Promotions for 2005



Promotions for 2005:
Year's zine: Hatemonger warzine (USA)
The legacy of Rev. Matt Hale & the best NS bands:

January's band: Nekropolis (Switzerland)
Original tough symphonic Black metal:

February's band: Twilight Is Mine (Russia)
Elitaire old school Black metal:

March's band: Steve Thorne (UK)
Fresh Prog-rock, Folk, Indie, Guitar Rock and Alternative:

April's band: Dissolving of Prodigy (CZ)
From the Czech soil, one of the finest patterns of progressive Doom:

May's musician: Charles Brown(USA)
Instrumental Hard Prog guitar hero:

June's band: The Human Condition (USA)
And you thought that old star-spangled metal was dead and buried? Get a quintal of pure molten lead and bring it home, sucker!

July's band: Swastika (?)
Elitaire old-fashioned War Black metal

August's band: Martyrium (Malta)
Probably the most underrated Black metal band in the last 2 years:

September's band: Sigma Draconis (Italy)
Banned harsh hatefull Black metal. It will end in blOOOd! Check more @:

October's band: Bloody (Brazil)
Enter the realm of the Thrash metal crusaders! :

November's artist: Hjörtur/Alfarspace (Iceland)
Bringing light to the night... the most prolific Icelandic artist and video-director:

December's band: Screaming Eyes (Italy)
Every time you need a kick...; debut MCD for only 5  :

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