Promotions for 2004



Promotions for 2004:
Year's label, distro & mailorder: Red Stream
The simplest way to describe Brent's & Pat's company?
Huge selection, fair prices and quick service.
Or, if you prefer, the most reliable source for the best underground releases.
All contacts: P.O. Box 196242 Winter Springs, FL 32719-6242 - USA
Tel: +1 717 774 3606 Fax: +1 717 774 3747

Year's 'zine: Rock Bottom zine
Whatever sorta metal you
play, sell, review or deal with, you'll always get honest, punctual, unbiassed reviews, inties and enough place for promotion. This ever-involving mag's been around for awhile and counts on a capillary distribution, so it's definitely worth sending'em your stuff. Great pics as well and other articles, thoughts and reports adding a plus to the whole.
Passive undergrounders are suggested they go check their site and ask Marcy or her husband Odd for a free copy. Yes, you read well, free, so think how many will get their hands on the zine.

Month's writer:
Don't miss the UK's writer and journalist's upsetting detailed revelations about the Big Brother and the mysteries of a secretly dominated ignorant mankind, the origins of religions, history, our galaxy's past, the alien plan, hybrids, 4th dimension, and much, much more. The webbed theory explained in 'Tales from the Time Loop' will make Carpenter's, Matrix's, Orwell's fans go nuts, and will nail all the others to their chairs until the last page!
A must-have exposé dethroning the most acclaimed books of the new millennium from the author of 'The Biggest Secret'

March's band:
The Clouds
The Hungarian 5-piece (Ex-Dark Clouds) has just self-released a new 10 track CD of aggressive metalcore with agonizing vocals and excellent songwriting; less doom than before, more skillful, and full of guitar solos rife with pathos. More info about 'Tenacity' at:

April's band:
Get a copy of their stunning debut promo CD for free! Contact: INFO@SEPTUAGINT.NL
The band is available for interviews, reviews, and you can listen to a song or look for further info at their official website:
If you're into thrash in the vein of the best Winter's Bane & Metal Church and solid power metal, this one's for you. A cult release for every aggressive true metal listener.

May's band: Sigma Draconis
Visit or download Pseudo Monarchy of the Demons Mp3

June's band: David Elias
The first indie multichannel SACD is reality!
Order its 13 relaxing tracks with an ambience you can forget in most CDS.
Read more in our review, visit and afterwards

July's band: Mortem (Russia)
The old death metal band is promoting its 3rd album in Sebastopol (Crimea) and is already writing the 4th one. Read the review and news here or on
The band is looking for a big label and a European booking agency for festivals and as an opening act. Contact Grigory:

August's band: Morlock (Germany)
A really original blend of death and black melodies.
Order the CD by:

September's band: St. Madness (USA)
You'll hear this name more and more often in the following years. When Slayer meet Judas Priest wearing a Kiss make-up... Loyal presences at the Milwaukee Metalfest.
After checking the pics and the review, e-mail vocalist Prophet:
Don't tell us we didn't warn ya!

October's band: Gods of Fire (USA)
Classic Power/Heavy metal debut of this Italo-American band:

November's band: Satyrica (USA)
Intense Thrash prog metal; sensational first full-length for the Colorado trio:

December's band: Construcdead (Sweden)
Ever heard a mixture of Swedish metal and Nu-metal?:

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