Promotions for 2008



Promotions for 2008:

Best recommended movies seen this year: Framed by Daniel Petrie jr., Forest by Benedek Fliegauf, Solyaris by Andrey Tarkovsky, Alien Abduction by Eric Forsberg, Human Nature by Vince D'Amato, Rattled by Tony Randal, Hell's Highway by Steve Taylor, Darklight by Bill Platt, Gozu by Takashi Miike, The Island by Michael Bay, Silent Night by Ira Barman and Chuck Sellier, MS45/Angel of vengeance by Abel Ferrara, Brainscan by John Flynn, The Watcher by Joe Charbanic, Lost Voyage by Christian Mcintire, Darkman trilogy, Children of the Corn quadrilogy, Phantoms by Joe Chappelle, Detention by Andy Anderson, Fighting back, aka Death vengeance by Lewis Teague, Million dollar baby by Clint Eastwood, Chaos by Geraldine Creed, Infection by Masaiuki Ochiai, Extreme Force by Michel Qissi, Final Destination 3 by James Wong, House of Wax by Jaume Collet-Serra, Submission by Theo Van Gogh, Fitna by Geert Wilders, Amityville Horror by Andrew Douglas, The Hunted by William Friedkin, The case of the Hillside stranglers by Steve Gethers, The breed by Nick Mastandrea, Witch story by Alessandro Capone, Saw 2 by Darren Lynn Bousman, Rec by Jaume Balaguerò and Paco Plaza, Wolf Creek by Greg Mclean, Killer Party by William Freut, The First power by Robert Resnikoff, Masters of Horror tv series, Chasing sleep by Michael Walker, Lower level by Kristine Peterson, Alive by Frank Marshall, Towering inferno by John Guillermin, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre trilogy and the 2003 version by Marcus Nispel, Cure by Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Storm of the Century by Craig R. Baxley, Blue Steel by Kathryn Bigelow, The Badge by Robby Henson, The Forgotten by Joseph Ruben, Arlington Road by Mark Pellington, Brokedown Palace by Jonathan Kaplan

Year's beard site:

Year's documentary:
Psychiatry - an industry of death by CCHR:

Year's zine:

The bleakness within:

Year's books:
The Black Plague by John Kelly, Bréviaire du chaos by Albert Caraco

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January's band: Biloxi (USA)
The patriarchs of Melodic rock are back with a modern twist:

February's band: Twilight Is Mine (Russia)
First world's review of their latest Extreme metal effort:

March's band: Comatose Vigil (Russia)
Funeral/Nature-based Doom fit for your hottest days:

April's band: Sylvan (Germany)
Classy Prog metal and Art rock galore:

May's band: Blacklist Union (USA)
A new generation of Sleaze rock tuned to Punk and Nu metal:

June's band: Runon Fragment (USA)
Documents of a life turned to Rock and Grunge/Metal:

July's band: Blatant Finger (USA)
DIY-Soul, old-school Punk and HC leanings:

August's band: Mourned by Flies (USA)
A unique way to rot for eternity:

September's band: RPG Magnet (USA)
War, nightmares, anxiety and uncertain future :

October's band: Domination Black (Finland)
New lymph to Melodic metal

November's band: Pyuria (Finland)
Death metal the old fucking way:

December's band: Swastika (Italy)
May the roots of northern Europe be guarded forevermore!:

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