Promotions for 2006



Promotions for 2006:

Year's zine: Evilution #2 zine (DK)
Full of interesting interviews, lots of reviews and almost devoid of commercials; support the worthy Danish press!:

Year's book: The Rough Guide to the Rolling Stones (UK)
At last a comprehensive essay on the topic: time you threw your old books 'bout the Stones away:


January's band: The Aerium (Russia)
The face of operistic and tragical metal:

February's band: Twilight Is Mine (Russia)
Onwards with the reprints of their first classics!

March's band: Fire for Effect (USA)
Total anti-Islam and pro-Bush's war album, simply an immense dive into the past of the Bay Area Thrash; the perfect soundtrack to nuke fucking pijamas-clad apes!:

April's band: Sonic Syndicate (USA)
Melodic Death metal meets Nu-metal at its best; awesome newcomers:

May's band: Pain Link (USA)
Bringing new lymph to Thrash metal without neglecting the old school:

June's band: Veil (USA)
Many turn their shoulders to Varg and his convinctions nowadays; a few do not. Few and very good...
By Stellar Winter recs:

July's band: H/Armless (Italy)
Giving Metalcore a newly interesting and modern aspect

August's band: Beyond Agony (USA)
In memory of Dimebag and tilted at the future of Thrash at the same time

September's band: Nalvage (Italy)
Getting deeper into psychic and physical contradictions:

October's band: Infected Brain (Germany)
Having fun with moshable Death metal:

November's band: Xvs (Italy)
New wave of aggro Nu-metalcore :

December's band: PhaZer (Portugal)
Do yourselves a favour and present yourselves the debut CD of these Lusitan Rock masters for a killer X-mas:

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