Promotions for 2007



Promotions for 2007:

Best movies seen this year: Highway Men, Open Water

Year's zine:
Forgotten Path magazine (Lithuania)
The bleakness within:

Year's book: TAP, a.k.a.
A free downloadable book that will change everybody's life and the world as we know it; even President GW Bush has already been supplied with a copy: fans of David Icke; this goes beyond all the past things; real hard to believe...

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January's band: St. Madness (USA)
Long live these cult party metal animals!:

February's band: Screaming Shadow (Italy)
The only goal in their life is to achieve death:

March's band: Dark Disciple (USA)
Unholy, misogynic death metal:

April's band: Mantra (Italy)
Old school Hard Rock and acrobatic unique guitars have left a mark you may not ignore:

May's band: Emiliano Sicilia (Italy)
The future sound is knocking at your door:

June's band: Lacerater (Italy)
Wrapped in a gory tape:

July's band: Comatose Vigil (Russia)
Thy doomy hell on earth:

August's band: Dimension Zero (USA)
Can a Nintendo synth and Jim Morrison's psycho step cousin co-exist? The answer can't be but yes:

September's band: Mallory Switch (Italy)
Only she can turn you on and slice you so mercilessly:

October's band:
Blunt Force Trauma (USA)
Longevity means nothing if liberty is lost:

November's band: Mostly Harmless (Switzerland)
Nervous modernistic vibrations:

December's band: Kover (Canada)
Ready to tread you under foot:

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