMPETIGO. This tribute album will be released on Czech’s Ganay Records. More info at:

are looking for a new drummer. If interested, write to: or

Besides the death by shotgun of the man who created the legendary riffs of the 90's Metal that saved Metalagainst Grunge, Diamond Darrell,

let me also remind this: Danny Sugerman, longtime manager of the Doors and the principal caretaker of the Los Angeles band's legend, has died in West Hollywood after a long battle with cancer. He was 50. Sugerman became involved with the Doors as a teenage fan during the group's heyday in the late-60s. He worked as a runner for the band, and idolised flamboyant lead singer Jim Morrison. After Morrison's death in Paris in 1971, he became increasingly involved with the surviving members' career and eventually served as their manager. At his death, he was partnered with co-manager Jeff Jambol. Beyond his work on the business side, Sugerman promoted the Doors tirelessly and prolifically as a writer. With Jerry Hopkins, he co-authored the lurid 1980 Doors biography No One Here Gets Out Alive, which became a best seller and reignited interest in the band's music. He also wrote or edited other books about Morrison and the band, including The Doors and The Complete Illustrated Lyrics. Sugerman served as a technical adviser on Oliver Stone's 1991 biopic The Doors. He also penned an autobiographical novel, Wonderland Avenue: Tales of Glamour and Excess, and a book about the LA hard rock band Guns N' Roses, Appetite for Destruction. Sugerman is survived by his wife Fawn Hall Sugerman, and a brother and sister.


has finally started work on the 5th CD and the lineup has come full circle at long last. Tony Laureano (Nile, Dimmu Borgir, AngelCorpse) will be Drumming as well as collaborating on writing of the new material. Tony played on the very first Aurora Borealis cd in 1996. Recording will be done at Nightsky Studios ( beginning January 31st. Any interested labels etc should contact Ron Vento @ or visit for more info.
Ron Vento / Nightsky Studios 3432 Rockefeller ct Waldorf MD, 20602 301-910-6163 301-374-9450

Dark Quarterer
live il 29 gennaio al Pub 'THE GRAPES' a Pontremoli (MS), raggiungibile all' uscita "Pontremoli" sulla autostrada della Cisa e si trova a pochi metri dalla stazione ferroviaria di Pontremoli.