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  • Feb 2019
    • (02.04) Sensory Amusia welcomes vocalist Jei Doublerice from Italy to their ranks.
    • (02.04) Drum recording has started for the new Hour Of Penance album.
    • (02.04) Immolation are working on a new album.
    • (02.04) Suffocation confirms they will continue to tour and make new records even though vocalist Frank Mullins has retired.
    • (02.01) Guitar tracking has started on a new Sensory Amusia EP.
    • (02.01) Go here to listen to the first single 'A New Beginning' off the new Darkwater album:
    Jan 2019
    • (01.23) Testament is hoping to get into the studio in April to record their new album.
    • (01.23) Listen to the new Malevolent Creation song 'Release The Soul':
    • (01.19) Cannibal Corpse have recruited Erik Rutan (Hate Eternal) to fill in for guitarist Pat O'Brien on the band's upcoming tours. The court case against O'Brien is still pending.
    • (01.16) Devin Townsend's new album "Empath" will be released March 29th 2019.
    • (01.14) To listen to the new song 'Fall Into The Light' by Dream Theater, visit
    • (01.11) Go here to listen to the first single 'Alive (Pt. II)' off the new Darkwater album:
    • (01.11) After their next tour cycle, Tesseract plan on starting to write their next album in August.
    • (01.10) Prophecy have finished recording everything except the vocals for their new album, vocal recording should start Jan 20th.
    • (01.09) Revulsed have signed with Everlasting Spew Records for their new record.
    • (01.05) Uneven Structure teases album 3 is coming this year.
    • (01.05) Maynard James Keenan has finished recording vocals for the new Tool album.
    • (01.05) Vital Remains hope to finally release a new album this year.