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I Dark Quarterer
saranno in concerto il 29 gennaio al Pub "THE GRAPES" a Pontremoli (MS). il locale è facilmente raggiungibile all' uscita "Pontremoli" sulla autostrada della Cisa e si trova a pochi metri dalla stazione ferroviaria di Pontremoli.


Il presente comunicato stampa ha lo scopo di invalidare e smentire speculazioni nonché voci erronee e inventate, messe in circolazione da un singolo ex membro dei NOBODY, che ha associato il nome della band death metal milanese alla setta delle "Bestie di Satana", mettendo sullo stesso piano l'arresto di Mario Maccione (reo confesso e non più membro del gruppo da oltre un anno, ovvero da molto prima che la setta di cui sopra balzasse ai disonori delle cronache) e la custodia cautelare di Marco Zampollo, tuttora chitarrista del gruppo, la cui posizione nell'ambito dell'inchiesta non è invece ancora stata ufficialmente chiarita. Ciò è risultato dannoso tanto per la band quanto per la persona di Marco Zampollo, poiché finora il nome "NOBODY" non era stato mai stato associato in alcun modo ai tragici fatti di cronaca nera correlati alla suddetta setta. Tra i nomi di gruppi musicali della scena metal italiana che sono comparsi sulle pagine dei quotidiani negli ultimi mesi, infatti, quello dei NOBODY non è mai figurato. Se finora non si era mai presentata, da parte dei NOBODY, la necessità di dissociarsi o di smentire l'esistenza di legami con la setta satanica, è perché sulla band non gravava alcun sospetto al riguardo. Per tale motivo, tra l'altro, il fondatore del gruppo, Marco Zampollo, aveva espressamente deciso di mantenere il riserbo sulla questione, al fine di evitare qualsiasi tipo di speculazione. Cosa che, invece, nelle settimane scorse è stata fatta contro la sua volontà. A scanso di ulteriori equivoci, pertanto, è bene chiarire che l'attività della band dei NOBODY è ufficialmente sospesa per espressa decisione di Marco Zampollo. I NOBODY sono momentaneamente inattivi in attesa di nuovi sviluppi e tengono a sottolineare che non hanno autorizzato alcuna cover-band. Per informazioni visitare Grazie, Nobody Management

Hell-o!! Here we are for the latest news from Stigma’s headquarter! First of all, we had two more reviews of “Metamorphosis” on the web: (80\100) and Jedbangers from Argentina! Also a review of our gig in Como is available on the mighty Babylon magazine! These are the gigs scheduled for January \ February 2005, see you in the pit!!! 28th January 2005 – Motorockas, Mozzate (CO) with Cold Void 29th January 2005 – Whiskey a go go, Camino al Tagliamento (UD) with Revoltons 30th January 2005 – Il Tempio, Casal pusterlengo (LO) with Viscera and Cold Void 5th February 2005 – Exilia, Ravenna with Cloud S.ins TBA gig in Rome latest in February Next, we finally got T-shirts (click here for a preview), it’s €13 for Europe and €15 or $15 for the rest of the world! Write us to order your personal shirt (all sizes available, girlies coming soon!!) 1000 copies of our new promotional ep are coming very soon (you can download the song “Mirthless soul” clicking here )! Order it here! Enjoy your holidays! See you in 2005…Stay evil! Stigma

Hjortur Blondal:
I have just released my 4th album "Chandni" and I will gladly send it to you. You can also hear it at my website: To help me promoting, I would be very happy if you could mention my records in your magazine and, best of all, review my latest album. "This new album is very soft, and the few words on it are really thought-provoking... like the song "The Paradoxical Commandments". The words were written by Mr. Kent M. Keith in 1968 and have traveled all around the world and into Hjortur's mind and from there onto this album with music really matching the words". My previous albums, "Humanize" from 2000, "to my future" from 2001 and "Keen Sabid" from 2002, are hearable at my website too.


Stigma: finally got the master copy of our new promotional mini cd, produced by Ettore Rigotti (Disarmonia Mundi) at Db studios, ¡°Epitaph of pain¡±! It will features two new songs (you can download the first one here), the mp3s of our previous mcd ¡°Metamorphosis¡± and some special features that you¡¯ll be able to see with your pc (bios, desktop theme and live videos). Hopefully it will be released latest this stay tuned on ! The promotion for ¡°Metamorphosis¡± it¡¯s now over! Magazines and webzines gave us several enthusiastic reviews (the average rate based on more than 30 reviews is 80\100). We hope that the new material will be even better! Here you can read the review that the italian webzine HMP wrote about our show opening for the mighty Entombed last September in Milan! The website (that you can reach clicking on the banner at the top of the page) has been totally updated! New photos, new links, two live videos and the mp3 of ¡°Mirthless soul¡± (write your comment on the guestbook!!!) Our mcd ¡°Metamorphosis¡± is temporary sold out! Nocturnal brights records will reprint it in early 2005! If you want to order it (7€ + postal costs) or if you want to book your copy of ¡°Epitaph of pain¡± (3€ + postal costs) just email us!


Here's finally another Septuagint update! What has been going on? That you can read on our website! A small summary then: * some new reviews * a new interview * a new gig date, and talking about gigs: if anyone of you know a place for Septuagint to play, let us know, and contact us! Anywhere, any place, anytime! And that is just the start of a new season, much more coming up soon! So we'll keep you updated! If you don't want to be kept updated, reply this mail with 'No updates' in the subject line, and we won't bother you again. That's it for now! But we'll get back to you soon! Heavy Metal Greetings!!! Septuagint

Here is Savvas Betinis from KINETIC. With this mail I want to inform you that our full length CD ?The Chains That Bind Us? is finally out by SLEASZY RIDER Recs! It comes on Digipack packing and except the 11 songs it includes a video-clip for ?Never Ending Winter? song. Check our full-updated site on the address below for audio elements coming from this recording. We`ll be glad to have your opinion and comments on them. For orders and wholesale prices: Contact to SLEASZY RIDER RECS on the address below. For interviews and any information on us: Contact us through our mail address. Ok, that`s all. Thank you for your time. Take care and all the best. Best regards Savvas Betinis-KINETIC SLEASZY RIDER RECS, Gardiki Acheronta, 46031-Greece. Email: Website: KINETIC: 19-21 Dimakopoulou str, 104 45, Kato Patissia, Athens-Greece. Email: KINETIC-The Official Web Of Consciousness

ABGOTT is proud to show you the new design website: Abgott Abyss Liar at Honour to the Extremism in Music
Web Master: Thor

Hail Satanik Folk it is with great pleasure that we annouce that the 20th of november 2004 DARK FUNERAL THOUS DEFILED + ABGOTT Cruel Humanity will play at the Underworld London May Lord Satan lead your way 666 Satanic Hail Agamoth


"Melodic Death Metal, similar to the early Gothenburg style with a distinct traditional metal influence"
The Official Soul Shroud website
Unofficial site

Fornication live dates:

UNLEASHING WRATH OVER EUROPE TOUR!!! S E P T E M B E R - 2 0 0 4 =============== 17 (fri) - BELGIUM, Gent, Frontline, with Goatsemen (Pe), Iconoclasm (Be), Throneum (Pl) e Disguise (It) poster 19 (sun) - THE NETHERLANDS, Roosendaal, The Music Temple, with Martyr (Nl) and Misled poster 24 (fri) - CZECH REPUBLIC, Podlesi-Nemsi, KD, with Adultery (Cz) and Dissection Corpse (Cz) tour poster 25 (sat) - CZECH REPUBLIC, Ostrava, Prostor, with G.O.R.E (Cz), Dissection Corpse (Cz) and Pikodeath (Cz) poster / tour poster 26 (sun) - SLOVAKIA, Banska Bystrica, Papuca, with Adultery (Cz) tour poster O C T O B E R - 2 0 0 4 ============= 02 (sat) - ITALIA, Modena, Fassbinder C.S.A. - Sassuolo 08 (fri) - BELGIUM, Athus poster 09 (sat) - GERMANY, Erlenbach, Insane Insanity II Death Fest 2004 10 (sun) - FRANCE, Marange Silvange, 412 bar, with Dvorhead (Fr) and Solstis (Fr) poster 13 (wed) - SLOVENIA, TBA 14 (thu) - AUSTRIA, Klagenfurt, Galeriecafe 15 (fri) - HUNGARY, Budapest 16 (sat) - HUNGARY, Szeged, Rock Club 22 (fri) - GERMANY, Leipzig 23 (sat) - GERMANY, Berlim, K17 29 (fri) - FRANCE, Lille, la péniche Gédéon, with Disgust (Fr), Heresy (Fr) and Manslaughter (Fr) 30 (sat) - FRANCE, Vallet poster N O V E M B E R - 2 0 0 4 ============== 06 (sat) - GERMANY, Pforzheim, Depth of Winter Fest with Cockroach (Ge), Disinfect (Ge), Grin (Ge), Grind Inc. (Ge), Mental Amputation (Ge) and Undercroft (Ch) 09 (tue) - POLAND, Szczecin, Grind Tour de Pologne V 10 (wed) - POLAND, Bydgoszcz, Grind Tour de Pologne V 11 (thu) - POLAND, Poznan, Grind Tour de Pologne V 12 (fri) - POLAND, Wroc³aw, Grind Tour de Pologne V 13 (sat) - POLAND, Chorzów, Grind Tour de Pologne V 14 (sun) - POLAND, Rzeszow, Grind Tour de Pologne V 15 (mon) - POLAND, Radom, Grind Tour de Pologne V 16 (tue) - POLAND, £ód¼, Grind Tour de Pologne V 17 (wed) - POLAND, Warszawa, Grind Tour de Pologne V 18 (thu) - POLAND, TBA, Grind Tour de Pologne V 19 (fri) - POLAND, Bia³ystok, Grind Tour de Pologne V 26 (fri) - POLAND, Cheùm, with Parricide (Pl) D E C E M B E R - 2 0 0 4 ============== 03 (fri) - ITALY, Brescia We're still looking for some gig(s) so if you are interested, just let me know! Fornication will play on the following festivals!
Depth of Winter
Insane Insanity


Mortem (Rus): after taking part the Metalhead festival Eupatoria in Sebastopol, Crimea, Moscow's band has just replaced Fyodor with a new guitarist and is about to record their 4th CD tentatively titled 'Corpsophagia'. The band is also looking for a label to release and distribute it. Labels and live promoters mail to or call Grigory: +7 3540066. This is one of the few Russian bands which can play throughout all Europe without working visa problems!


THIS MONDAY JUNE 07 WAS FOUNDED DEAD IN HIS APARTMENT Tomas "Quorthon" Forsberg, WORLDWIDE KNOWN FOR BEING THE MASTER MIND BEHIND BATHORY . DIED at 39 was THE FATHER OF BLACK METAL.... LONG LIVE TO THE TYRANT!!! REST IN PEACE AT THE VALHALLA!!! Everyone, light 13 candles and play at maximum volume their BATHORY records in memory of the king!

Overcome records: INSIDE CONFLICT:: 05 june NEUILLY/ MARNE (93) Salle Pagnol + Nesseria + Shedding Skin+ Revive+Strickback+Delude+Good Morning Bleeding City 12 june CHATELLERAULT (86) La Gornière + Eons + Lyzanxia + Dagoba 20 june Tilburg (Holland) Summer Fest +Shattered Realm + Walls of Jericho + Hatebreed 23 octobre - 01 novembre EUROPEAN TOUR 10 novembre NEVERS (58) LE CAFE CHARBON +S-CORE 20 novembre SAVIGNY LE TEMPLE (77) +S-CORE ::NOSTROMO:: 06 june RENNES (35) Jardin Moderne + Craft + Origin' Hell 8 june LONDRES(UK) Underworld + Mastodon + Foe 9 june BRIGHTON (UK ) Concorde 2 + Mastodon 10 june NOTHINGHAM (UK) Rock City/ The Ring + Mastodon 11 june BIRMINGHAM (UK) The Flapper and Firkin + Jenniforever
Don't die before you bleed with : - INSIDE CONFLICT "Spherical Mirage" (CD) Furious brutal Deathgrindcore with sludgy hints - NOSTROMO "Ecce Lex" (Digipack CD, Limited Multimedia CD) Surgical Metal Grindcore from Geneva - SUNN 0))) "Flight of The Behemoth" (limited LP) Earth Shuddering Power Drone - BURN HOLLYWOOD BURN "It shouts and sings with life..." (MCD) Conscious and passionate rockin' Hardcore - SHORA/ MERZBOW "Switching rethorics" (Split CD) Radioactive electro chaotic armaggedon - MILLIGRAM "Hello Motherfucker ! " (CD) Powerful Sludgy Rock'n' Roll stright from Boston - LIKE PETER AT HOME "Volumen" (CD) Original rockin' noisy Hardcore from the streets of Madrid

Overcome Records / BP 80249 / 35102 Rennes Cedex 3 / FRANCE Information : / Promotion : Mailorder - VPC : / Distribution : ph : (0033) 299-675-849 / fax : (0033) 299-675-850


CONQUER SUMMER FESTIVAL 2004 on Sunday 4th of July. This year we fucking proudly present the most brutal and technically skilled black and death metal acts from Europe and USA. Including performances from: ACHERON (black/death metal USA), DEVILYN (death metal Poland), HELL-BORN (hell f....g metal Poland), ABGOTT (black metal Italy), SUPREME LORD (death metal Poland), INFERNAL LEGION (Belgium), TECHACE (death metal Poland) and other supporting acts being sought. Festival will take place in POLAND - GDYNIA (15km from Gdansk - north/middle part of Poland), Club ''UCHO'' address ul. SW.PIOTRA 2, - capacity of 700 people.

Wednesday 19th of May 2004 JH SOJO Kessel-lo (eenmeilaan 35) -------------------------------------------------------- GIG WILL START @ 20.00 O'CLOCK The SOJO organisation confirmed us today that because of problems with the local authorities gigs have to stop @ 23.00 o'clock. ------------------------------------------------------- RE:Creation Promo-cd presentation Septuagint Sacramental awakened Zero Gravity START AT 20:00h the entrance fee is 7 Euro + 1 FREE drink! + METAL PARTY after the gig

Braindead open air
infos :

Genie: Something very exciting is happening - call me and I'll >> tell you all about it! (888-801-5190). It's all happening so fast. >> >> We've put our Brentwood home & studio up for immediate lease or sale. >> >> Here's the link to the pictures and details- please tell your friends: >> Http://

5/5 Sigma Draconis+Malignant at Sitting Bull, in Certosa (PV).

Sigma will be back in Fear Studios on 4th October to record their new mini cd VAE VICTIS "it will end in Blood". The new work is a mix of Black and thrash (pure holocaust (immortal) + inferos (pagan winter). Here's the tracklist: Intro The last Harvest Avtarchia The bloody Deeds of my Dark Age In cold blood (casus belli) Deathbringer Mushroom + the re-recording of the opener of de rervm natvra Pseudo Monarchy of the Demons as a bonus track. Still unknown the label that is supposed to release it.


Inhumate dates: 17/04/04 Metal Therapy Fest (Woippy - France) INHUMATE + CANNIBAL CORPSE + ABORTED + guests 24/04/04 (Sarrebruck - Germany) INHUMATE + CYNICAL BASTARD + guests 08/05/04 Perennial Fest (Epinal - France) INHUMATE + SUBLIME CADAVERIC DECOMPOSITION + guests 15/05/04 Sickness is the Law (Karlsruhe - Germany) INHUMATE + GROTESQUE IMPALEMENT + JACK SLATER + PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT 14/08/04 Braindead Open Air (Petite Rosselle - France) INHUMATE + INHUME + guests 13/11/04 Ear Terror Fest (Emden / Germany) INHUMATE + ANASARCA + guests.

England's Anglo Saxon Epic Metallers FOREFATHER recently finished the recordings for their upcoming and meanwhile 4th album titled OURS IS THE KINGDOM.

AL CONFINO SQUAT * sabato 24 aprile STOP ALLE MONTATURE GIUDIZIARIE - STOP ALLA PROPAGANDA MEDIATICA DIFFAMATORIA - STOP ALLA TORTURA "SERATA DI RACCOLTA FONDI PER LA DIFESA DELLE VITTIME DEL CARCERE E DELLA REPRESSIONE" ore 20.00> Tavolacalda MagnaMagna Vegano + proiezione video Marco Camenisch ore 22.30> Vecchia Scuola Massacro !!! sul palco : TEAR ME DOWN, GRANDINE, CONTRASTO, NEVERWAS a seguire> suoni e immagini con: DESERT (commodoresurf) + ERIKA IL CANE nella notte> DISCO,DANZE,DISCORDANZE / RASSEGNA DJ FINO ALL'ALBA E OLTRE!!! in ogni momento> squatpub osteria dei briganti, infoshop letture calde, distribuzioni, ludoteca, musica . . . *Al Confino Squat* Via Prov.le Cervese 1817 47020 - Pontecucco Cesena (FC)

here is the flyer for the "Pure Undergound Extremism Unleashed Night" it will be the 20th of April 2004 at the Verge, Camden Town


Dark Clouds: the final mixing of the album will be done within a few days. We recorded all the songs we wanted to, so the album is complete. When the mixing will be done, we'll let you know. We' re also working on the new web site and on the cover artwork, too. Meanwhile, we played several gigs in the former Yugoslavia and they all were fantastic. More club shows and festival appearances to come in the region later this year.

KARMAGEDDON MEDIA NEWS - order now, mind the territory - !!! All orders to: PHD !!! Phone : + 44 (0)1491 825029 Fax : + 44 (0)1491 826320 E-Mail : Website :

NEBELHEXE (formerly known as Hagalaz' Runedance) finished the recordings for her upcoming album titled Laguz - Within The Lake. The album was enginered and mixed by Thorbjørn Akkerhaugen at the highly acclaimed Akkerhaugen Studio in Norway. The release for "Laguz - Within The Lake" is set for May 3rd through Karmageddon Media. The complete tracklist for Laguz - Within The Lake: Totems Laguz - Within the Lake My Visual World Celtic Crows Wake To Wither Reverse Bird Song Raven Night (Nightflight mix) Sleeping Beauty Touch Of Morpheus In an official statement Nebelhexe reveals the following information: "After making three successful Hagalaz' Runedance albums, dedicated to the northern spirituality and in the style of folk/medieval music, I felt the need to move on. I longed for new inspiration and I longed for more artistic freedom in my musical and lyrical expressions. I felt the urge to explore the many possibilities of creating musical sounds and I wanted to focus more generally on my feelings, dreams, obscure experiences, parallel worlds and the magic that is surrounding me. I just want to create, express what is inside of me, being true to myself, without restricting and limiting myself to a specific genre. Being an artist, a pagan and magician I always seek to grow, to explore and to challenge. I also began working within other artistic areas; creating visual art and video concepts for example. I have revived my previous artist name Nebelhexe (meaning fog-witch), partly because I feel like going 'back to basics', but I also found new reasons to revive this name. I came across interesting magical connections, images of what I considered to be my "ghost birds" - white ravens, white crows and white owls, that started to inspire my spiritual world. And significantly, I came across a specific owl that was called "Strix Nebulosa". Strix is Latin for owl, but also a name for witch, since the Roman witch was also referred to as "the owl-like woman". Nebulosa is obviously Nebel (fog). In Germany this owl was called 'Nebelhexe'. Like I have already mentioned in my written works, it appears that the white animals mentioned in folklore, like the white horses and white cats in particular, are a link between this world and the other side. I'm not sure how I would describe my new songs. I feel a lot of Hagalaz' Runedance is kept in the new songs, but I also think there are a lot of gothic influences, since 80's gothic, industrial and synth pop inspired me very much. As a tribute to this era I have made a cover song of Lene Lovich's Bird Song, my most influential song. I was just a kid when I saw Lene Lovich sing this song on TV. The ghostly song and her gothic appearance... and I was mesmerised. I aimed to combine my music with my other artistic expressions and the photos and paintings are images and atmospheres that speak for the songs. The two drawings are taken from two graphic stories I am working on. I don't want to follow a path...I want to create my own and leave a trail..."

WITHIN Y - Extended Mental Dimensions - Title; Extended Mental Dimensions Releasedate; OUT NOW !!! Cat. # KARMA020 Format; CD Barcode; 8 24971 70202 8 Territory; World excluding the Americas OVERVIEW Gothenburg continues to inspire the best sounding of the world’s melodic Death Metal bands. With In Flames, The Haunted, Dark Tranquillity and some others chocking up substantial worldwide album sales, the city (where also Fredman Studio is located) undoubtedly is the current Metal Mecca. Hailed by Close-Up, Sweden’s biggest Metal Mag, WITHIN Y prepare for the release of their anticipated debut “Extended Mental Dimensions”. While still a newcomer, the band have already peaked some curiosity by way of their highly regarded demo. Formed by Thim Blom (ex-Gardenian) Within Y released the “Feeble and Weak” demo in 2002. This demo was recorded with simple means, but there was a growing fuzz ! Recorded in summer 2003 “Extended Mental Dimensions” is a metal contender for fans and critics alike. Surely containing the “Gothenburg” sound, but with a sound of their own Within Y pushes the album over the top! It is aggressive yet melodic and catchy at the same time, making sure everyone will embrace the ten songs. MARKETING AND PROMOTION Advertisement in all relevant media. Huge service to relevant media, there will be massive media coverage. SELLING POINTS This is Gothenburg Death/Thrash Metal with all the ingredients needed. Featuring ex-Gardenian drummer Thim Blom (Gardenian being signed to Nuclear Blast Records). A perfect album for fans of In Flames, The Haunted, Dark Tranquillity & At The Gates. Splendid artwork created by Niklas Sundin @ Cabin Fever Media. Big interest on their “Feeble and Weak” demo, by big magazines such as Close-Up. TRACKLISTING Lost in Solitude God in Silence Remains of a Shattered Illusion Things Injection Face Down Behold Silently Leaving Feeble and Weak Sacred Lies MORE INFO CAN BE FOUND AT -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CRUACHAN - Folk-Lore - Title; Folk-Lore Releasedate; OUT NOW !!! Cat. # KARMA028 Format; CD Barcode; 8 24971 70282 0 Territory; World excluding the Americas OVERVIEW This album was originally released in 2002 and was a very big progress for CRUACHAN, since song-wise and production-wise CRUACHAN made a very big step forward, even resulting in successful live shows in the Benelux and a big festival in Russia in 2003. Finally CRUACHAN broke out of Ireland and played their joyous and partying shows to a bigger audience. Shane McGowan of The Pogues produced the album and sang on several songs (like the beautiful “Spancill Hill”). A new album is just around the corner, while “Folk-Lore” will keep on selling for sure... MARKETING AND PROMOTION Advertisement in all relevant media. SELLING POINTS This is the third album by CRUACHAN ! Sold over 10.000 copies so far and still has huge catalogue demand. New album “Pagan” to be released on April 5th 2004. Produced by Shane McGowan (Pogues master-mind), who sings on a few songs as well. Beautiful artwork, will appeal to buyers. Ultimate crossover of Metallica-guitars and The Pogues-Folk. Features the classic Folk song “Ride On” with Shane McGowan, which entered the Irish charts. Big fan base worldwide of Pogues fans ! This album will lead to serious partying and result in drunkenness !!! Will appeal to fans of Skyclad, The Levellers, Storm, The Pogues and anyone into Celtic imagery. TRACKLISTING Bloody Sunday The Victory Reel Death of a Gael The Rocky Road to Dublin Ossian’s Return Spancill Hill The Children of Lir Ride On Susie Moran Exiles MORE INFO CAN BE FOUND AT -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FINAL DAWN - Under The Bleeding Sky - Title; Under The Bleeding Sky Releasedate; OUT NOW !!! Cat. # NAM001 Format; CD Barcode; 8 24971 80012 0 Territory; World excluding the Americas OVERVIEW FINAL DAWN was formed in the summer of 2000 by guitarist/vocalist Vesa, drummer Mikko and bassplayer Hessu. As in most cases FINAL DAWN recorded a demo, which gained some positive feedback from press and labels. And more promo/demo recordings where done after that. Until early 2003 FINAL DAWN recorded an EP for an English label, but things fell apart. When New Aeon Media heard the songs they made a deal with FINAL DAWN and the band added 3 more songs to the original 5 on the EP, so a strong debut-CD was ready for release. FINAL DAWN plays melodic, but aggressive Metal, which is Finnish obviously, but with an own distinctive sound. They are not easy to put in a certain genre of Metal, because they combine many styles into one. Aggressive grunting vocals, killer guitar riffs coloured by melodic moments only to hit you in the face with hatred !!! MARKETING AND PROMOTION Advertisement in all relevant media. SELLING POINTS The is the debut for both FINAL DAWN and NEW AEON MEDIA. NEW AEON MEDIA focuses on real Underground talent that “big” labels refuse to sign. Recorded at Sonic Pump Studio (a.o. Divercia) to guarantee a big, fat Metallic sound. Strong songs, inspired by, but never copying older Megadeth, Sentenced, Rotting Christ and Children of Bodom. A real Metal band with real Metal songs and real Metal solos !!! Fresh, new and worth people’s attention, instead of buying the same album by the same old farts again and again. TRACKLISTING Solemn Art Ardent Aggression Overdrive Doze Regression is Transgression Bleeding Sky What Flows Within My Pain

ARTHEMESIA - ArthemesiA is proud to announce that the earthquake specialist Dr. K.H. ("the best Finnish Metal drummer") will sit down on the throne behind the battery for the band's upcoming album titled ShamaNatahS - II Describe I Mind. Recordings for the drums will start late May and after that the band will hit the Christslayer Studios to record all other instruments. Worldwide release for the album is scheduled for autumn. For a sneak preview you can download 2 promo-songs (Death Executed by Complex Actions and Mors Principium Est) from the band's official website. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - CRUACHAN - Cruachan will be playing in Dublin on the 6th of April at the Voodoo Lounge to celebrate the release of their new album "Pagan". Furthermore the band is planning a headline Benelux mini-tour after the summermonths. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - MORIFADE - Morifade will play the Nordfest Festival. The festival will take place in Sundsvall, Sweden on the 27th of March. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - NECROPHOBIC - Necrophobic will soon start writing material for their upcoming, yet untitled, 5th full-length album. Recordings are scheduled later on this year. More detailed information about the album to be revealed soon. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - OCCULT - Occult is already working on their next album, scheduled to be recorded in October at Stage One Studio with producer Andy Classen. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - PROJECT: FAILING FLESH P:FF currently have 8 new songs written for what will become their 2nd full-length album. The album will be recorded throughout the upcoming year and will probably see the light of day at some reasonable point after the debut-album A Beautiful Sickness is released through Karmageddon Media on the 31st of May. Once again the band will be self-producing and tracking at Assembly Line Studios in Virginia, USA. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - SEVERE TORTURE - Severe Torture will hit the European road again in May with Skinless. Tourdates to be announced soon. Furthermore the band is writing new material for their upcoming 3rd album, to be recorded later on this year. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - TORTURE KILLER - Finnish deadly maniacs Torture Killer started writing material for their second album, tentatively titled Multiple Counts of Murder. Some songtitles to appear on the album are Obsessed in Homicide, Another Random Killing, A Violent Scene of Death and Cannibal Gluttony. Torture Killer is also confirmed to support Vader on the Finnish dates of their upcoming Scandinavian Tour. Last but not least the band has completed its line-up with bassplayer Torniainen. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- < KARMAGEDDON MEDIA BANDS ON THE ROAD > CRUACHAN 06/04 : Voodoo Lounge in Dublin (IRE) - release party for Pagan! DIMENSION F3h 08/04 : Inferno Festival at John Dee in Oslo (NOR) DISMEMBER 26/03 : Umea Open in Umea (SWE) 12/04 : Skylten in Linköping (SWE) 13/04 : Musikens Hus in Göteborg (SWE) 14/04 : Klubben in Stockholm (SWE) 15/04 : Stengade in Copenhagen (DK) 12/06 : Day of Darkness Festival at Pedigree Corner in Ballylinan - Co Laois (IRE) 19/06 : Krossower Live in Catania - Sicilia Region (ITA) 20/06 : Hellblast Festival at Tradate in Varese (ITA) 16/07 : Tuska Festival in Helsinki (FIN) 31/07 : Stonehenge Festival at De Buze in Steenwijk (NL) 12/08 : Party San Open Air Festival in Bad Berka (GER) MERCENARY 25/03 : Train in Arhus (DK) - supporting Evergrey! 26/03 : Musikhuset in Slagelse (DK) - supporting Evergrey! 27/03 : Aalborg Guitar Festival at Studenterhuset in Aalborg (DK) - supporting Evergrey! 08/04 : Inferno Festival at John Dee in Oslo (NOR) MORIFADE 27/03 : Nordfest Festival in Sundsvall (SWE) 21/05 : 2000 Decibel Festival in Bengtsfors (SWE) NECROPHOBIC 20/08 : Metalfest 04 in Kungsträdgarden in Stockholm (SWE) OCCULT 16/05 : 013 in Tilburg (NL) 12/06 : Gaskessel in Coupole (SWI) 14/08 : Dokkem Open Air Festival in Dokkem (NL) PRIMORDIAL 14/05 : Headbangers Ballroom in Hamburg (GER) 15/05 : Bands Battle Festival in Stavenhangen (GER) 16/05 : Garage Pankow in Berlin (GER) 18/08 : Summer Breeze Festival in Abstgmund (GER) SEVERE TORTURE 17/04 : Metal Therapy Fest in Woippy (FRA) 01/05 : Fee Metal Festival in Aarhus (DK) 08/05 : Rotterdam Deathfest at Baroeg in Rotterdam (NL) TORTURE KILLER 26/03 : Lutakko in Jyväskylä (FIN) - supporting BURST! 03/09 : Klubi in Turku (FIN) - supporting VADER! 04/09 : Pakkahuone in Tampere (FIN) - supporting VADER! 05/09 : Lutakko in Jyväskylä (FIN) - supporting VADER! 06/09 : Nosturi in Helsinki (FIN) - supporting VADER!
- DISMEMBER - Where Ironcrosses Grow - Title; Where Ironcrosses Grow Releasedate; 08/03/04 Cat. # KARMA025 Format; CD Barcode; 8 24971 70252 3 Territory; World excluding the Americas OVERVIEW It all started way back in 1988, when Fred Estby and David Blomqvist started DISMEMBER. After several line-up changes, joining members with Carnage, and even doing an album under the moniker Carnage (featuring Dismember songs) released by Earache Records in 1991, Fred, David and Carnage-vocalist Matti Karki resurrect Dismember. With members from Unleashed and Carbonized joining in Dismember scores a record-deal with Nuclear Blast Records based on the legendary “Reborn in Blasphemy” demo. In May 1991 “Like an Everflowing Stream” is released and the album explodes into the expanding Death Metal scene like a big bomb !!! June 1991… first European tour with Morbid Angel, 1991 RockHard X-Mass festivals with Death, Cannibal Corpse, Napalm Death and Pestilence, March 1992… Pieces EP, June 1992… tour with Napalm Death and Obituary, July 1992… obscenity trial in Norfolk, U.K. More albums to follow, such as “Indecent and Obscene” and “Massive Killing Capacity”, each seen as classics. More touring with Meshuggah, Hypocrisy and Amorphis. At the end of the 90’s DISMEMBER still releases excellent albums, but due to Death Metal being a bit “dead” they fall back into the Underground a bit more again. 1999 shows the last sign of life with the album “Hate Campaign”. Many people thought it was their final swansong, but now it’s 2004: DISMEMBER IS BACK ! MARKETING AND PROMOTION Advertisement in all relevant media. Huge service to relevant media, there will be massive media coverage. SELLING POINTS This is Dismember… Swedish Death Metal veterans #1 !!! Highly anticipated comeback album featuring oldschool Swedish Death Metal the way it was meant to be. Superb cover-artwork by Dan Seagrave (a.o. Morbid Angel, Entombed, Suffocation). First album on the band’s new label Karmageddon Media, all previous albums released on Nuclear Blast Records. Dismember has done it all… album in the charts, worldwide touring, multiple festivals like Wacken, Graspop, etc. In league with names as Entombed, Morbid Angel, Obituary, Bolt Thrower, Deicide and Cannibal Corpse. Absolute top-priority for Karmageddon Media in promotional matters. As long as Dismember live… Death Metal will reign !!! TRACKLISTING 1. Where Ironcrosses Grow 2. Forged With Hate 3. Me-God 4. Tragedy of the Faithful 5. Chasing the Serpent 6. Where Angels Fear to Tread 7. Sword of Light 8. As the Coin Upon Your Eyes 9. Children of the Cross 10. As I Pull the Trigger MORE INFO CAN BE FOUND AT -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OCCULT - Elegy For The Weak - Title; Elegy For The Weak Releasedate; 08/03/04 Cat. # KARMA022 Format; CD Barcode; 8 24971 70222 6 Territory; World excluding the Americas OVERVIEW This is the long-awaited 5th album by Dutch Blackened Thrashers OCCULT. Not that their previous album is that long ago, but after starting in 1992 they finally managed to get everything right on this album. “ELEGY FOR THE WEAK” is furious, aggressive to the max, well recorded, perfectly executed and to put it short a one way ticket to heaven (or should I say “hell”?) for any self-respecting Thrasher worldwide. YES, it is that good; not the usual selling crap here. Anyone who thinks killer Thrash only comes from the U.S.A. or Sweden, think again and listen to this album. So far OCCULT was often followed by bad luck. The first album “Prepare to Meet thy Doom” suffered from a weak production, the second one (recorded by Harris Johns) was never properly released outside the Benelux, the 3rd one was released by Massacre who lost faith in the band very quickly, and finally album #4 “Rage to Revenge” was a nice one, but was never really distributed due to the restrictions of their previous recordlabel. But now OCCULT has all the cards in one hand, and this time YOU will notice. Indeed this one is an elegy for the weak… are you strong enough to outlive this blasting Thrash attack ? Thrash… or be Thrashed !!! MARKETING AND PROMOTION Advertisement in all relevant media. Huge service to relevant media, there will be massive media coverage. SELLING POINTS Occult is already a well respected name in the worldwide Black/Thrash scene. Occult have already been intensively touring throughout Europe with big names such as Exodus, Dark Funeral, Nuclear Assault, Immortal, Morbid Angel, Marduk and many more. Occult recently released a DVD about their career that got very good reviews. Most important point; Occult already was a good band, BUT forget the past… Occult simply KILLS now !!! Recorded by Thrash veteran Andy Classen at Stage One Studio (a.o. Dew-Scented, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Callenish Circle). Previous 4 albums did really well, but were never really properly promoted and distributed. Occult will be seen live a lot during 2004 ! Killer live act. Will appeal to fans of Slayer, Exodus, The Haunted, Testament, Bewitched and Kreator. TRACKLISTING Disturbing the Dead Nuclear Torment Nocturnal Predator Feel the Blade Expire Warbeast Obsessed by the Grave Slaughtering the Pigs Reapers Call Slut of Sodom Until the Battle (bonustrack!) MORE INFO CAN BE FOUND AT -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CRUACHAN - The Middle Kingdom - Title; The Middle Kingdom Releasedate; 08/03/04 Cat. # KARMA027 Format; CD Barcode; 8 24971 70272 1 Territory; World excluding the Americas OVERVIEW This album was finally recorded and released in 1999 after Hammerheart Records kept asking for it. After a meeting with the band they finally decided to reform after leaving a very big hole in 1997, and after only one cult album (Tuatha Na Gael) released in 1995. This album was once again maybe not the best in recording or in handling instruments, but CRUACHAN plays Irish Folk inspired Metal (or is it the other way around maybe?) from the Soul !!! The Black Metal elements are 95% gone and this album reached a much wider audience when it was released, not at least because of the stunning Fairy-tale artwork. CRUACHAN started to do gigs in Ireland after this album (also as support act to Shane McGowan), but the best was yet to come. MARKETING AND PROMOTION Advertisement in all relevant media. SELLING POINTS This was the come back album by CRUACHAN ! Sold over 10.000 copies so far and still has huge catalogue demand. New album “Pagan” to be released on April 5th 2004. Beautiful artwork, will appeal to buyers. Ultimate crossover of Metallica-guitars and The Pogues-Folk. This album will lead to serious partying and result in drunkenness !!! Will appeal to fans of Skyclad, The Levellers, Storm, The Pogues and anyone into Celtic imagery. TRACKLISTING A Celtic Mourning Celtica (Voice of the Morrigan) The Fiana A Druids Passing Is Fuair An Chroi Cattle Raid of Cooley The Middle Kingdom Oro Se Do Bheatha Abhaile Unstabbled (Steeds of Macha) The Butterfly MORE INFO CAN BE FOUND AT -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NEXT UP; KARMA020 WITHIN Y - Extended Mental Dimensions (22.03) KARMA028 CRUACHAN - Folk-Lore (22.03) KARMA021 CHUCK SCHULDINER - Zero Tolerance (22.03) NAM001 FINAL DAWN - Under The Bleeding Sky (22.03)

Red Stream:
Ghoulishly presenting the latest in bone chilliing, sheer horror. "Goblins Be Thine" is a new mini CD release from NECROPAHGIA which offers no explanation except an unholy excursion into audio horror fear. This disc opens the door one step beyond terror. Cannibalism, drug addiction, rape, sadism, mutilation, torture and satanism are some of the topics covered..... Come a little closer, closer......closer. Become a witness to the unknown. Enter death's waiting room if you dare. A treasure chest of the macabre....NECROPHAGIA...."Goblins Be Thine." Also introducing: A website devoted to Red Stream, Baphomet and Blood, Fire, Death artists exclusively! Find all the info you crave and desire on all our releases! Also available: LUGUBRUM-De Vette Cuecken CD (Blood Fire Death) Boersk Blek Metal kings return with a new full length of dirty and dismal black metal that will make you feel like you just took a shower in shit! Lugubrum will baptize you in piss, shit and beer with a soundtrack of Darkthrone/Sabbath laiden hymns to plague, starvation and decay. OBSCENE EULOGY-Defining Hate: The Truth Undead (Baphomet) Obscene Eulogy is a project designed to create the essence of pure horror through the medium of extreme metal with Mika Luttinen from Impaled Nazarene on vocals. The album features a bonus track with Necrophagia's Killjoy on vocals and Wilska from Finntroll providing back up vocals on another track as well. Red Stream, Inc. P.O. Box 196242 Winter Springs, FL 32719-6242 USA

Code Agency date list:
05-03-2004 Ephel Duath - Vecchio Mattatoio - Roma 13-03-2004 Conspiracy A.D. - Exilia - Fornace Zarattini (Ravenna) - + dj set 100% metal 19-03-2004 Ephel Duath - Bloom - Mezzago (Milano) 20-03-2004 Cripple Bastards - TRAUMAFEST 2004 - Madrid (SPAGNA) 20-03-2004 Handful Of Hate - Sitting Bull - Certosa di Pavia (Pavia) 27-03-2004 Cripple Bastards - THROWDOWN FESTIVAL - Soci (Arezzo) 02-04-2004 Cripple Bastards - La Sfinge - Brescia - + WACO JESUS (usa) e ISACAARUM (czech) 03-04-2004 Ephel Duath - Trier (GERMANIA) 04-04-2004 Ephel Duath - HEADWAY Festival - Amstelveen (OLANDA) 09-04-2004 Handful Of Hate - Motorockas - Mozzate (Como) 10-04-2004 Handful Of Hate - Lions Garden - Scandicci (Firenze) - + Novembre + Asterius + Ensoph 12-04-2004 Handful Of Hate - Black Out- Roma - + Novembre + Asterius + Ensoph + Klimt 1918 23-04-2004 Ephel Duath - Sottosopra - Este (Padova) 24-04-2004 Handful Of Hate - Metrò - Lugano (SVIZZERA) 01-05-2004 Handful Of Hate - DAY OF DARKNESS - Londra (INGHILTERRA) 09-05-2004 Handful Of Hate - S.E. G.Pascoli - Genzano (Roma) - + Natron + Pycophagist + Sudden Death + C.L.G. 22-05-2004 Cripple Bastards - Metrò - Lugano (SVIZZERA) 29-05-2004 Cripple Bastards - OBSCENE SOCIETY FESTIVAL - Pardubice (REPUBBLICA CECA) 06-06-2004 Cripple Bastards - Bloom - Mezzago (Milano). WWW.CODEAGENCY.NET


KARMAGEDDON MEDIA NEWS - order now, mind the territory - !!! All orders to: PHD !!! Phone : + 44 (0)1491 825029 Fax : + 44 (0)1491 826320 E-Mail : Website : ------------ V/A - Tribute to Possessed... Seven Gates Of Horror - Title; Tribute To Possessed... Seven Gates of Horror Releasedate; 23/02/04 Cat. # KARMA006 Format; digi-CD Barcode; 8 24971 70063 5 Territory; World excluding the Americas OVERVIEW Those who are familiar with the History of Metal will agree that POSSESSED changed the extreme Metal scene in 1985 with their album “Seven Churches”, being an O.T.T. album in speed and image when it was released. The album more or less led to the birth of Death Metal (this name being a name of a Possessed song) and influenced bands such as Morbid Angel and Death. This record is a tribute to POSSESSED, with some of the most respected names in the scene paying tribute to this legendary act !!! And those old songs have not lost any of their glory…so much is sure! MARKETING AND PROMOTION Advertisement in all relevant media. Huge service to relevant media, there will be massive media coverage. SELLING POINTS Hmmm… Cannibal Corpse ? Vader ? Absu ? Amon Amarth ? God Dethroned ? Need to say more? No cheap fills, no cheap thrills… but a high quality tribute with good sound and killer packaging. Possessed is still considered a legendary cult band. Appearance of the original Possessed vocalist Jeff Beccara !!! TRACKLISTING Sadistic Intent - The Exorcist (featuring Jeff Beccara!) Impious - Fallen Angel Cannibal Corpse - Confessions Pentacle - The Beasts of Apocalypse Vader - Death Metal Diabolic - No Will to Live God Dethroned - Satan’s Curse Absu - Swing of the Axe Sinister - Storm in my Mind Angel Corpse - Burning in Hell Krabathor - Evil Warriors Houwitser - March to Die Amon Amarth - The Eyes of Horror MORE INFO CAN BE FOUND AT --------------------------------- MONSTROSITY - Millennium - Title; Millennium Releasedate; 23/02/04 Cat. # KARMA017 Format; CD Barcode; 8 24971 70172 4 Territory; Europe only ! OVERVIEW This classic Death Metal album is finally available again, Monstrosity’s second album and the last one to feature “Corpsegrinder” on vocals, originally released on Nuclear Blast Records. It has all the essential trade-marks a Death Metal album from Tampa/Florida should have, recorded at Morrissound by Scott Burns, fast, aggressive and well executed. MARKETING AND PROMOTION Advertisement in all relevant media. SELLING POINTS Classic Florida Death Metal. Featuring George “Corpsegrinder” Fischer (now in Cannibal Corpse) on vocals. Huge demand on Monstrosity’s catalogue. Monstrosity were among the big Death Metal wave that introduced Deicide, Morbid Angel & Obituary. New Monstrosity album out now on Metal Blade Records. Well respected Cult band from the early 90’s. Well respected live act, on tour in 2004. TRACKLISTING Fatal Millennium Devious Instinct Manic Dream Messiah Fragments of Resolution Manipulation Strain Slaves and Masters Mirrors of Reason Stormwinds Seize of Change MORE INFO CAN BE FOUND AT ------------------------------- VOND - Selvmord - Title; Selvmord Releasedate; 23/02/04 Cat. # KARMA016 Format; CD Barcode; 8 24971 70162 5 Territory; World excluding the Americas OVERVIEW MORTIIS = VOND !!! Mortiis started out as bassplayer in the legendary Black Metal act Emperor, but soon (1993) he went his own way in performing ambient music of the darkest kind. During his first years Mortiis released albums and cassettes and developed into a big Cult (famous just as much for his image, being a kind of Dark Fairytale Orc-like figure, as the music). In 1994 Mortiis released an album under the moniker VOND, which was titled “Selvmord”(suicide in English). This album was considered as fantastic and very dark and depressive (come on, what can one expect from such a title ?). A couple more albums followed on VOND during the years, but as most of you will know Mortiis gave priority to MORTIIS and later developed into territory which can be considered Ambient/Elektro/Industrial (like his last album “The Smell of Rain”), much inspired by Nine Inch Nails. MARKETING AND PROMOTION Advertisement in all relevant media. SELLING POINTS MORTIIS is VOND !!! Mortiis was a founding-member of Emperor. Mortiis is currently recording his albums for Earache and made a breakthrough with his last album. Many new Mortiis fans do not know this album. Originally released by Malicious Records (a.o. Gorgoroth, Borknagar, Kampfar & Dodheimsgard). Considered to be one of the most depressive albums released in the genre. TRACKLISTING * Selvmord Nar Livet Tar Farvel Reisen Til en Ny Verden Slipp Sorgen Los * Playingtime over 50 minutes !!! MORE INFO CAN BE FOUND AT ----------------NEXT UP; KARMA024 CRUACHAN - Tuatha Na Gael (23.02) KARMA025 DISMEMBER - Where Ironcrosses Grow (08.03) KARMA027 CRUACHAN - The Middle Kingdom (08.03) KARMA022 OCCULT - Elegy For The Weak (08.03) KARMA020 WITHIN Y - Extended Mental Dimensions (22.03) KARMA028 CRUACHAN - Folk-Lore (22.03) KARMA021 CHUCK SCHULDINER - Zero Tolerance (22.03) NAM001 FINAL DAWN - Under The Bleeding Sky (22.03) ALSO AVAILABLE; KARMA001 TORTURE KILLER - For Maggots To Devour KARMA002 NOCTURNUS - The Nocturnus Demos KARMA003 AETERNUS - Beyond The Wandering Moon KARMA004 AETERNUS - And So The Night Became KARMA005 MORIFADE - Domi<>nation KARMA007 AETERNUS - Shadows Of Old KARMA008 AETERNUS - Ascension Of Terror (world excluding USA) KARMA009 NILE - In The Beginning (Europe only) KARMA010 SEPTIC FLESH - Sumerian Daemons KARMA011 V/A - NORDIC METAL... A Tribute To Euronymous (Europe only) KARMA012 DIMMU BORGIR / OLD MAN'S CHILD - Sons Of Satan Gather For Attack -------------- All orders to: All promotional related mails to: Official website:

IT IS WITH HELVETE REC. THAT NORTHERN TOD ETERNAL BLACK METAL ACT signed a contract for the release of "RUINS" the release date is fixed for the 30th of March.
More info @:

Aural Music group news:
Electro-Dark-Wavers Soundbyte are working on their debut full lenght album scheduled on Amaranth Recordings. Soundbyte is the new project of Trond Engum from the mighty 3rd and The Mortal. The band's sound, as you can imagine thinking to past experience of this artist, is extremely personal and ambitious. The mood is negative, cutting and cold, the style is refined and detaching. There will be an exclusive aura of cult around Soundbyte, a single listening of this upcoming opus will be enough to figure out the respect and the admiration that we feel for this band. upcoming news from the recording studio." ----- "We are happy to add that the Psychedelic-Post-Wavers Act Noir have joined our rooster. The band fuse together a sophisticated use of electronic patterns, a groovy and pulsing rhythmic section, a liquid use of the guitar evoking some Pink Floyd soundscapes and an amazing dark voice with reminiscences of David Sylvian, David Bowie and Iggy Pop.The structures of the songs have a prog appeal and the result of this (contrastating?) influences is extremely fluent and catchy. Their debut full length album "Automatisme Psychique" will be one of the Amaranth's issue of this 2004. ---- finally, we inform you that for reasons connected with label's artistic choices, that would cause an excessive delay, the scheduled debut album of Festen will not be released on Amaranth, but Davide Tiso will follow the band's interest as their manager.
Earache has just signed Addiction from Bologna through Aural Music. New album "Break in Life" will be released in 2 months worldwide. More info @:

The record label that will join us this year answers to the strange name of Cruz Del Sur Music. This Italian company is young, admittedly, but already produced a couple of excellent release, as there are: the (internationally) acclaimed albums of Asterius and of Hammer Of Misfortune. There's no doubt that the new album of Ensoph, for which Hardebaran will take care of the Benelux and France promo campaign, will gather at least as many positive feedback… Powerful, dark and innovative, "Opus Dementiae" will be the pride of our agency during the weeks to come.

Kettle Cadaver
Kettle Cadaver is going to let a select group of fans and press view the first release from their 2nd DVD! To be released early 2005!... "Sinister Clock" is the one of many videos being shot for the follow up DVD to Kettle Cadaver's "A Taste Of Blood" ! You are invited to view this video and discuss it Sunday Feb 22 6pm (eastern)> Online. Just reply to this e-mail with the subject ( Sinister Clock Vid!) for the link to see the video. "Most of the people getting this e-mail know me pretty well by now..." This Video preview is for people I think might have something smart to say about the video, might actually like it, or have just shown interest in the band (uh ya, so every one I know!). We have another video ready to be released called "Powers Of Pain". And if this " Uh Preview Website,,,, Thing" works out, I will do the same thing with that video. Hope to hear back from everyone. If not, No biggie. For more info visit ... Here it comes...

NephereX proudly presents it's first release, a split cd of 2 Belgian Black Metal bands. The cd is printed by Adipocere on 1,000 copies, comes with 4 pages booklet in cellophane. Total running time: 42:43. For more info, websites of the bands and mp3 samples, visit Releasedate: 28th of February. Wholesales and trades are welcome, Bert D.V. NephereX P.O. Box 16 B-9280 Lebbeke KLUDDE "De Verdoken Waarheid"/ WANHOOP "Elegy of Despair" Febr.'04

January 2004

Dark Clouds:
will go on a mini-tour in the former Jugoslav republics (Croatia, Slovenia etc.) in the end of January and will also open for Stampin' Ground here in Budapest next week-end


Strommoussheld 2004! All in all, 2003 has been a pretty good year for Poland's Strommoussheld. The debut album "Behind the Curtain" received a lot of really great reviews, opinions and responses. The band played 23 shows for about 11.000 people in total. We hope the New Year 2004 will be more & more successful. We are currently working on the new album (under the working title "2econd floor temple") and we'll probably enter the studio in June. We're also going to play some shows. The upcoming Polish dates: 31/01/2004 - Warszawa "Progresja" and 14/02/2004 - Lodz "Zmierzch". Some of "Behind the Curtain" tracks will appear as a soundtrack to Michal Ratynski's "Trainspotting" performance (Silesian Theatre)! This stage version is of course based on the Irvine Welsh' novel. Here are the January dates: 10/01/2004 (premiere), 11/01/2004, 13/01/2004, 24/01/2004, 25/01/2004. Check the Strommoussheld Official Website at for info and the New Year's bonuses!


OCCULT > -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- With pride and a big smile we announce the latest signing to our roster of quality metal acts !!! OCCULT, the most persistent Blackened oldschool Thrash act ever from the Netherlands have signed a multiple record-deal with KARMAGEDDON MEDIA. Ofcourse Occult is already a well-known name in the underground scene and the band has so far released 4 albums and a DVD. Furthermore the band intensively toured the last couple of years with acts such as Morbid Angel, Immortal, Exodus, Dark Funeral and Marduk, just to name a few. Upon receiving a copy of Occult's new album ELEGY FOR THE WEAK our interest grew to a very high level, because this record simply shreds and we dare to say this will become a classic album coming from the Netherlands, in league with classic albums by Pestilence, Gorefest, Dead Head or Sinister. It is very rare one can hear such catchy, memorable and intense Thrash songs without being accused of selling out... the production was in the hands of German Thrash goeroe Andy Classen @ Stage One Studio, previously known for his work with acts such as Dew Scented, Callenish Circle, Krisiun and Die Apokalyptischen Reiter. The ultimate Thrash attack is coming your way, riffs that would make Slayer jealous and an intensity that Kreator is looking for since years, all combined in a head-ripping production that will leave no prisoners. In official statement Occult's spokesman Maurice Swinkels says: "We are very happy we are signed to Karmageddon Media now. We are convinced Karmageddon Media will guide us to a higher level when it comes to promotion and distribution of our albums. Hopefully we can attack some of the upcoming festivals as well. Elegy for the Weak is without doubt the best album we recorded in our history... also due to Andy Classen's excellent work since he blessed the album with a killer sound. THRASH... OR BE THRASHED !!!" The complete tracklisting of Elegy for the Weak is as following: - Disturbing the Dead - Nuclear Torment - Nocturnal Predator - Feel the Blade - Expire - Warbeast - Obsessed by the Grave - Slaughtering the Pigs - Reapers Call - Slut of Sodom * Elegy for the Weak is scheduled for an early March release on Karmageddon Media. * For more information and a new MP3 check the band's official website : * For more information on the band's DVD-release on Lowlife Media :


A new label/distro and portal are born! Nocturnal Brights Production.

You can directly order the first CD releases, i.e.:
Sigma Draconis - "De Rervm Natvra" (fast pagan Black metal); 8 Euros + postage, 500 copies.
Swastika - "Runa" (Bathory-oriented raw Black metal); 2 Euros + postage, 100 copies.
Pogrom - "Pogrom" (pure Gore metal onslaught); 3 Euros + postage, 200 copies.

Visit also the following websites for more info:

If you need a metal singer you can find him on : ICQ 254932699 Anton.


Irish folk metal band CRUACHAN recently finished the production for their new (and meanwhile 4th) full-length album entitled PAGAN. The band recorded 15 songs of which 13 will end up on the final album and the remaining songs will be used as bonus-material. Some of the song titles on the Pagan-album are Michael Collins, The Gael, The March to Cluain tairbh, Viking Slayer and 1014 A.D. In an official statement Cruachan spokesman Keith Fay says: "The songs on our new album are certainly the best that I have written, they vary from gritty, intense pagan metal, such as on the title track "Pagan" to mellow, atmospheric ballads such as "The Gael" which continues the story of "Death of a Gael". The sound on the album is very raw when compared to FolkLore or The Middle Kingdom, some early reviews have likened the feel of the album to that of "Tuatha na Gael". - The album was recorded and mixed at Radio Na Life Studios in Dublin, Ireland together with producer Al Cowen. - Cover artwork is painted by John Howe, the leading JRR Tolkien illustrator and the conceptual artist from The Lord of the Rings-movies. - PAGAN is scheduled for an early March 2004 release on Karmageddon Media. - A brand-new sound sample of the Pagan-album can be downloaded on the band's official website:


INSIDE CONFLICT : GET READY TO GRIIIIIND !! The long awaited SPHERICAL MIRAGE album has just been mastered ! Within a couple of months, you’ll be able to listen to it and to have a look at the magnificent iridescent blue digipack designed by Inside Conflict former guitar player Fred. What to say about this album? The sound is HUGE (mixed by Stéphane Buriez at the Lblab Studio and mastered by Jean-Pierre Bouquet at the Autre Studio), the music is more complexe including those typical Mosh-Parts that will make you do crazy moves in the Pit or in your leaving-room, as a bonus you will hear a Pestilence cover « Twited Truth » in order to give tribute to this mythical Dutch oldschool Death Metal band. The official release is set to 09 february 2004, distributed in shops by Irascible in Switzerland, Shellshock in the UK, Suburban in The Benelux and Worldwide by Overcome Distribution. The unmissable SHERICAL MIRAGE TOUR 2004 will follow the release begining with the local record release party at the Confort Moderne in Poitiers then in Rennes at the UBU then in other French places. The Tour Supports of the first tour dates will be the Dutch champions of European Brutal Hardcore with Mosh Parts called Born From Pain, and the British specialists of Tough Brutal Hardcore called Knuckledust ! Other bands will participate during the tour such as Aside From a Day (tortured Chaotic Metal Hardcore) or Morgue (Brutal Noisy Death), and Downfall, Lyzanxia, Dagoba … for big nights that will leave everybody on their knees and devastated by such Brutality. A tour is also getting prepared for april, you’ll be informed about this as soon as possible ! Booking : Julien Subcore tel : 06 76 92 10 98 Listen exclusively to "Hate" from Spherical Mirage ! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- NOSTROMO : ACOUSTIC TASTE CREDIT : LILI PEPPERPINK First, Overcome would like to apologise about the Nostromo venue cancellation at Riotfest because of personal problems as well as the Nyons venue cancellation because all their equipment was stolen. The Geneva dudes have just ended the studio recording of an acoustic MCD that will be released with a DVD in limited edition on the French label Recall. On that record, there won’t be any violence at all, the voice of Jaja is soft to please all delicate ears and the music is technical and in arpeggio to bring you to a nonchalant and divine artistic exploration. The band will stop all gigs from mid-december for a well deserved short break. For the moment the “Eyesore” MCD was just repressed on Bisect Bleep Industries with a slightly different back-cover designed by Jaja. Booking : (3C) Management : Listen to "Pull the Pin" taken from Ecce Lex ---------------------------------------------------------------------- WEB SITE & MAILORDER CATALOGUE Our Mailorder page was just updated, you will find a lot of new references and goodies for your Christmas gifts! Visit our Forum to be informed about what’s happening in the French Hardcore scene ! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- OVERCOME DISTRIBUTION "Overcome Distribution" is a new service created next to Overcome Records. Throughout the years our distribution network evolved permitting us an effective national distribution for our productions as well as for the productions of other labels or self-produced bands. Labels distributed by Overcome Distribution in France : Overcome Records Bisect Bleep Industries Disagree Records Messiah Records Mono Emotional Records Waiting For An Angel Water Dragon Records Plastik Culture Diabolik Records Art-Scenic Productions k-Fuel Records Chrome Saint Magnus Life Force Records B-Core Records GSR (Ex Gangstyle Records) Thorp Records Ronald Reagan Records Hannibal's Records R.P.P. Plainfield Records Emolution Mass Productions Alone Records Reflections Records Several Bleeds Records Basement Apes Industries Here’s a list of the references of this month : MADBALL "NYHC" MCD GSR RAG MEN "S/T" CD GSR SKARE TACTIC "Remember When" CD Thorp Records BURNING BRIDGES "Politics Of Dead Friendship" CD Thorp Records SISSIES "The Juice" CD Daredevil Records RROSELICOEUR "Demios Oneiron" CD Wating For An Angel INMATE "The Sweet Melody Of A Deadly Day" MCD Several Bleeds Records THE UNFINISHED SYMPATHY "S/T" CD B-Core HALF FOOT OUTSIDE "New Ad Ideas" CD B-Core G.A.S. DRUMMERS "Dialectics" CD B-Core BCORE COLLECTION DVD B-Core HAPPY MEALS "Co-Pilot" CD B-Core LABELS/SELFPRODUCED BANDS : You whish to get a distribution in France ? Please get in touch with us. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- VENUE DATES INSIDE CONFLICT DATE VILLE LIEU/SALLE AVEC :: SHERICAL MIRAGE TOUR 19 feb POITIERS (86) Confort Moderne Knuckledust + Born From Pain 20 feb ROCHE/ YON (85) Fuzz Yon Knuckledust + Born From Pain 21 feb RENNES (35) UBU Born From Pain + Morgue + Aside From A Day 22 feb PARIS (75) Nouveau Casino Knuckledust + Born From Pain 23 feb CLERMONT FERRAND (63) 24 feb GRENOBLE (38) Adaep 25 feb SAINT ETIENNE (42) Main Dans La Main 26 feb COLMAR (68) Grillen Downfall + guest 27 feb BRAINANS (39) Moulin Downfall + Gangchain 28 feb NANCY (54) Chimaira 12 june CHATELLERAULT (86) La Gornière Eons + Lyzanxia + Dagoba 19 june MAASTRICHT (THE NETHERLANDS) Summer Fest ----------------------------------------------------------------------

London-based Abgott have just released 'Fizala', the musical translation of the Necronomicon, aka The Book of the Dead. Primordial Black metal through Helvete Records:


Septuagint videoclip contest The Dutch power/thrashmetal band Septuagint is going to make a videoclip in 2004 for the titletrack of their promo single ‘Meditation Among Demons’. For that they ask metalfans throughout the world for their ideas by doing a contest. It is very simple: just mail your idea how the Septuagint clip should look like to the band, and the three best ideas will be rewarded with CD’s and T-shirts. And of course the best idea will also be made! You can mail your ideas until the 31st of Januari 2004, the result will be put online at the Septuagint website at the 16th of Februari. You can also find more information about the contest there:
If you don’t know Septuagint yet, or haven’t heard the promo single, you can order it for free! Al you have to do is mail your address to”
Celtic folk-metallers CRUACHAN (IRE) will play as headliner an exclusive show on the 2nd edition of Antwerp's Haunted Ball. The festival will take place on Saturday 21st of February 2004 @ Hof Ter Lo in Antwerpen (B). The complete billing of Antwerp's Haunted Ball is as following: CRUACHAN (IRE) CALLENISH CIRCLE (NL) OCEANS OF SADNESS (B) PANCHRYSIA (B) BUTCHER (B) - TICKETS : 12 euro (presale) & 15 euro (door). - ORGANISED BY ASB ENTERTAINMENT vzw : -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- < new Cruachan sound sample > A brand-new sound sample of the upcoming Pagan-album can be downloaded from the band's website: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please publish this news in your publication and feel free to forward it to other people who might be interested. Cheerz, Pat on behalf of Karmageddon Media. - KARMAGEDDON MEDIA - promotion department c/o Patrick Savelkoul P.O. Box 277 6300 AG Valkenburg (L) The Netherlands Tel: + 31 (0)46 4361 393 Fax: + 31 (0)46 4373 800 OCTOBER 2003: * TORTURE KILLER - For Maggots To Devour CD * NOCTURNUS - The Nocturnus Demos CD * AETERNUS - Beyond The Wandering Moon CD (remastered/new artwork/bonustracks) * AETERNUS - .... And So The Night Became CD (remastered/new artwork/bonustracks) NOVEMBER 2003: * AETERNUS - Shadows Of Old CD (remastered/new artwork/bonustracks) * AETERNUS - Ascension Of Terror CD (remastered/new artwork/bonustracks)

Throne of Shit have misteriously been absent in the show date of 20/11/03 with Labratt and Lacerated.

In December ArthemesiA will start the pre-production for their upcoming ShamaNatahS-album. The band will record demo-versions of the songs Patheme, The Order of the Opposite Force, ShamaNatahS and Transcendental Mindflow - Into the Cosmos Unknown. According to bandleader Valtias the band can announce a new drummer soon: "we are very optimistic about the drummer-situation, it's about 90% sure we will get one of the best Finnish drummers to record this album. We will announce his name very soon". -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - CRUACHAN - Cover artwork for the upcoming Cruachan-album (Pagan) will be painted by John Howe, the leading JRR Tolkien illustrator and the conceptual artist from The Lord of the Rings-movies. A brand-new sound sample of the Pagan-album can be downloaded on the band's website. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - DIMENSION F3H - Dimension F3h recently said farewell to Mr. Thunderforce (drums) and session bass player Mr. Krokmo. In an official statement Dimension F3h mastermind Morfeus explains: "since both could not spend enough time on Dimension F3h the decision was made to end the co-operation. No hard feelings from any of us. We have already recruited a new bass session member in the person of Mr. Moe and a drummer is on the testing stage at the moment". -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - HEARSE - Vocalist Johan Liiva decided to leave his other band Non Exist to concentrate on Hearse. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - MORIFADE - Morifade is confirmed to play at the upcoming 2000 Decibel Festival. The festival will take place in Bengtsfors, Sweden on the 21st and 22nd of May 2004. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - NECROPHOBIC - Necrophobic will perform live with Naglfar as support at Norrlands Operan in Umea, Sweden on the 13th of December. A new album is to be recorded in 2004. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - PRIMORDIAL - Primordial will perform live at Rosetta Bar in Belfast, N. Ireland on the 27th of December. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - SEPTIC FLESH - "It is my sad duty to inform you that Septic Flesh has officially split up. After serious thinking the band decided that, due to various circumstances, they can no longer operate as a collective unit. Therefore a journey of 13 years came to an end. The band send their regards to all their fans and followers of the dreamlord, who remained loyal to the band all these years and sustained the nightmare of Septic Flesh alive. We will never forget you. The Deamons will be watching you!" = Official statement by George Zacharopoulos (band manager Septic Flesh). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - SOULREAPER - Soulreaper will perform live at the Nocturnal Club in Gothenburg, Sweden on the 13th of December. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - THYRFING - Guitarist Henrik Svegsjö has taken off for a 6 month trip to New Zealand. Due to this (among other things) no further live-gigs will be done until the summer of 2004. In the meanwhile, the rest of the band will put on their thinking-hats and try to create the most fundamental parts of what will be the fifth Thyrfing-album. The first bricks have been laid and they promise us that they will present an album in the usual Thyrfing-tradition!

grind your soul presents SOUL GRINDING FESTIVAL IV featuring INHUMATE (grind death / FRANCE) - 4th full length album presentation show, sickness is fucking law- DEPRAVED (death grind / FRANCE) -after a long silence those French cult depraved guys are back to shred the world- PARRICIDE (death metal / POLAND) -very stong death metal from Eastern Europe- CENSORED (death metal / SWITZERLAND) -excellent death metal from Switzerland- ELYSIUM (grind core / FRANCE) -ultra fast & ultra intense, grind to the core- GROTESQUE IMPALEMENT (brutal death / GERMANY) -fucking death metal as only German sickos can make some- SOLSTIS (deathcore / FRANCE) -Alsacian new wave of brutality- CxMxP (grind core / GERMANY) -fucking grind core as only German sickos can make some- COITUS (death metal / FRANCE) -young french death metal bands opens the show- @ LA LAITERIE - STRASBOURG (FRANCE) 07 FEBRUARY 2004 from 15 H 30 to 00 h 00 10 euros 00.33.(0)

KARMAGEDDON MEDIA - < UPCOMING RELEASES IN JANUARY/FEBRUARY/MARCH 2004 > -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- JANUARY: - MORIFADE - Domin<>nation digi-CD/CD (26.01) - excluding Japan - - TRIBUTE TO POSSESSED - Seven Gates of Horror digi-CD (26.01) - DIMMU BORGIR / OLD MAN'S CHILD - Sons of Satan Gather for Attack CD (26.01) - SEPTIC FLESH - Sumerian Daemons CD (26.01) - TRIBUTE TO EURONYMOUS - Nordic Metal CD (26.01) - for Europe only - - NILE - In The Beginning digi-CD (26.01) - for Europe only - FEBRUARY: - CRUACHAN - Pagan digi-CD/CD (09.02) - WITHIN Y - Extended Mental Dimensions CD (09.02) - CRUACHAN - Folk-Lore CD (23.02) - CRUACHAN - Tuatha Na Gael CD (23.02) - THYRFING - Thyrfing CD (23.02) - SINISTER - Creative Killings CD (23.02) - excluding North America - MARCH: - DISMEMBER - Where Ironcrosses Grow digi-CD/CD (08.03) - HEARSE - Armageddon Mon Amour digi-CD/CD (08.03) - THYRFING - Valdr Galga CD (22.03) - MONSTROSITY - Millennium CD (22.03) - for Europe only - - Please notice that this release schedule is not valid for the American territories !!! - Official license-partner for North America : Candlelight Records USA. - Official license-partner for South America : Encore Records Brazil.



FONE/FAX: 51-480-1073


TORTURE KILLER - For Maggots to Devour - Title; For Maggots to Devour Releasedate; 06/10/03 OUT NOW !!! Cat. # KARMA001 Format; CD Barcode; 8 24971 70012 3 Territory; World excluding the Americas OVERVIEW Started in 2002 as a cover band doing Six Feet Under and Obituary songs, TORTURE KILLER (from Finland) very soon realized that their own songs were way too good to be left unnoticed. Obviously their name is taken from a 6FU song, but the best way to describe the music of TORTURE KILLER is simply Old School Death Metal inspired by the above mentioned acts, but also Massacre and Bolt Thrower are sources of inspiration. MARKETING AND PROMOTION · Advertisement in all relevant Media. · Huge service to relevant media, there will be massive media coverage. SELLING POINTS · Old School Death Metal created by real Death Metal heads ! · The Metal scene has turned towards Death Metal again, see Nile, Cannibal Corpse, Deicide… · Big fat sound ! · It will appeal to fans of bands such as Bolt Thrower, Six Feet Under, Massacre & Obituary. TRACKLISTING Flesh Breaks To Open Wounds Sadistic Violation Motivated To Kill Necrophag Fuck Them When They Bleed No Time To Bleed Torture To Death Gore Terror Strangulation MORE INFO CAN BE FOUND AT -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOCTURNUS - The Nocturnus Demos - Title; The Nocturnus Demos Releasedate; 06/10/03 OUT NOW !!! Cat. # KARMA002 Format; CD Barcode; 8 24971 70022 2 Territory; World excluding the Americas OVERVIEW When Mike Browning left MORBID ANGEL (after being the drummer/vocalist from ’82 up untill ’86) after recording “Abominations of Desolation” he founded INCUBUS. After they broke up Mike decided to start NOCTURNUS and got a line-up together. Several people came and left again, while especially the second demo “The Science of Horror” caused a whirlwind in the Death Metal underground by 1988. This demo resulted in a deal with Earache and the debut album “The Key” became a very big succes. This album has both the demos on it, with the sound taken direct from the best sources available and with a nice booklet full of flyers, photos and a nice story. MARKETING AND PROMOTION · Advertisement in all relevant Media. · Huge service to relevant media, with Mike Browning being available for interviews. SELLING POINTS · These legendary recordings feature Mike Browning (ex-Morbid Angel/ex-Acheron), Richard Bateman (ex-Agent Steel/Nasty Savage), Vincent Crowley Acheron/Wolfen Society) and Jon Oliva (Savatage). · The “Science of Horror” demo was recorded by Jon Oliva (Savatage), and this demo introduced keyboards into Death Metal, so unique at that time Earache signed them ! · A very big influence on the whole Death and Black Metal scene (would The Gathering or Emperor have used keyboards without this band ?) · “The Key” and “Thresholds” are seen as classics within Death Metal and sold really well when they were released · Any serious collector of classic extreme Metal needs this one ! TRACKLISTING B.C./A.D. Standing In Blood Neolithic Undead Journey Nocturnus B.C./A.D. Unholy Fury The Entity MORE INFO CAN BE FOUND AT -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AETERNUS - Beyond the Wandering Moon - Title; Beyond the Wandering Moon (+ 2 bonus songs) Releasedate; 20/10/03 OUT NOW !!! Cat. # KARMA003 Format; CD Barcode; 8 24971 70032 1 Territory; World excluding the Americas OVERVIEW When AETERNUS rose out of the underground scene in 1997 they headed off with “Beyond The Wandering Moon” and made a big impact on both the fans and the press. It was strange then that a band that looked Black Metal in image and concept used deep Death Metal vocals. The album turned to a semi-classic during the following years. MARKETING AND PROMOTION · Advertisement in all relevant Media. SELLING POINTS · Specially re-mastered for this re-release. · Re-done design and two bonus songs (over 70 minutes playing time!). · AETERNUS just released a new album on N.A.P. · AETERNUS has a big loyal following worldwide due to touring with Emperor, Limbonic Art, Mayhem and Deicide. · AETERNUS has (ex-)members of Immortal, Gorgoroth, Helheim, Obtained Enslavement and Malignant Eternal linked to them. · Recorded at Grieg Hallen (a.o. Emperor, Immortal, Enslaved, Gorgoroth). TRACKLISTING Under The Blade Of The Dead Sworn Revenge White Realm Sentinels Of Darkness Embraced Vind Waiting For The Storms Winter Tale To Enter The Realm Of Legend The Last Feast (Celtic Harp Solo) Black Dust* Victory* * = bonustracks MORE INFO CAN BE FOUND AT -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AETERNUS - ...And so the Night Became - Title; ...And so the night became (+ 3 bonus songs) Releasedate; 20/10/03 OUT NOW !!! Cat. # KARMA004 Format; CD Barcode; 8 24971 70042 0 Territory; World excluding the Americas OVERVIEW 1998 marked the year AETERNUS released their highly acclaimed “…And So The Night Became” album, by far their most epic album, that mixes Bathory, Immortal and Bolt Thrower into something really unique. Following the release they toured with Emperor and Deicide. This album is still seen as a classic within Norwegian extreme Metal and gave new meaning to the term Dark Metal. MARKETING AND PROMOTION · Advertisement in all relevant Media. SELLING POINTS · Specially re-mastered for this re-release. · Re-done design and two bonus songs (over 70 minutes playing time!). · AETERNUS just released a new album on N.A.P. · AETERNUS has a big loyal following worldwide due to touring with Emperor, Limbonic Art, Mayhem and Deicide. · ATERNUS has (ex-)members of Immortal, Gorgoroth, Helheim, Obtained Enslavement and Malignant Eternal linked to them. · Recorded at Grieg Hallen (a.o. Emperor, Immortal, Enslaved, Gorgoroth). TRACKLISTING There’s No Wine Like The Blood’s Crimson As I March Warrior Of The Crescent Moon Blodsverging When The Crow’s Shadow Falls Ild Dans …And So The Night Became Fyrndeheimen Raven And Blood* Nordlys* In The Darkest Circles Of Time* * = bonustracks MORE INFO CAN BE FOUND AT -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NEXT UP; November; Karma007 Aeternus - Shadows of Old + bonus ! Karma008 Aeternus - Ascension of Terror + bonus ! Karma009 Nile - In The Beginning Karma010 Septic Flesh - Sumerian Daemons Karma011 V/A - Nordic Metal Karma012 Dimmu Borgir / Old Man's Child - Sons of Satan Karma015 Sinister - Creative Killings Karma024 Cruachan - Tuatha Na Gael

Visit Brazilian thrash band distraught's website , with info / bio / mp3 / photos and more. They played shows in Brasil with Vader, Krisiun, Hibria and others bands.


CANAAN the new Masterpiece "The Unsaid Words" will be released in 2004 on code666 Tracklist: A fragile song Never again This world of mine Sterile Nothing left (to share) Il rimpianto The unsaid words In a never fading illusion Stealing hands Empty The falling grace Raped (the void inside) The everywhere corner the band will soon enter the Studio for a long, experimental recording process. Official website:
A new code666 Sublabel is born: AMARANTH RECORDINGS Amaranth Recordings born from an idea of A&R Davide Tiso (Ephel Duath's guitar player) and code666, responsable for Marketing and Production. The Label will work with genres usually not touched by code666, like post-rock, electronic, trip-hop, post-hardcore and dark wave. The word "amaranth", beside being a clear callback to the Ephel Duath's album "The Painter's Palette", efficaciously encloses the concept that lives behind this label: "amaranth" comes from the ancient Greek, is the substantivized present participle of the verb "amaraino", it means "not to wither, to be durable". The connection is simple: to produce music that goes out from the actual consumerism and standardization being something that last in the time, something than does not wither." Contacts: mail: Davide Tiso Amaranth Recordings P.O. Box 452 30100 Venezia Centro (Italy)


Ephel Duath
EPHEL DUATH ( ) are now in Fear Studio with Paso behind the mixer to work on the pre-production for the next Album still untitled, to be released on Elitist/Earache next year. until now 4 new songs are ready: Imploding New Disorder Crystalline Whirl Few stars, no refrain and a sigarette the band is working on the evolution of the "usual" song-structure, eliminating the repetition of the "refrain-bridge-chorus" scheme, to create an emotional flow of destructured music with a natural and organic vibe.

ENID finish to record new album The German band will release their new Album titled "Grandwanderer" on code666 at the beginning of 2004 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VOID OF SILENCE ready to enter the Studio the Italian-Irish trio will enter in February a still unknown Studio to record their new Album titled "Human Anthitesis", the first featuring new Singer Alan Neamtheanga (Primordial)

Hereby we proudly announce the worldwide signing of England's FOREFATHER. Their new, and meanwhile 4th, album titled OURS IS THE KINGDOM is currently being recorded. The Forefather project was born in September 1997 in Surrey, England by founding members and brothers Athelstan (guitar, bass & keyboard) and Wulfstan (guitar, bass & vocals). The aim was to create powerful and epic Metal tributes to their to their Anglo-Saxon ancestors, straight from the heart and of the highest quality. During the years Forefather released 3 albums on their own strength through their own recordlabel Angelisc Enterprises. Some review-quotes on Forefather's latest album Engla Tocyme: "Engla Tocyme offers us a mighty portion of aggressive, epic Heavy Metal with guitar-dominated melodies and heroic lyrics inspired by Old English poetry, praising the ancient's forefathers of today's Englishmen. Doubtlessly a must-have!" - Nick, Walls of Fire, review score : 4.5/5 - " This is what I call epic! It's a shame that I haven't discovered such a quality band earlier but I know that Forefather stands besides fellow-countrymen Bal Sagoth in the Epic Metal field!" - Stoyan Tzonev, Brutallica, review score : 10/10 - "Anyone addicted to the atmospheres conveyed by the likes of Primordial, Vintersorg, Einherjer and Bathory would be a fool to let Engla Tocyme slip by unnoticed. Simply speaking, Forefather is the best English band to come my way in a long time." - Mairtin Mac Cormaic, Metalworks, review score : 9/10 - - OURS IS THE KINGDOM is scheduled for an early 2004 release on Karmageddon Media. - Previous to the new album Karmageddon Media will re-issue the 3 former albums (Deep Into Time, The Fighting Man, Engla Tocyme) with bonus-tracks and remastered sound. - For more information and MP3's of FOREFATHER check the band's official website:


"THE MADNESS CONTINUES..." - Our Swedish HEARSE maniacs recently finished the recordings for their upcoming 2nd album titled ARMAGEDDON MON AMOUR. The band recorded 13 songs of which 10 will end up on the final album and the remaining songs will be used as bonus-material. According to spokesman and drummer Max Thornell we can expect a heavier, rougher, punkier and filthier album... "But don't worry! No major changes! As usual there will be a lot of heavy riffing and also a bunch of guitarlicks & tricks and ofcourse another round of ripping solos from guitar maestro Mattias Ljung. There is also vocalist John Liiva's characteristic voice, angrier than ever ending up coughing blood all over the studio floor." - Some titles on the new album are Play Without Rules, Ticket To Devastation, Tools, In Love And War and title-track Armageddon mon Amour. - The album was recorded and mixed during the last couple of months at Basement Audio System in Stockholm, Sweden. - All under supervision of studio-engineer Jonas "reverb is overrated" Edler, assisted by drummer Max Thornell. - ARMEGEDDON MON AMOUR is scheduled for an early 2004 release on Karmageddon Media. Check the band's official website :

ANCIENT RITES - Ancient Rites will continue their European invasion with an exclusive concert at Alpheus in Rome, Italy on the 20th of November.

ARTHEMESIA - (new URL!) "Drummer Mor Vethor had to leave the band because his skills didn't match the requirements of our music" says Valtias in an official statement. The recordings for their upcoming album were postponed for that particular reason. The band will restart the recordings in spring 2004 with a new drummer, whose name will be revealed soon. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - BLOOD RED THRONE -
Blood Red Throne's upcoming mini-tour in Italy with Gorgoroth was cancelled last minute. No other than the usual promoter/venue problems were given. The mini-tour will be postponed to early 2004 and a Scandinavian tour is planned for early 2004 as well. Meanwhile the band has started working on their 3rd album, bearing the working-title "Altered Genesis". The band is now discussing several recording possibilities, one option being Nergal from Behemoth as sound engineer/co-producer on the new album. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - DIMENSION F3H - Morfeus and Nesmoth are working on the pre-production of the new Dimension F3h album, that the band is planning to record at the end of the year. Furthermore Dimension F3h will play live with Windir at John Dee in Oslo, Norway on the 26th of September. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - IMPIOUS - Impious is very busy writing new material for their upcoming 4th album. About seven songs are written so far and in October the pre-production will kick off in Digizone Studio, owned by guitarist Valle Adzic. As for recording the real album Studio Mega is booked for February/March 2004. Some titles on the new album are Suicide Park, Beneath The Underworld, Death_Wish_Scar and Bloodspill Revelation. The band actually has a title for the album but will hold on to it just a little longer. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - NEBELHEXE - Nebelhexe (formerly known as Hagalaz' Runedance) is currently recording her new album entitled "Laguz - Beneath the Lake". In October Andrea will record a video of one of the new Nebelhexe songs. Besides she will try to finish her graphic novel by the end of the year. Due to the busy schedule the planned South American tour was postponed to spring 2004. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - PRIMORDIAL - "We have begun to write new songs as well, it's a little early to say what they sound like but an early indication would seem they are extremely dark with an almost trancelike quality. Hopefully you'll get to hear them before 2005" according to Primordial spokesman A.A. Nemtheanga. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - SOULREAPER - Soulreaper will perform live with Grave in Hässleholm, Sweden on the 7th of November. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - WITHIN Y - "We have just finished the recordings of our debut-album Extended Mental Dimensions and it sounds absolutely great" says Within Y vocalist Andreas Solveström. Within Y will play live on October 17th at Belsepub/Kompaniet in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Hereby we proudly announce the exclusive signing of PROJECT: FAILING FLESH for the European territories. Project: Failing Flesh consists of Timothy Gutierrez (instruments), former VOIVOD-vocalist Eric Forrest and Kevin 131 (instruments). The album A BEAUTIFUL SICKNESS was recorded and mixed at Assembly Line Studios in Vienna Virginia (USA) under supervision of producer Kevin 131. " ...a cyber metal sonic experiment sounding like a mutated Fear Factory collobarating with Devin Townsend." - Aaron Small, Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles - "Project: Failing Flesh are like Prong and Voivod on crack and worshipping Satan." - Kirin Anderson, Star Vox - "Project: Failing Flesh is in the genre of bands that get the music moving. Now please excuse me, I'm going to take my pills, this album attacks my mental sanity." - Deadsoulman, Metal Storm - "A Beautiful Sickness is the perfect blend of metal and industrial. Project: Failing Flesh got the formula exactly correct ." - Dan Donahue, Into Obscurity - - The release for A Beautiful Sickness is scheduled for December 1st on Karmageddon Media. - For more information and soundclips of Project: Failing Flesh check the band's official website:

The upcoming Torture Killer album got refused to be printed at the cd-factory !!! Official reason was that the artwork and the lyrical content of the album "For Maggots to Devour" were too shocking. Fortunately we already found a new cd-factory, so the release will not be delayed any longer than necessary.
Torture Killer from Finland plays groovy, oldschool Death Metal in the vein of bands like Massacre, Obituary and Bolt Thrower. - The band started out as a side-project but has become a real band featuring members of Adramalech and Demigod. - Their debut-album "For Maggots To Devour" will be unleashed upon mankind by Karmageddon Media on October 6th. - The album was recorded at Popstudio in Loimaa (Finland) together with producer Mika Haapsalo. The complete track listing for For Maggots To Devour is as following: * Flesh Breaks to Open Wounds * Sadistic Violation * Motivated to Kill * Necrophag * Fuck Them When They Bleed * No Time to Bleed * Torture of Death * Gore Terror * Strangulation For more info & lyrics check the band's official website :

UPCOMING KARMAGEDDON MEDIA RELEASES IN OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2003: 06.10.2003 - TORTURE KILLER - For Maggots to Devour CD - NOCTURNUS - The Nocturnus Demos digi-CD 20.10.2003 - AETERNUS - Beyond the Wandering Moon CD (remastered/new artwork/bonustracks) - AETERNUS - .....And so the Night Became CD (remastered/new artwork/bonustracks) - AETERNUS - Shadows of Old CD (remastered/new artwork/bonustracks) - AETERNUS - Ascension of Terror CD (remastered/new artwork/bonustracks) 03.11.2003 - MORIFADE - Domin<>tion digi-CD/CD - TRIBUTE TO POSSESSED - Seven Gates of Horror digi-CD 17.11.2003 - TRIBUTE TO EURONYMOUS - Nordic Metal CD - NILE - In The Beginning digi-CD - DIMMU BORGIR/OLD MAN'S CHILD - Sons of Satan Gather for Attack CD - SEPTIC FLESH - Sumerian Daemons CD Upcoming early 2004 : new killer albums of DISMEMBER, CRUACHAN, ARTHEMESIA, WITHIN Y and many more !!!

Swedish melodic power metallers MORIFADE recently finished the recordings for their new album. The album is titled DOMINATION and the complete tracklisting is as follows: * Parallels * A Silent Revolution * The Second Coming * Words I Never Speak * Clarity (Fragments of a Dream) * Panopticon * The Rising * Erase * Memorys End * Lost Within A Shade (video track) - DomiNation was recorded and mixed in Los Angered Recording Studio with Andy La Rocque. - The vocals and choirs were recorded in Monogram Recording Studio. - Release of the new album is scheduled for November 3rd on Karmageddon Media. Check the band's website [Fanzone] and listen to a soundclip of the brandnew song Words I Never Speak. Official website :


The swedish death metal elite Godhate (ex.Throneaeon) are now releasing their 2nd full lengh album, this is the last album under the banner of Throneaeon, from now we will go by the name Godhate. The album will be released thru Forensick music in August 2003 check out our new website at
pho: +49 451 707 2117 fax: +49 451 707 2118


Vocalist Rob Steele was pulled over Thursday night by the San Antonio Police Department for a routine check when it was discovered that there was an outstanding warrant for his arrest for unpaid traffic tickets. He was hauled off to jail and after meeting with the judge was given 6 nights in jail to satisfy his fines. Rob Steele had this to say " I tried to get a hold of Davey or Nacho, but just my luck they were nowhere to be found, so I made the best of it. When I finally got a hold of Davey and Nacho they told me they figured that is what happened but weren't sure being that I went to the coast for some fun. Nacho did say though "at least Rob didn't end up as Shark bait". For more info go to or

Morbid Angel: bassist/singer Steve Tucker re-entered the band after the split on Nov. 2001 and they're recording a CD for Earache to be unleashed at the end of 2003.

Ancient Ceremony: haven't been allowed to play at Summerbreeze fest due to the assessment of blaspheme and satanic attitude by the local church.

Saint Vitus: again together for the show of 1 July at Chicago's Double Door after the last shows of 1991. All was born from the enthusiasm at Wacken Open Air Festival last year during the performance of "Born Too Late". Nevertheless it should be a question of a show, because Dave Chandler said he wants to dedicate himself to Debris Inc., where Trouble's Ron Holzner plays too.

Darkthrone: "Hate them", their latest CD was recorded in only 26 hours in studio. Fenriz said "Palguewielder" and "Ravishing Grimness" required 28 and the band've never needed more than 30 hours for an album. They're faithfully recorded like 80's albums, like Slayer's "Hell Awaits" that cost only 3,000 US$. Only in the 90's bands started to stay long in studio, but Darkthrone have always recorded as if they were doing a demo, trying to achieve a personal sound, not the best one ever.

David DeFeis: Virgin Steele's singer and keyboard player has completed 40 songs for his 'Lilith Project', theatre opera that'll debut in Memmingen, Germany, on 24 June; the material is a mix of Conan the barbar, Wagner, gothic and epic metal, and sounds close to horror atmospheres like the ones of "The 9th Door" and "The Exorcist".

Scorpions: played 2 shows 2 weeks ago to celebrate St.Petersburg's 300th anniversary. On stage there were also Whitney Houston (bleaurgh!) and the obese globe anagraphically known as Luciano Pavarotti.

Exodus: are preparing "Temple of the Damned" at Texas's Sonic Ranch Studios with Andy Sneap and the mix'll be done at UK's Ripley's Backstage Studios. Among the 10 fave tracks there'll be "Death Row" and "Impaler"; the former was written and unfinished during the "Bonded by Blood" sessions and the latter was put live on "Another Lesson in Violence". One song will also be dedicated to Paul Balhoff and 2 belong to Wardance, a sideproject.

Dave Mustaine: signed a deal with Sanctuary for a solo CD and a new one with a guitar manufacturer to endorse a model of his own.

Waysted: Pete Way has announced the official reunion with Paul Chapman and singer Fin.

Idol-X: ex-Soulfly and Machine Head and now in Medication guitarist has started a project with Blunt (guitar in Medication too). They have 4 songs. Mader's also collaborating with the electro UK band Drawbacks, led by guitarists Tim and Dan Rayner, ex Pitchshifter. Logan is also bringing forth his own project Blue and is producing a mini-CD for Italian K-Again in August. Visit

Izzy Stradlin: Black Market Publishing will be printing in Spring 2004 ex-Guns 'n' Roses' guitarist's biography, which seems to be quite spicy...

Noel Redding: Jimi Hendrix's bassist died of a natural cause at 57.

CD's soon out: Arch Enemy, Kult ov Azazel, Darkseed, Napalm Death, Skinless, Superjoint Ritual, Vital Remains, Centinex, Venom (best of with rare 12"), Spock's Beard, Tim Feehan, Suidakra, Type O Negative, Dream Evil, Jani Lane, Firesign, Zebra, Silent Edge, Holocaust, Crash Kelly, Britny Fox, Queensryche, Jeff Scott Soto, Vanderhoof (live), Joey Belladonna (who'll also play drums), Ramos.


Out on June 21st: As It Burns - Mortal Dusk Click HERE to listen to As It Burns MP3 'God Is A Souvenir' Cold Blood Industries are proud to announce that Atmospheric Metalband Shadows Dance from Greece have been signed. Watch out for a release somewhere in fall 2003! After a long silence we finally have some Dead Head news! They've just recorded a professional 8-song demo for final arranging purposes. There's still 5 more songs to be finished. Recording of at least 13 songs + some covers will commence this summer at Franky's Recording Kitchen, Holland. The new album will feature a new singer and bassplayer… Greyswan reveal their albumtitle: ' Thought-Tormented Minds ' to be released in fall 2003… Katafalk finally have 'Storm Of The Horde' T-Shirts & Longsleeves for sale; check 'em out at the KATAFALK website. ---------Tourdates: I.N.R.I. 13 Juni De Kade, Zaandam NL (+ NILE) 28 Jun Patronaat Haarlem NL (+ Six Feet Under) 29 Jun Hedon Zwolle NL (+ Six Feet Under) 6 Jul Willemeen Arnhem NL (+ Six Feet Under) 26 Jul De Buze, Steenwijk NL (Stonehenge Festival) The Wounded 12 Jul Broermoats Festival, Leende NL 25 Oct Het Arsenaal, Vlissingen NL (Terra Gotha VI) To Elysium 13 Jun Bibelot, Dordrecht NL (+ Autumn) 12 Jul Jamrock, Erkermeerderstrand NL 5 Jul Dwergpop, Driebergen NL 6 Sept Occultfest, Hoogeveen NL 27 Sept De Bastille, Schoonhoven NL Katafalk 6 Jun De Klos, Emmeloord NL (METAL UNDERGROUND FESTIVAL) 21 Jun WALDROCK FESTIVAL, Burgum NL (+ Iron Maiden + Anthrax and lots more…) 12 Jul OBSCENE EXTREME Festival, Trutnov CH 26 Jul De Buze, Steenwijk NL (STONEHENGE FESTIVAL) 9 Aug PARTYSAN OPEN AIR, Bad Berka DLD 15 Aug Talentschuppen, Steinfurt DLD - KATAFALK DUTCH MINITOUR with Dew-Scented (DLD) & Outburst (NL) : - Sept 11th Tagrijn – Hilversum NL Sept 12th Willemeen – Arnhem NL Sept 13th Kiehool – Burgum NL Sept 14th 013 – Tilburg NL 4 Oct Kompleks, Heerhugowaard NL (MOLFEST BRUTAL) The Monolith Deathcult 6 Jun Burgerweeshuis, Deventer NL 28 Jun Perron 55, Venlo NL 26 Jul De Buze, Steenwijk NL (Stonehenge Festival)

Severe Torture

ON EUROPEAN TOUR WITH - HATE ETERNAL DYING FETUS DEEDS OF FLESH 04.09.2003 - London / Underworld (UK) 05.09.2003 - Bradford / Rio (UK) 06.09.2003 - Dublin / Music Centre (IRL) 07.09.2003 - Milton Keynes / Pitz (UK) 08.09.2003 - Colchester / Soundhouse (UK) 09.09.2003 - Paris / La Locomotive (FR) 10.09.2003 - Essen / Zeche Carl (D) 11.09.2003 - Munster (Breitefeld) / Live Arena (D) 12.09.2003 - Eindhoven / Effenaar (NL) 13.09.2003 - Vosselaar / Biebob (BE) 14.09.2003 - Groningen / Vera (NL) 15.09.2003 - day off 16.09.2003 - Hamburg / Markthalle (D) 17.09.2003 - Berlin / K17 (D) 18.09.2003 - Warszawa / Proxima (PL) 19.09.2003 - Praha / Black Pess (CZ) 20.09.2003 - Engelsdorf / Hellraiser (D) 21.09.2003 - Vienna / Arena (A) 22.09.2003 - Budapest / Kultiplex (H) 23.09.2003 - Ljubljana / Metalkova (SLO) 24.09.2003 - Milano / Transilvania (I) 25.09.2003 - Cesena / Vidia (I) 26.09.2003 - travel 27.09.2003 - Athene / Ann Club (GRE) 28.09.2003 - Thessaloniki / Hydrogios (GRE) 29.09.2003 - travel 30.09.2003 - Pratteln / Z7 (CH) 01.10.2003 - travel 02.10.2003 - Irun / Tunk (ESP) 03.10.2003 - Barcelona / La Capsa (ESP) 04.10.2003 - Madrid / Caracol (ESP) 05.10.2003 - Murcia / Moloko (ESP) 06.10.2003 - Porto / Hard club (POR) 07.10.2003 - travel 08.10.2003 - Perpignan / Crock More (FR) 09.10.2003 - Villeurbanne / CCO (FR) 10.10.2003 - Amneville / After Club (FR) 11.10.2003 - Rotterdam / Baroeg (NL) 12.10.2003 - Rijsen / Lucky (NL)

Ledo Takas's news: The Black Metal European Tour of 2003 with the following artists: HORNA DISSIMULATION SALACIOUS GODS BEHEXEN The tour is scheduled between 26th of September and 11th of October. We are looking for venues, gig organizers and promotors interested to book this exceptionally crude package. All conditions and other necessary information - upon direct request to any of the contact e-mails: [Tadas / Ledo Takas] [Olaf / Satans Millennium Records]
HORNA [Finland] signed to Woodcut Records [Finland] Undoubtedly – Finnish Black Metal Kult, with a handful of glorious albums and shitload of exclusive vinyl releases on various labels. Horna is close to record a new mini album Viha Ja Viikate to be out in mid summer, which will be presented on the tour. =========================================================================== DISSIMULATION [Lithuania] signed to Ledo Takas Records [Lithuania] Blasphemous Black Metal crew that has got many freaks surprised with the debut Maras album at the end of last year. Classical three-piece line-up to spread the plague among the audience. =========================================================================== SALACIOUS GODS [Netherlands] previously signed to Cold Blood Industries [Netherlands] Traditional Black Metal crew with few albums out and ready to kick the lambs for the third time [they are looking for a new label now]. This will be their first real tour in Europe. =========================================================================== BEHEXEN [Finland] signed to Woodcut Records [Finland] The crew is famous for their honest and ferocious attitude and numerous participations in underground tape and vinyl editions. The second full length album of Total Black Metal attack will be out in early August 2003.

the Italian Jazz-Metal band EPHEL DUATH ( ) has been Officially included in the Bill of the QUART Summer Festival, the Biggest Rock-Metal Festival in Norway with more than 50.000 people attending each year ( the band will play the MAIN STAGE , 4th on the Bill , together with bands like: Immortal, Queens Of The Stone Age, Meshuggah, Coldplay, Zwan, Massive Attack... the Festival will take place in Kristiansand, in the South of Norway from 1st to 5th July 2003, Ephel Duath will play Sat. 5th july. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- on the other hand, the gig planned in Milan at Black Hole Pub the 21th June will NOT TAKE PLACE for reasons behind our control, we are sorry with all the fans, hoping we'll be able to reschedule the show later in the future. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EPHEL DUATH will perform a short live show in London (uk) on TOTALROCK Radio the 23rd June 2003. this special show will be bradcasted worldwide on the internet from, don't miss it. Uk fans will have the chance to see the band on stage in full flight the day after (24th june) at "Upstairs at the Garage", during their first headlining show in UK.

New Cd's soon out: Skid Row, Niacin, Darkseed, Doc Holliday, TNT, Sammy Hagar, Sepultura, Rage of Creation, Metallica, Burns Blue, Lamb of God, Ritchie Kotzen, Kult ov Azazel, Iniquity, Queensryche, MSG, Black Dahlia Murder, Deep Purple, Ronnie James Dio, Graveworm, Etherseeds.

Black Sabbath: out with a huge and full-of-unreleased-pics book.