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  • Tengger Cavalry, Young And In The Way, Mumakil, call it quits.

    * Vinnie Paul Of Pantera And Hellyeah Has Died (June 23).

    * Dave Holland, ex-drummer for Trapeze and Judas Priest died at 69 on Jan. 22.

    * Ex-Motorhead's guitarist Fast Eddy Clark died at 67 on Jan. 11.

    New study reveals Metal is good for health:

    In the Journal of Community Psychology, Australian psychologists say that metal has a positive influence on young people aged 18-24. Researchers say metal helps protect fans from stress and bullies:

    "Metal identities are popularly represented as leading to mental health issues but with flawed evidence. We documented the community contexts around metal and well-being by talking to young metalheads directly. We engaged in repeated, informal talks with 28 young Australians who strongly identified with metal (aged 18–24 years, 5 females and 23 males), and found that the metal identities and community protected them from mental health problems. Four core themes were found from transcripts: they were all bullied or marginalized through social relationships at school; they enjoyed the impact of metal music and lyrics when angry or ostracized; they felt part of a protective community of metalheads, even though in many cases at this age it was more imagined than real; and embodying metal identities enabled them to keep bullies, detractors, and others at bay, and to find friend groups. By talking repeatedly, directly with young metalheads, it was found that metal identities were helping participants to survive the stress of challenging environments and build strong and sustained identities and communities, thus alleviating any potential mental health issues."

    Read the whole study HERE.


    Producer Chris Tsangarides, known for his work with such metal veterans as Judas Priest, Anvil, Thin Lizzy and Helloween, has sadly passed away at the age of 61. He died on January 6th after a bout with pneumonia, which led to heart failure.

    Tsangarides worked with some of rock and metal's biggest names, producing Judas Priest's classic album, "Painkiller," as well as Anvil's, "Metal On Metal" and "Forged In Fire," with whom he would work with again for their "This Is Thirteen" album, resulting in him being featured in the award winning documentary, "Anvil! The Story of Anvil" and also did work for Black Sabbath ("The Eternal Idol,") Bruce Dickinson ("Tattooed Millionaire,") Thin Lizzy ("Renegade" and "Thunder & Lightning") and Tygers Of Pan Tang ("Wild Cat," "Spellbound" and "Ambush.") He also worked with a number of non metal groups such as Depeche Mode, Tom Jones, Concrete Blonde and The Sisters Of Mercy.

    *Ex-Sworn Enemy drummer Paul Antignani has passed away on Jan. 10.

    * On Jan. 9 Babymetal's guitarist Mikio Fujioka, also known as Little God and Ko-Gami, has died at only 36 years of age.

    *Iron Maiden launches new beer:

    British heavy metal legends Iron Maiden and independent family brewers Robinsons announce the creation of Light Brigade, a unique golden English ale with a 4.1% ABV. It has been developed in support of Help For Heroes, the British charity that provides recovery and support for the Armed Forces community whose lives are affected by their service.

    6p of each pint and 5p of each bottle sold will be donated to help the thousands of Servicemen and women who live with complex wounds and injuries – both physical and mental – and are looking to regain their purpose in life.

    Help For Heroes met with Robinsons in the summer of 2017 to explore the possibility of launching a beer. Robinsons and Iron Maiden, who jointly launched Trooper Beer almost five years ago and which has now sold over 20 million pints worldwide, were immediately enthusiastic about the idea. Indeed, the origin of Trooper’s name, which comes from the classic Iron Maiden song, 'The Trooper', based on the Battle of Balaclava of 1854 in the Crimean War, reflects the band's well-known interest in history.

    As ever with the Trooper range of beers, Robinsons’ Head Brewer, Martyn Weeks, and Iron Maiden lead vocalist and ale aficionado, Bruce Dickinson, teamed up to create the new and original beer, with the final tasting and approval taking place at Help For Heroes’ Tedworth House Recovery Centre in Wiltshire, last Autumn.

    Bruce Dickinson said: "We are very proud to have been asked to get involved. I have been an instructor on several of British Airways’ flight simulator ‘Flying Heroes’ days for Help For Heroes Veterans, so I know the charity and the work that they do well. Light Brigade is our interpretation of a golden ale that maintains the elements of strength and character that are the essence of Trooper but at a more sessionable level. In fact, the two beers complement each other very well."

    Beth Miles, Director of Marketing and Fundraising at Help For Heroes: "We are thrilled that Bruce Dickinson has developed a new beer for us under the Trooper brand with Robinsons. We are sure that Light Brigade will have a very popular appeal and raise significant funds, enabling Help For Heroes to empower more Veterans to reach their potential and regain their purpose. This is the beginning of a partnership which we hope will see Trooper fans and Robinsons customers join The Force for Good campaign to support the thousands whose lives have been affected by their service."

    Martyn Weeks commented: "Bruce and I were recently invited to visit Help For Heroes in Wiltshire, where we had a tour of the incredible recovery facilities there and met some of the Veterans. We were both hugely impressed with the work they are doing and launching a new beer in support of this Charity is, we believe, a great way to raise money and awareness for this very worthy cause. Robinsons will also be supporting the Charity through fundraising in our pub estate."

    Light Brigade is designed as a session ale for beer and music fans everywhere. It will also be produced on a long-term basis, differentiating it from the other limited edition Trooper beers: 666, Red ‘N Black, and Hallowed. In keeping with the Trooper brand, Light Brigade's original bottle label features Iron Maiden’s iconic mascot Eddie on horseback in one of the uniforms of the Light Brigade.

    Light Brigade is available to pre-order online now at for delivery from 1st February, and will be stocked in supermarkets nationwide and selected pubs from 19th February onwards.

    * Taake shows to be cancelled due to Nazism allegations:

    Taake‘s forthcoming spring North American tour has been met with at least one cancellation in the wake of allegations of Nazism being leveled at the group. The March 24th opening date at Le Poisson Rouge in New York, NY has been cancelled due to pressure from activist groups, such as this Antifa group.

    The allegations originate from the Taake‘s mainman Hoest performing with a swastika painted on his chest back in 2007. He has since apologized for the incident and claimed it was meant to incite a reaction and was done as a joke. That said, lyrical content interpreted as being anti-Islamic by many hasn’t sat well with others either. Regardless, other venues seem to also be under pressure and are considering cancelling the band’s planned shows.

    * James Hetfield plays cop in new Ted Bundy flick:
    Director Joe Berlinger shares the below picture from the set of his forthcoming film, "Extremely Wicked, Shocking Evil, And Vile". The movie tells the story of serial killer Ted Bundy with Zac Efron as Ted Bundy and Lily Collins as his girlfriend Elizabeth Kleopfer. Hetfield himself stars as Officer Bob Hayward, who first arrested Bundy back in 1975.

    * Judas Priest's Glenn Tipton diagnosed with Parkinson's.

  • (11.30) Listen to the new Malevolent Creation song 'Mandatory Butchery':
  • (11.30) Hate will begin recording their new album, tentatively titled "Salve Ignis", in December. Visit here for some preproduction demos:
  • (11.29) Erik Lindmark, founder of Deeds Of Flesh and CEO of Unique Leader Records, has passed away. He had Multiple Sclerosis, and spent the last few months in the hospital. The label will continue on after his passing. Read more on Unique Leader's facebook page: Deeds Of Flesh has always been one of my favorite death metal acts, and Erik's label has put out so many spectacular metal albums over the years, it just crushes me this news. Condolences to his family, his contribution to the extreme metal scene was tremendous, Erik's amazing work as both musician and label owner will never be forgotten.
  • (11.29) Indecent Excision are now back to finishing off their new album after a series of shows.
  • (11.29) Severe Torture have added drummer Damiën Kerpentier to their ranks.
  • (11.28) Deivos is working on new music for a new album.
  • (11.28) Devin Townsend's latest opus "Empath" is reportedly 80 minutes long, and will likely come out this coming March.
  • (11.28) Carcass appear to have started recording their new album, as the band has posted a photo on their Facebook page of drummer Daniel Wilding's drum kit set up at an undisclosed recording facility.
  • (11.27) Kadinja's new album release has been pushed till Jan 18th 2019.
  • (11.27) Lost Soul drummer Rafal has left the band. They are now looking for a replacement.
  • (11.27) Did the New York Times rip off Dream Theater's new album cover?
  • (11.27) Hour Of Penance have signed a deal with Agonia Records for their new album to be released next year.
  • (11.26) Visit here for a little tease of new music from Devourment:
  • (11.26) Cyranoi's new album is now scheduled for release in 2019.
  • (11.25) Humanity's Last Breath has parted ways with drummer Marcus, as his work commitments have made it impossible to continue in the band. They are currently seeking a new drummer.
  • (11.24) To listen to Pessimist's new 2018 promo track 'Keys To The Underworld', visit
  • (11.24) Soreption welcomes back original bassist Rickard Persson to the fold. He will be joining them on their new European tour, no word if his return is permanent.
  • (11.22) Soreption have parted ways with bass player Kim Lantto. The band wishes him the best of luck in his future endeavours, and they will annouce his replacement soon.
  • (11.18) Uneven Structure are now working on their third album, due later next year.
  • (11.17) Malevolent Creation's new album "The 13th Beast" will be out Jan 18, 2019. Here's the cover artwork:
  • (11.13) Disentomb have finished recording their third album.EP.
  • (11.10) Listen to the new Bloodsoaked song 'Chopped':
  • (11.07) Dream Theater's new album is scheduled for release Feb 22nd 2019.
  • (11.06) Cattle Decapitation are busy writing their new album.
  • (11.03) Dream Theater's new album will be called "Distance Over Time". Go here for a 30 second teaser: Go here for the cover artwork:
  • (11.03) Listen to the new Arsis song 'Fathoms':
  • (11.03) Listen to the new Psycroptic song 'Frozen Gaze':
Oct 2018
Sept 2018
  • (09.29) Skinlab have signed with newly created Art Is War Records. They are putting the finishing touches on their fifth album, due early 2019.
  • (09.26) Kadinja's new album will be called "Super 90" and will be released Oct 1st on their bandcamp page.
  • (09.24) Edward Negrea (Necrovile) has joined Pestilence as their new bassplayer.
  • (09.21) Cattle Decapitation will release a rareties collection on November 23rd called "Medium Rarities", 23 tracks, including early band demos, the split EP with Caninus, and the "To Serve Man" (2002) bonus track 'Rotting Children For Remote Viewing'.
  • (09.21) Here's an interview with Chimaira's Mark Hunter, where he talks about his fight with Bi-polar disorder, being a touring musician, the breakup of the band, and his new post Chimaira career.
  • (09.17) Listen to the new Internal Bleeding song 'Focus':
  • (09.14) Today is the last day or recording on the 14th studio album from Dream Theater.
  • (09.13) Listen to the new Bloodbath song 'Bloodcide':
  • (09.13) Bass player Tilen Hudrap has left Pestilence due to scheduling differences with his other bands. Pestilence is now looking for a replacement.
  • (09.12) Putridity have added Federico Benini (Bass) and Cédric Malebolgia (Drums) to their lineup.
  • (09.12) Deranged expect to release a new album early next year.
  • (09.08) Listen to the new Hate Eternal song 'Nothingness Of Being':
  • (09.08) The new Arsis album will be called "Visitant", and will be released Nov 2nd. Listen to the first track 'Tricking The Gods':
  • (09.07) Pre-sales have begun for Cryptopsy's new EP "The Book Of Suffering Tome 2". Check out the first song 'Sire Of Sin':
  • (09.06) To see a video for the new song 'Vespertine Decay' off the new Aborted album, visit
  • (09.06) Psycroptic's new album "As The Kingdom Drowns" will be out Nov 7th. Check out their new song 'We Were The Keepers'
  • (09.04) Cryptopsy's new EP "The Book Of Suffering Tome 2" will be released October 26th.
  • (09.03) To listen to Krisiun's new song 'A Thousand Graves', visit
  • (09.02) Malevolent Creation's new album will be called "The 13th Beast". They have finished recording, and hope to release it in early 2019.
Aug 2018
July 2018
June 2018
  • (06.29) Extremity's new album "Coffin Birth" will be out July 20th. For the track 'Like Father Like Son', and the cover artwork, visit Prepare for some old school 90s death metal!
  • (06.29) Brutality are getting ready to record their 5th studio album, and hope to help fund the recording by selling special 7 inch records of some rerecorded classics. For more details, visit their facebook page:
  • (06.29) Soils Of Fate is in writing mode for their new album.
  • (06.29) Periphery members have started up their own label called 3DOT, which, in their words: "3DOT will serve as the label home for all Periphery releases as well as side projects from the band members, as well as releases from non-Periphery artists."
  • (06.29) To see the cover artwork to Aborted's new album, visit
  • (06.27) After an 11 year hiatus, Monstrosity will release their new album "The Passage Of Exietence" on September 7th on Metal Blade Records. To listen to the first song 'Cosmic Pandemia', visit
  • (06.26) Morta Skuld continue to work on new material and plan to have all the songs written early next year.
  • (06.26) Former Vital Remains vocalist Jake Raymond has passed away. The band has had a long line of vocalists over the years, he played with the band in 2001 right before the Dechristianize album. RIP!
  • (06.25) Former drummer of Pantera Vinnie Paul Abbott apparently died of a massive heart attack. An autopsy is being done.
  • (06.25) Voyager have signed with Season of Mist records, and will release their new album in 2019.
  • (06.23) Vinnie Paul Abbott, former drummer of Pantera, and brother to murdered guitarist Dimebag Darrell, has passed away at age 54. No other details of his death were immediately available. RIP metal brother!
  • (06.22) Shattered Skies' new album will be called "Muted Neon". To listen to the first single 'You Will Know My Name', visit
  • (06.22) Soreption's new album "Monument Of The End" will be out August 3rd. For the track 'King Of Undisputed Nonsense', visit
  • (06.20) Hadal Maw has a new EP coming out Aug 3rd called "Charlatan". Visit their bandcamp page to listen to the first track 'Idolatry':
  • (06.16) Darkwater bassist Simon Andersson's cancer has returned. For more information and to donate, visit
  • (06.16) Internal Bleeding have sent all artwork and audio files for their new album to the label.
  • (06.13) Man Must Die's new EP will be mixed in July.
  • (06.09) Barney from Napalm Death recently stated that the new album is mostly recorded, and is likely to be released early next year. He also said that guitarist Mitch Harris, who has taken a hiatus from the band to focus on his family life since 2014, has played on the new album, but it is unknown if he will tour with the band again.
  • (06.07) Former Deicide and Obituary Guitarist Ralph Santolla passed away yesterday from a heart attack at age 51. He performed on the Obituary albums "Xecutioner's Return", "Left To Die EP" and "Darkest Day". RIP.
  • (06.06) The new Abysmal Torment album will be out Sept 18th.
  • (06.04) Morta Skuld have started writing again for the new album.
  • (06.02) Hour Of Penance have started pre-production on their 8th studio album.
May 2018
  • (05.24) Hate Eternal are busy recording their new album.
  • (05.24) To see the song 'Truth' from Devin Townsend's upcoming live DVD, visit
  • (05.17) Tool singer Maynard James Keenan has publicly begged the rest of his band mates to finish recording their parts to the new Tool record so he can finish his.
  • (05.16) Cryptopsy have begun work on "The Book Of Suffering Tome 2".
  • (05.14) Drums have been fully recorded for the new Prophecy album, with guitars to be recorded May 27th.
  • (05.09) Testament plan on releasing a new album in 2019.
Apr 2018
  • (04.27) Devin Townsend's "Ocean Machine - Live at the Plovdiv Ancient Theatre" will be out June 6th. Visit here for a complete tracklisting:
  • (04.26) To listen to Near Death Condition's cover of Bjork's "Army Of Me", visit
  • (04.22) Gorgasm have announced their new drummer is Matt Kilner. Here's him playing the band's classic song 'Deadfuck'.
  • (04.22) Former Malevolent Creation frontman Brett Hoffman has recently been diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. A close friend has setup a Gofundme page where you can donate to help pay for medical expenses and get more information on how he's doing:
  • (04.18) Prophecy's new album will be called "Forseen Scriptures".
  • (04.15) Drummer Kyle Christman has left Gorgasm. The band plans on doing extensive touring, and Kyle had to choose between keeping his day job or staying in the band, and decided it has time to pass the baton.
  • (04.15) Internal Bleeding are finishing up recording the guitars for the new album.
  • (04.15) Near Death Condition are releasing a digital signal on April 26th, 'Army Of Me', their first song in 4 years.
  • (04.12) Silver Lining Music has released a special two-disc digipack edition of Morbid Angel's latest album, "Kingdoms Disdained", featuring seven instrumental demo tracks previously only available as part of the deluxe box set.
  • (04.10) Here's the song 'Line Of Dissent' off the new Skinless album:
  • (04.10) Guitars for the new Soreption album have been completed, vocals have now begun.
  • (04.05) The Devin Townsend Ocean Machine DVD will be called "Ocean Machine - Live at the Plovdiv Ancient Theatre".
  • (04.05) Cyranoi's debut album will be called "Dive". Here's a preview track 'Coalesce':
  • (04.05) Carcass have demo'd 50 minutes of music for a new album, and continue to write so they can pick the best material for the album. They expect it to be released this year.
  • (04.04) Arkaik welcomes Cris Portugal (guitar) into the band as a new fulltime member.
Mar 2018
  • (03.10) For the song 'Call That An Opinion" from Napalm Death's rarity album "Coded Smears And More Uncommon Slurs", visit
  • (03.06) Carcass have parted ways with guitarist Ben Ash and have replaced him with Tom Draper. Ash leaves on good terms.
  • (03.06) Tool have finally entered the studio to record their new album.
  • (03.05) Nile expects to release their new album by the end of the year.
  • (03.01) Arsis are in the studio working on their 6th studio album.
Feb 2018
  • (02.27) Deranged are busy writing a new full length album.
  • (02.25) Morta Skuld have started work on a new album.
  • (02.23) Behemoth will release a brand new live DVD/Blu-ray titled "Messe Noire" on April 13.
  • (02.19) Aborted have finished writing their new album, and plan to enter the studio soon.
  • (02.09) Napalm Death's rarety album "Coded Smears And More Uncommon Slurs" will be out March 30th. For the song 'Oh So Pseudo' off the album, visit
  • (02.08) Tesseract will release their new album "Sonder" on April 20th. To listen to the new track 'Luminary', visit
  • (02.07) Pathology adds vocalist Riley McShane and guitarist Daniel Rochardson to their ranks.
  • (02.06) Rivers Of Nihil will release their new album "Where Owls Know My Name" on March 16th. To see the cover artwork and listen to the first single 'The SIlent Life', visit
  • (02.01) Abysmal Torment have finished their 4th album "The Misanthrope", no release date yet.
  • (02.01) Bloodbath are in the studio recording their 5th album.
  • (02.01) Behemoth will begin working on their new album very soon.
  • (02.01) Devin Townsend is currently working on 4 new albums. And he is currently working on finaling the Ocean Machine Live DVD. While Devin finishes this work, the Devin Townsend Project band will be on hiatus.
  • (02.01) Dream Theater will enter the studio in May to work on their new album, likely to come out early next year.
  • (01.23) Whoretopsy are about to record their new album.
  • (01.22) Near Death Condition have announced they plan on having some new music for 2018 after a long break.
  • (01.12) To listen to the song 'Bastards' from Machine Head's new album "Catharsis", visit
  • (01.11) Severe Torture drummer and founding member Seth has left the band. The group will be looking for a replacement.
  • (01.10) Pestilence has released a new track 'Non Physical Existent' from their new album, listen to it here:
  • (01.08) Benediction are really working on a new album right now, their first in 10 years.
  • (01.05) To listen to the title track to Machine Head's new album "Catharsis", visit
  • (01.05) Spokane county court drops rape charges against all members of Decapitated. More info here:
  • (01.04) Pestilence has released a new track 'Hypnotic Terror', listen to it here:
  • (01.04) IHATE is working on new music for a 2018 release.
  • (01.02) Antropofagus are already working on material for a new album.
  • (01.02) For the new track 'Dead Tomorrow' off the new Skinlab album, visit
  • (01.02) Internal Bleeding's new album will be called "Corrupting Influence".
  • Mikio Fujioka, guitarist for the Japanese metal-pop fusion group Babymetal, has died at the age of 36.