Promotions for 2010



Promotions for 2010:

Best recommended movies seen this year besides all the filmography by Dario Argento, Lucio Fulci, Brian De Palma, Clint Eastwood, David Cronenberg, David Lynch, John Carpenter, Stanley Kubrick, Steve Miner, Tobe Hooper, William Friedkin: Letters from a killer by David Carson, Deja Vu by Tony Scott, The Warriors by Walter Hill, Deep Rising by Stephen Sommers, Wampyr aka Martin by George A. Romero, Constantine by Francis Lawrence, Into the Mirror by Kim Sung-ho, The Isle by Kim Ki-Duk, The Bow by Kim Ki-Duk, The Crow trilogy, Brainscan by John Flynn, Stir of Echoes by David Koepp, Jarhead by Sam Mendes, Phase IV by Bryan Goeres, Acid House by Paul McGuigan, Insider by Michael Mann, Interview with the Vampire and In Dreams by Neil Jordan, Den demokratisken terroristen by Pelle Berglund, Holocaust 2000 by Alberto de Martino, Riders by Gérard Pirés, The Clearing by Pieter Jan Brugge, Trick or treat by Charles Martin Smith, Exit in Red by Yurek Bogayevicz, American Psycho by Mary Harron, Violated Angels, Violent Virgin and Sex Jack by Koji Wakamatsu, Magnum Force by Ted Post, The Chamber by James Foley, Sonny Boy by Robert Martin Carroll, Turbulence by Robert Butler, Freeze me by Takashi Ishii, Pentathlon von Bruce Malmuth, Dead man's curve von Dan Rosen, The fourth angel by John Irvin, High Crimes by Carl Franklin, Narrow margin by Peter Hyams, Disclosure by Barry Levinson, Eye for an eye by John Schlesinger, Species by Roger Donaldson, Anatomy by Stefan Ruzowtzky, Trapped by Luis Mandoki, Patriot games by Phillip Noyce, Night hawks by Bruce Malmuth, Rollerball by John McTiernan, Outland by Peter Hyams, Man's best friend by John Lafia, The punisher by Jonathan Hensleigh, Backdraft by Ron Howard, Screamers by Christian Duguay, Suspect zero by E. Elias Mehrige, Alien vs. predator by Paul W.S. Anderson, Killer: a journal of murder by Tim Metcalfe, 28 days later by Danny Boyle, A.I. by Steven Spielberg, Best of the best 1 + 2 by Robert Radler, Hacker by Iain Softley, Strange days and Near dark by Kathryn Bigelow, Face by Yoo Sang-gon, Behind enemy lines by John Moore, The Skulls trilogy, Don't say a word by Luigi Batzella, The chronicles of Riddick by David N. Twohy, The order aka The sin Eater by Brian Helgeland, Truth or consequences N.M. by Kiefer Sutherland, The watcher by Joe Charbanic, 8 MM by Joel Schumacher, Ripper 2: Letter from within by Lloyd A. Simandl & Jonas Quastel, From hell by John E. Eyres, Cherry Falls by Geoffrey Wright, Ghost voyage by James Oxford, Snakes on a plane by David R. Ellis and Lex Halaby, Promised land by Amos Gitai, My little eye by Marc Evans, The ring by Gore Verbinski, The ring 2 by Hideo Nakata, Jacob's ladder, aka Dante's inferno by Adrian Lyne, The point men by John Glen, Shattered by Mike Barker, Christina's house by Gavin Wilding, The day of the jackal by Fred Zinnemann, Number 23 by Joel Schumacher, The punisher by Mark Goldblatt, Wrong turn by Rob Schmidt, Beyond the door III, aka Death train, aka Amok train by Jeff Kwitny, Roadkillers, aka Roadflower by Deran Sarafian, The hills have eyes by Alexandre Aja, Conan the Barbarian by John Milius, Gangster N. 1 by Paul Mcguigan, The howling by Joe Dante, Conan the destroyer by Richard Fleischer, Das Experiment von Oliver Hirschbiegel, Dark water by Walter Salles, Disappearance by Walter Klenhard, Stay alive by William Brent Bell, Solaris by Andrei Tarkovsky, The driver by Walter Hill, The prison by John Frankenheimer, Witness by Peter Weir, Silent Hill by Christophe Gans, Jeepers Creepers by Victor Salva, Getaway by Sam Peckinpah, The silent partner by Daryl Duke, Return to paradise by Joseph Ruben, Godsend by Nick Hamm, The first power by Robert Resnikoff, The bank by Robert Connolly, The way of the gun by Christopher Mcquarrie, Spectre by Juan José Ballesta, Thought crimes by Breck Eisner, Manhunter by Michael Mann, Omen by John Moore, Tetsuo, Tetsuo II and Bullet ballet by Shinya Tsukamoto, Panic room by David Fincher, Baby's room by Alex de la Iglesia, The exorcism of Emily Rose by Scott Derrickson, The saw esalogy, Hannibal Lecter by Peter Webber, Bad lieutenant by Abel Ferrara, Nick of time by John Badham, Hideaway by Brett Leonard, Night flier by Mark Pavia, Below by David N. Twohy, Contact by Robert Zemeckis, In hell by Ringo Lam, Blastfighter by John Old jr. (Lamberto Bava) Dracula 2000 by Patrick Lussier, Desert vampires by J. S. Cardone, Breach by Billy Ray, Underworld by Len Wiseman, Cyborg by Albert Pyun, 300 by Zack Snyder, A tale of two sisters by Ji-woon Kim, The machinist by Brad Anderson, Hooligans by Lexi Alexander, Best laid plans by Mike Parker, Halloween: resurrection by Rick Rosenthal, Turistas by John Stockwell, Uncommon valor by Ted Kotcheff, Duel by Steven Spielberg, Fragile - a ghost story by Jaume Balaguerò, 1408 by Mikael Håfström, Haute tension by Alexandre Aja, Flyboys by Tony Bill, Right at your door by Chris Goran, Chthulu mansion by J. P. Simon, Cabin fever by Eli Roth, Swimfan by John Polson, King of New York by Abel Ferrara, The reaping by Stephen Hopkins, The Jeepers Creepers trilogy by Victor Salva, Under pressure by Craig R. Baxley, Betrayed by Costatint Costa-Gavras, Stigmata by Rupert Wainwright, The woods by Lucky McKee , Valentine by Jamie Blanks, Frenzy by Alfred Hitchcock, Arn - Tempelriddaren by Peter Flinth, Dead sleep by Alec Mills, The fortress by Michael Mann, Radio killer by John Dahl, The red shoes by Kim Yong-Gyun, Every mother’s worst fear by Bill L. Norton, The grudge 1 + 2 by Takashi Shimizu, Proximity by Scott Ziehl, 30 days of night by David Slade, 'R Xmas by Abel Ferrara, Deep blue sea by Renny Harlin, Half light by Craig Rosenberg, by William Malone,

Year's beard site:

Year's documentary:
Psychiatry - an industry of death by CCHR:

Year's magazines:

The first Italian magazine about Dark, Goth, EBM and horror topics:

Year's books:
The Black Plague by John Kelly, Bréviaire du chaos by Albert Caraco

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January's band: Eclipse (Ukraine)
The old Death metal gods from Ukraine:

February's band: David Neil Cline Band (USA)
The everythingologist Hard rock musician is back with 14 new tracks:

March's band: Snew (USA)
Bringing the 80s Hard Sleazy rock back:

April's band: Embryon (England)
Delivering catchy and tough Rock/Metal:

May's band: Theatrum Mentis (Italy)
Does the devil exist? He believes so...:

June's band: Star FK Radium (USA)
Music for solitary minds:

July's band: Fright Night (Russia)
Your new autumn soundtrack:

August's band: The Commander In Chief (USA)
An amazing gem sings and plays the guitar like no other woman can!:

September's band: On-Off (Italy)
Debut album out for the popular AC/DC tribute band:

October's band: Lotus Effect (USA)
New blend of Prog Metal and Alt Rock

November's band: Die Knappen (Germany)

December's band: Robin George (UK)

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